Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin
Brooklyn, New York, USA
March 26
I'm the author of the young adult novels, Cycler and (Re)Cycler. I used to produce movies but that's all behind me now. I live in Brooklyn and London.


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AUGUST 10, 2011 4:07AM

Top 10 Reasons To Loot

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1. Bored of the usual chav stereotypes, wanted to spice things up

2. Nothing good on telly

3. Wanted to protest the austerity measures and general trend toward increased economic inequality by shaking up an overly complacent public wanted new shoes

4. Hoped to give Brits even more reasons to be okay about ubiquitous surveillance

5. Opportunity to showcase blacks and whites working side by side toward a common goal

6. Shame to stay inside on such a lovely summer evening

7. Totally worth risk of jail time to have face on tv

8. Stealing from the pound store is actually an ironic gesture

9. Saw 28 Weeks Later again recently, wanted to evoke similar sense of panic and anticipation

10. Would never pay for jeggings, but free jeggings? Sure.

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