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Blogging here versus blogging there

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I was sorry when Will Someone Feed the Cat pulled the plug on her blog here at OS.  I thought she was an excellent writer, so I wasn’t surprised when she sent out a PM disclosing her true identity as a Canadian newspaper columnist.  A couple days ago, I finally got around to checking out her official blog over at the Toronto Star.  Same first-rate writing, as you’d expect, but I can’t really imagine myself going there to read her posts on a regular basis, even though I’d eagerly read the very same words here.  How come, I wondered?     

 I decided to solicit the opinion of my buddy Mumbletypeg, a font of wisdom on many things.  Interestingly, M-peg had a similar response when she visited Cat’s site.  And she came up with a tentative theory:  OS is like a box of chocolates (ack…not going there, exactly), while someone’s private blog is more like a bulk bag of caramels.  You might like the caramels but they’re all the same and therefore not nearly as enticing as the box of chocolates, where you can fish around the box taking random bites of whatever you’re in the mood to sample.  Might be a lemon creme.  Or a gooey marshmallow.  Even an occasional nut.

 Sure, I can see that, OS as a nice box of all-dark Godivas, say, or maybe something more along the lines of a Whitman’s Sampler, depending on the day and your particular point of view.  Back when I was a kid in Detroit, every now and then my dad would buy my mom a box of Sanders candy, the Motor City equivalent of Godiva, which she would share with me under strict supervision.  When it came to candy, I had a definite larcenous streak and I remember sneaking into a near-virgin box one time, promising myself I’d eat just two or maybe three chocolates at most, a level of pilfering that I’d perfected on previous raids, one that was easy to cover by spreading out the remaining pieces to cover the gaps.  But my resolve weakened that morning and in the time it took to my mother to shower and dress, I’d pretty well cleared out the entire box, leaving behind little more than a crumpled mass of brown wrappers and a couple of half-finished nougats, which have never been one of my favorites.  Though my tolerance for glucose was stratospheric in those days, two layers of a Sanders Deluxe Assortment proved to be well beyond my limit and I felt woozy with self-recrimination.

 I’ve experienced a similar sensation right here on occasion after binging on one too many posts, particularly where cute pets or salacious personal revelations are involved.  As with chocolate, the feeling is only temporary, however, and it isn’t long before I’m rummaging around for more.

 But getting back to the subject of personal blogging vs. community blogging, bear with me a moment while I extend the food analogy a bit further.  Visiting a personal blog, I've noticed, is sort of like sitting in a restaurant where you’re the only customer. It can feel uncomfortably quiet.  For better (and, every so often, worse) there’s a palpable energy here on OS, something more akin to table hopping at a busy joint where you happen to be one of the regulars.  Writing can be a distressingly solitary occupation at times, and being here makes it less so.  Sure, some folks always seem to get the great tables in the front while others languish in Siberia, but the management seems pretty reasonable and I appreciate the fact that they don't expect extravagant tips...at least, not so far as I'm aware...

 Of course, a private blog can differ in other ways, too.  Over at the Toronto Star, Cat is the professional and I’m just a lowly reader, a relationship that’s not nearly as appealing, at least from my perspective.  Here on OS, we're all thrown in together like a bunch of kids in a freshman dorm (which may explain a lot, come to think of it).   

 Anyway, I’m curious about what you think.  Are there personal blogs away from OS that you regularly read?  Meanwhile, as long as I’m in meta mode, here are some guidelines I’ve established for myself to get the most out of my own OS experience:

Don’t get into the habit of hanging out with the same circle of people all the time.  Expand horizons regularly.

Try never to comment with an eye towards boosting my own readership.  Focus energy on posts I truly can take time to appreciate, rather than racing through too many at once.

Avoid praise inflation.  If I think something is brilliant or if I LMFAO over somebody’s humor, by all means let them know, but don’t overdo it to the point where we’re all going to have to invest in shovels in order to wade through a comment thread.

Don’t ignore Gail Collins because I’m too busy blogging.  Or that guy snoring over on the next pillow, whose name temporarily escapes me.

           Further thoughts, anyone?


UPDATE: Cat said it was okay if I revealed her true identity.  She didn't intend to make a big mystery out of it.  Her name is Lorraine Sommerfeld and you can find her at www.lorraineonline.ca







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Yup, you nailed it. The analogy works fine for me as it expresses pretty much how I feel. There are very few (VERY few) personal blogs I follow outside of OS. There just aren't enough hours in a day (or enough computers in my house, for that matter) for me to indulge myself too much.

Pass the candy. :-D
Funny, and there are many truths here, especially the whole box of chocolate analogy which you took remarkably far, and effectively. I have a fondness for Whitman's, after my mom has received one box at Christmas for the past 117 years, I know exactly which ones I like, by shape, I don't even have to consult the map. OS is a bit like that for me, which means I need to expand my horizons. I recently discovered that I love Floyd Elliot even though he's short, for example. Shame on me for not loving him sooner!
I failed to mention that comment inflation is always welcome on MY posts.
I've been thinking about this topic a lot--thanks for putting words to it. And a metaphor! I love metaphors! Also appreciate your letting me know about the Cat. Did she explain why she left OS?
Great analogy, Laurel. The diversity of OS and the feeling of being among peers, even though some are professional writers and others are not, is what appeals to me about this place. I like the description of OS as having "palpable energy", and certainly it is for me as addictive as chocolate. (Good user guidelines too, btw).
Yes, Open Salon gives us variety and stimulation and challenges us to think outside our "box" at times. I havn't followed anybody to their private blog off of O.S. even if they are in my favorites list here.
Half the fun of writing here is seeing what people are going to do in the comments. That back and forth is probably what got me writing here in the first place. I'd previously always thought of blogs--at least by private individuals--as hopelessly narcissistic, and while I may be hopelessly narcissistic, I never saw any reason to confirm anyone's suspicions on that score. But reading comments--people appeared to be having fun, and it occurred to me, I can keep up with these people.

I like it here because it's more a playground than a spectator sport, which is what reading other blogs is. There's some not fully quantifiably different quality to writing when the writer knows that the commenters are coming.

I'm rattling on here because these are all subjects I've thought about some, albeit not very coherently, and because I've never really stopped to figure out how other sites work.

And if you'd like, I'll take those nougats off your hands.
HB, she did explain. She said that she enjoyed OS because it was "very sheltered," but that soon it would no longer be. At the time, I thought she was referring to the new ad policy, but perhaps not. Maybe I'll toddle over to the Star and ask her. By the way, she is also extremely cute (think of a young Olivia Newton-John) and not at all acerbic-looking, like her Dorothy Parker avatar was, which I thought matched her writing more. Funny how you form a mental picture of someone...
If that's the relationship Toronto Star encourages, I wouldn't read it. Not good for the soul, and not equal to "you." B.C. has got the Tyee, headed by one time Salon.com contributer David Beers, and it works to make the poster/contributer feel someone who expands, dissects, makes (even) the story.

It's like writing in a Cafe, here. I've even tried writing essays not specifically for OS here, because I feel buoyed by the sociability. Ted Hughes wrote with the door open.

Cat got out while her Reputation was intact. (You can do "this" for awhile, but you must find your way back to the Times.) Remember the way she entered. Star can have its Cat; We prefer our Emma.
I like the analogy you use, and I think it's spot-on. Individual blogs feel like a one-way conversation, and there are long periods where that individual might not post at all. Here at OS, it feels like a lively debate, and knowing that there's new content every time I visit the site makes me want to spend more time here, versus trolling individual blogs, hoping they'll post more than once a day.
Laurel, your words are Teuscher champagne truffles on a bed of Mozartkugels.

If I'm going to be a font of wisdom, it better be a chocolate one, and not Hershey's. Ghirardelli. And I think maybe I meant Brach's Bridge Mix, not Whitman's Sampler. And yes, I like Brach's Bridge Mix. To a point.

Seriously, I am in awe of your eating almost 2 pounds of chocolates (?) in one go. I once ate a whole lot of Reese's peanut butter cups in one sitting, but unfortunately I neglected to record the amount. I was sort of sorry afterwards.
Look at the ads!!!
Laurel - SWEET analogy! Creative and insightful...
As a non-professional, I find OS to be a place in which I may hone my writing skills by reading diverse styles, opinions and forms. (narrative, poetic, humor, sarcasm, review, commentary, photos, artwork, embedded music and varied clips) Comments are often astute and highly creative, in and of themselves. Box of fine chocolates, indeed.
OS is more like a chocolate bar with fruits and nuts, and I love every bit of it, clever lady.
That makes sense. She had a real Toronto tone to her writing. I'm curious who she is. Did she give any reason why she felt this had to be a deep, dark secret?

I agree with you. I really like the experience of community blogging. I also wish I knew what she was talking about being "sheltered." She took down her posts, so I can't read it. Sheltered from what?

I do like your tips. But when you're first starting I think over reading and over commenting is fine. Nothing wrong with being friendly. I absolutely think you're right about changing up your readers every once in a while. Writing here should be fun. It shouldn't become a grind like sending Christmas cards out every day.

People can be friends even if they aren't always interested in the same things. Even if they hardly ever agree.

I think one of the greatest things about OS is that it teaches you flexibility as a reader and a writer. And you get a better sense of people not just from their blogs, but how they respond to other people's blogs.
What I love about OS is that I never know if it will be a box of chocolates or a rancid bouillabaisse. Sometimes I'm delighted; sometimes, hospitalized.
"For better (and, every so often, worse) there’s a palpable energy here on OS, something more akin to table hopping at a busy joint where you happen to be one of the regulars. "

I think this gets right to the core of it. Plus the fact that we ARE all bunched together. I like that. I rarely read other sites or blogs unless a post here recommends it.
your list fits in a nutshell. Nothing wrong with brevity and I've begun to search out new bloggers here or at least some that I'm unfamiliar with. Ther is just so much you can cover in a day. It's hard to do with only 15 hour self imposed time limits, but it's often rewarding.
This was rated, brilliant, outstanding and a bunch of other good words.
Good personal blogs are hard to find, I think. I had a personal blog up for over a year when I started reading OS and then posting here. As a writer, it is very nice to know that people are reading your stuff. As a reader, it's wonderful to have so many good things to read at one place.

I still post stuff on both blogs, but I have no idea if anyone goes to my original one.

Yeah, I like the analogy too. I have another blog to which I post most of my stuff from OS and the readership and feedback are paltry. My only problem with OS is I spend way too much time here and not enough doing what I'm supposed to be doing (i.e. looking for a job)
Interesting comments, everyone. Thanks!

Juliet, as a non-Canadian, I'm curious about what you mean by a Toronto tone. And I appreciate the Christmas card reference. When I reach that point, I know it's time to knock off for the day.

And speaking of Christmas, M-peg, funny you should mention Mozartkugels. My parents have been regifting the same box of Mozartkugels for several years now. I think they originally got it at Costco back in the early nineties sometime and every year it makes the rounds through the family and eventually winds up back at their place. So as far as chocolate goes, I prefer to think of myself as a slab of Dagoba extra bittersweet. That or a Bendix Bittermint.
I do like the analogy you have put up. I never have read blogs on a regular basis anywhere else. I don't have the time.
But I do like the fruits and nuts here. I do. I am not suprised that woman was a newspaper writer. I thought as much for some reason.
I think you nailed it, too. I don't read any other blogs regularly although I read around sometimes. I like the "box of chocolates" or smorgasboard aspect of OS. I also am trying to read around more here, too, rather than just read my favorites (which can become a bag of caramels, as you say, especially when you read several entries in a row). It's tough though -- so much here to read!!
I have OS A.D.D...just hoppin around like a toad in hot tar and cant seems to get off and get anything else done. I no longer have a to do list, I have a too late to do list. Was actually going to post on this exact thing, but you made it easy - I'm with Bill S, and will fight someone for the nougets. I love nuts. (are they the nuts?)
Following your guidelines, I will be as succinct as possible. Excellent analogy and a good post.
"Over at the Toronto Star, Cat is the professional and I’m just a lowly reader, a relationship that’s not nearly as appealing, at least from my perspective. Here on OS, we're all thrown in together like a bunch of kids in a freshman dorm"

This is a very appealing (and sometimes intimidating) aspect of OS for me. I love that I get to share space with pros and amateurs alike and we all feel like colleagues. Is that depressing for the pros I wonder? My posts tend toward, as Steve puts it so well, rancid bouillabaisse (although probably not even that high class, more like rancid mac 'n' cheese)
Great comments. You nailed it. It canfeel uncomfortably quiet. I am always pleased to know that the pros come here to blow off a little steam, and I think the Toronto Star is a fine paper, but I get your point.
Yes, Steve, I can see where that medical education could come in pretty handy at times. Can I call you for CPR when I start drowning in somebody else's stream of consciousness?

Michael -- is that a typo or did you really say 15 hour time limit? Sorry I ignored your country music post, btw. One of my most important personal guidelines, which I forgot to mention earlier, is that I never comment on posts that feature videos of scantily clad women who are much younger and hotter-looking than I am.

Bill S (sorry, WAY out of order here), I love it when you put up candy posts, especially ones about the bars we ate as kids. So anytime you're in the mood to do another, send me a candy gram. And look how much fun it is getting all these candy ads! Much better than what previous posts have been generating.
Oh, and I desperately miss the hungry cat.
Well O my day! Look what the Canadian cat dragged in?
Interesting folk! I worried Why:`Who gonna feed a cat?
I felt sad.
It seemed like someone crawled up on the dinner tables.
Ripped off?
Why go wriggling out of Ya sweatpants? Ya tear off diaper?
I mean this:`
Why pull off thoroughly clean enjoyment as if it was panties?
Then, place it:`
Atop a bowl of:`
Spaghetti, O. I'm
no food cat-critic.
Steve Klingaman, I assumed you WERE one of the pros; you certainly write like one.

Cat, you're back! And blogging on Gail Collins. I didn't know Gail Collins had a place where people could blog. (See, we are still sheltered here). Sorry about the freelancing mix-up. I did see that you're a car writer, which partially explains why a Motor City girl like me would be drawn to your writing. Anyway, now that you're here, why not stay awhile? I have a second avatar for things I don't want my real life friends to read, and so far haven't experienced even a pang of guilt. It can be done!
Freaky Troll, I'm so honored to have you stop by. I'm assuming it was the chocolate that lured you in.
I got completely distracted with the chocolates and caramels... and now there's something stuck in my teeth and I feel kinda sick from all the sugar...
Hehe. That's fine Laurel, no offense taken. I'll still visit your posts of chocolates, pink ladies, crazy neighbors and exploding septic tanks. ;-)
I am really new here and I am thankful my sister brought me here. What I see being new is that a lot of you seem like a family, like you truly care about some of the others. I have this feeling on another site I belong to ( not blogging) and I hope to some day be a part of your family...nuts and chews and caramels. Some of you have such tight bonds and I really enjoyed reading this post. But other than that I guess I don't have much to contribute here except no I don't read blogs anywhere else unless they pertain to work.
hey, will someone feed the cat- hi! it was nice of you to stop by and explain your departure, you are missed.
The box of chocolate/bulk caramel simile/metaphor thing was Mumbletypeg's, not mine, so I feel like I'm getting credit where none is due, but so glad this post resonated with you all. Now I'll answer some comments in no particular order.

Sandra, thanks for stopping back...(hey, aren't you supposed to be lolling my the pool or playing slots or something? I like Whitman's Samplers, too, especially the filling key on the lid, though it does spoil the surprise element. But at least I can avoid the nougats that way.

damn...dog scratching at door...back later
That should read lolling BY the pool, and the same question goes to Mothership.
Writing here is like writing for a newspaper or magazine. Every writer has a specialty, a point of view, an area of expertise all their own. Every cover reminds me of the good old days when I was putting together a front page in the hopes that I would engage and entertain readers.

This site has been my sanity since I lost my newspaper job. Writing stuff, putting it out there for consumption and then receiving feedback is wonderful. I’ve learned I write not for money, though getting paid wouldn’t be such a bad thing; I write for writing’s sake, and I write to be read.

The one thing I miss about working at my old newspaper (in addition to the paycheck) is the camaraderie of my fellow writers. Here on OS, I get to write and enjoy a lively community. This just wouldn’t be possible if I wrote only on my own blog.
You are missed, cat. But if you believe in the people here, maybe needn't be too concerned 'bout where it's headed. If it turns "sour," we'll all have a say, which may well turn into a very audible shout.
This is the mostest bestest post I've seen in many months. Ok, enough inflation.

It is well done though LnL. I enjoy many of the things I come across and also enjoy many of the connections I have made here. And I miss anything from Sanders. Those were the days, weren't they?

The thing about OS that troubles me is the promotion of personalities by the eds. I don't want to start any kind of flame war, and won't, but there are some public celebrity/personalities who blog here and always get EP and cover (automatic) because of who they are, and then it becomes self-fulfilling. A lot of time their posts are mediocre by any standards. I have noticed that there are fewer OS reader views per post now than just a few months ago. So I stick to just cruising around and find entertaining and well written posts.
I trust that you are doing well.
Grif, homeboy, Sanders hot fudge sundaes! Weren't they the best?

Mrs M, I really like the spectator sport vs. playground analogy, too, though I preferred Mumbletypeg's because it involved candy. Btw, have you sold the Navigator yet?

Many visitors to this post I don't recognize (ah, the metas always bring 'em in...), which is SO great. I look forward to reading your stuff.

Just juli -- enough with the rancid mac n' cheese! But I've wondered if the pros are demoralized, too, hanging out with the amateurs. Sort of like one of those dreams where you wake up and suddenly find yourself living with your parents again or else back in some sophomore math class.

imsurly -- just be careful or you might find yourself clicking on those candy ads over to my immediate right.
I hate the nougats too. I leave for pool lolling tomorrow.
Comment inflation is also welcome on my blog, so anyone who feels the need, the welcome mat is out.
I like the chocolate analogy but the OS is more like Halloween. You show up, put out your pumpkin shaped bucket and wait to see what you get. Sometimes it's a popcorn ball, sometimes its Hershey's miniatures and sometimes its a shiney new quarter. Of course sometimes its a toothbrush and a $1 off coupon for toothpaste, some people are just party poopers.
I think RSS feeds are for the purpose of consolidating disparate sources. As people get more used to using them, I think the concern that things are flung far afield will become less. That also means that if Open Salon is smart, it will start thinking harder about having quality content people want to subscribe to because right now they're driving the high quality away and the sense that “you still need a cover supplied by someone” will become less and less true... at least in the sense that haphazard is ok. If they start really editing again and applying good judgment about the cover, people might show up for that. But the present cover is hard to get excited about. I don't find myself saying “I wonder what's on the OS cover today.” but instead I find myself saying “I wonder if today is one of the days where the OS cover has anything useful on it at all.” The frequency with which the answer is “yes” seems to be going down with time.
I agree with Kent Pitman, in that I am not now so drawn to cover. I look to sidebars. This could change, if cover becomes . . . hmmm . . . more surprising, maybe? Maybe we need a pixie to make the selections, so we are more apt to look at it and say/exclaim, "holy bookabook!--what the hell is this?!"
Perfect analogies. Now I have to get a bigger box, because I have to add you to my chocolates!
Responding to comments in a very haphazard fashion -- I've had many interruptions today. (Oh my, just noticed that ad at the bottom of my blog. Does anyone else have this?)

I'm reading all these comments and feeling as remorseful as if I'd just eaten a box of Russel Stover cremes. Again, the chocolate box analogy belongs to Mumbletypeg, not me, though she did say she didn't feel like writing it up...one of the many perils of having a garden.

Stellaa -- Twitter and tapas, that sounds very au courant, just like you. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to check out Twitter. I don't think I'm fast enough with the one-liners. Do they have a slow lane?
I know we all have ads at the bottom now, I mean do you also have the one for the mental health center? Getting a little close to the bone here, don't you think?

ocularnervosa, the Halloween analogy works for me, too! With the comments as the treats. Gotta watch out for those apples with the razor blades, though.
Laurel, the box of candy analogy is very apt. (Yes, I know it's from Mumbletypeg, but you illuminated it.)

"Here on OS, we're all thrown in together like a bunch of kids in a freshman dorm" - This is a big part of the unique experience of posting here. In spite of the wide disparity in the experience and talent of writers on OS, we are still all writers and readers. It levels the playing field...realistically we don't all have the same chance of an EP/cover or heavy readership, but it is possible.

I only regularly read one non-OS blog. I spend entirely too much time here daily, dipping into the box of candy.
Don't worry, Laurel. When you sit at the table next to the kitchen door, it's a lot easier to mess with the orders undetected!
M-peg, now that the Dorothy Parker avatar is up for grabs again, you are the rightful heir.
You know, Suzn Maree, your comment makes me realize that OS is a little like all those talent contest TV shows that are so popular right now, with people vying for ratings, EPs, cover slots, maybe even discovery by a talent scout. Maybe they should rename it "So You Think You Can Write?" Wonder if the folks who came up with the formula had this in mind?
Laurel, not Lauren,
I so agree which is why my old pick'post sported a box of chocolates. And also agree that it is more like a party, where you can hear other's conversations and know who they are.
Nothing like OS that I know.
Fascinating perspective, Laurel! It brought several things into focus for me.

For me, OS is one small side dish in the vast smorgasbord of the Web. It never occurred to me to view it as an either/or thing. In addition to the blogs here, I currently read (you just prompted me to count) 22 publications and 87 blogs. I also maintain 3 Twitter accounts and actively follow about 50+ Twitterers (passively follow a couple hundred). I know I'm an extreme example -- I'm a writer, so a big part of my job is reading!

I wasn't familiar with Cat’s/Lorraine’s work, and it’s so interesting to me to read her explanation of her decisions about Salon. I’m just slightly past 6 weeks in my own 8-week OS experiment, and am debating whether I’ll continue posting here.
Writer Vixen, I've suspected for a long time that I'm an underachiever, now I KNOW it! I'm not surprised you do so much reading, though, because you craft such thoughtful and enjoyable to read posts on a wide variety of topics. I hope you will stick around. And if you don't, it would also be helpful to know why.
o'stephanie, thanks for stopping by! What's your prick'post?
Laurel-Damn the economy and the fact that I'm seeking employment (yet again-18 months and counting). Otherwise, I'd be poolside in Vegas with my darlin' girl and new friends, instead of wearing a jacket (in mid-July) on my deck in Chi-Town tonight. THIS IS A NOUGAT LIFE-GLITCH MOMENT, for sure. lol
jimmymac, stop hogging the covers!
Your box of candy analogy is a very good one. I think it helps to explain why people stay with OS. There is a wonderful excitement in reading a well-done piece and not knowing exactly whether it was written by a seasoned professional or a faltering first-timer. In my worst moments I vow to stop posting at all - what's the use? who really cares? where's it gonna get me? But then I realize that those really aren't the important questions, they are only the personal ones. I read on because of the little tidbits that I get from this post, or other posts that I've read this Sunday morning - sobering posts by Owl and Jeremiah Horrigan that make me stop and take stock. You don't HAVE to eat chocolate. Just make sure to lick your sticky fingers before you leave.
Great post. I think it's great to go and swim other waters, because once you do, I find you find where you really are the most welcome, the most listened to, the most encouraged, the most replied to. Right here on OS. Even though there are food fights and rumbles and horrific rants from time to time, when all settles and nothing else matters, OS is the most forgiving, the most loving, and I think, the absolute most charming.
This is BRILLIANT!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

Inflation aside, this is so apt. You and WriterVixen make me look like a dyslexic kindergartener -- which in web terms I probably am.

This site is so much like an entire candy store that I hardly dare enter these days... I leave hours later, full and high and guilty. But I do peek in from time to time.

You nailed this, my dear.
Whoa, this is brilliant. ROFLMFAO!

Er, sorry. I'm not supposed to do that for this one, right?

Actually, I found this very interesting for a couple of reasons. I'm abstractly fascinated by the social dynamics on OS; in some ways it's like an MFA program, with (slightly) less sleeping around. And on a personal level, Will Someone Feed the Cat was the first person who commented on my first real post here. She left before I could get to know her or her writing, and I'd have liked to.

I agree with your point about the differing power relationships on a community blog like this and a personal or corporate blog. It's not unlike the difference between being in that MFA program I mentioned and going to someone's book-signing.

>>I recently discovered that I love Floyd Elliot even though he's short, for example. Shame on me for not loving him sooner!

Exactly. Everyone should love me. Looooove me! Loooooove me!

Was that too needy?

And...even though I'm short? Or because I'm short?
And SeattleK8, I'll need that brain we're sharing back tonight. I'm watching Mulholland Drive again. This time I'm sure I'll figure out what's going on. Not like the last twelve times.
I'm sad that Cat left, although not surprised to learn she's a professional writer. The box of chocolates analogy is spot-on for me; I love picking and choosing and discovering new flavors. It's one-stop shopping in Blogland!
Per usual I agree with Steve, although this morning the idea of rancid fish soup is more than I can bear having had a "funny" salmon tartare appetizer last night at dinner. I love real candy more than metaphoric candy. And now all I can think about is punching holes in the bottoms of a tasty box of See's Candy.
I was very good at punching and then smoothing over the bottom of pieces I didn't want. Ohhhhh how I long for the chocolate/chocolate combo or chocolate/maple or chocolate/coconut! I'm sorry what was the post about again?
o'stephanie, my comment to you should have read PICK post, not PRICK post. And just when I was getting on Floyd's case about HIS language...(Btw, Floyd, my comment thread is not an appropriate place for picking up women, even though I realize Sandra was leading you on.)
Thank god I didn't say "pricking up women..."

GailMaria -- But metaphorical candy has no fat or calories! However, if it's the real thing you're after, you might want to consider clicking on one of those nice ads there to the right of my post.

Lisa, why not have some real candy while you're at it? The store's open.

So many visitors to this one...better go talk to Mumbletypeg and find out what my next post should be about.
Oh my, Laurel not Lauren....candy ads just as you mentioned over on the left...and my absolute favorite Sees! Wowie , it just doesn't get any better does it? And per your observation no fat or calories in metaphoric candy OR candy ads. In your honor however, I will drop everything and have a 250 calorie Snickers.
Bulk bag of caramels. Got it. Rated.