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FEBRUARY 25, 2009 1:45PM

A Review of "Broccoli" Obama's Speech

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Last night my four-year old granddaughter Sabrina watched our new president give his first presidential address to a joint session of congress. Sabrina managed to keep her attention fixed on the leader of the free world and the most powerful man on earth long enough to declare him “nice.”

She didn’t go into the details of the economy and our wars. She also drew a portrait of him speaking before congress, which I captured on my iPhone:


As she wielded her markers in a flurry of drawing, Sabrina babbled a bit, and gave our leader a name that may not go down in history, but is damn adorable:  Broccoli Obama.”

Which made all of us adults sitting around her laugh out loud. (“Why are you laughing??!!”)

After the giggles stopped, Sabrina's mom and dad and I thought about it. And we decided that indeed, broccoli is a great name for him. Like broccoli, Obama helps make us stronger. Something we need to include as much as possible in our lives. Sustaining in a time of economic  problems. Something the Bushs don’t care for. Definitely green. Adaptable.  Economical.  Maligned, but definitely good for us, although some won't even open their clenched-shut mouths  for even a taste .

And, ahem, offering “stimulus.”

So I’m going to call our president “Broccoli” Obama from now on, too. And hope that he is indeed as good for us as that humble veg.

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I remember a neighbor of mine who was a first grade teacher during Watergate tell me she asked her class what was the name of the president?

One of her kids said "Peach Nixon. " rated
three cheers for Broccoli. I love this.
Well, she used to call him "Black" Obama. But Broccoli has a better ring to it!
Broccoli it is. And say hello to little Emily Litella for me.
Broccoli and Obama also have this in common: Some people are so convinced at the outset that they HATE them, they won't even open their clenched-shut mouths long enough to try 'em.
Oh God Lea what a great story. I wanna hug your granddaughter. And what a great analogy, both are good for us and make us stronger.
Rated and simply precious.
Thanks, guys. I don't go for kid's stuff unless it's really cute, and this one was.

Verbal, I may add that one on to the list. So true.
We should all come up with recipes for our version of "Broccoli Obama". I think mine would involve roast duck and cashews to go with the broccoli.
From the mouths of babes....
This soooo adorable! Look at the color composition, that signature smile! Ms. Lane, your granddaughter is a child prodigy, a young Miro in making.
Yes, out of the mouth of babes. And I was thinking how much Broccoli's decisions will affect the lives of children her age. And what it will be like in 20 years....

And PucciPooPoo (whose name may be the best of any on OS), I certainly hope you are right. She (and I) can use the $$ earned by her great talent. I will of course become her elderly agent. I will have to work till I drop, that seems pretty sure.
Yay for Sabrina! That's the perfect name for him. Thanks for making me smile, Lea.
Thanks again, all you guys. And Lisa, you're boys' tales usually make me smile. I don't do kids often.
Your granddaughter is a gem. And such a great, action-shot portrait. =o) Thumbed.
I like Catamite's idea for Broccoli Obama dishes. I 'll make one especially for Republicans that dislike our new President. I'll call it "Shut-up and eat your Broccoli!".
Very cute. I love the "stimulus" aspect:-) Great picture- I love kid's art.
I'm with Michael, I love Cat's idea of a special dish. Being from the midwest, mine would be a hot dish of some sort. That's a casserole for those of you who don't speak Minnesotan. Probably some orzo and cream of something-or-other soup in it.
How about a dish of overcooked broccoli covered in laxative, to get the Repubs moving? ( I know, nasty.) Others welcome.
Ok, just thought of another dish to serve, named after the Repubs: broccoli with nuts and fruits.
"Out of the mouth of babes"

I'm with your granddaughter... I was finally able to watch a complete address before Congress last night. And due to "Broc" keeping my attention, I was am to watch little Bobby Jindal give his response.

Great drawing kid!

Rated for the broccoli growers of America
Hey, yeah! My grandmother always said broccoli mixes well with anything.
Hey George, that's it: "Broc." I'm calling him Broc and every time I can tell the little story of how he got his name. Maybe if we all use it, it will catch on!
Lea - that sounds good to me.

And the young future leaders of this great country can join in, too.

again, I love the picture of "Broc"
David, yes broccoli goes with anything: let's mix it with liver and a bit of kidney, overcook it, and serve it to Eric Cantor over wet noodles. He should get a bit of empathy after that.
You were right! Great chuckles and an awwwww...
Loved the drawing! But broccoli gives me gas. I guess that could be considered, "green!" Or some serious "stimulus!"
Thanks, Lea. Needed a smile, and your granddaughter brought several. We love broccoli in this house and so her name fits to a T. She is a pretty fair artist for four years old!! For twice that old, or more, in fact.

Lea I love this! (those look like markers, not crayons btw)

A perfect analogy for our President...what a perceptive child!
I'll contact our Prime Minister,Mr K.Rudd immediately and ask him to make 'Broccoli' official for any future dealings with your President.
I'm quite sure he will be delighted.
Rated while laughing.
Broc is good. The sketch is good too--your child has talent. rated.
Cathy, maybe tmi on the gas, although maybe you could lock yourself in a room with Jindal when you feel the urge. ;)

The rest of you all, glad you like this, and broccoli.

And Peter, yes, Australia can now call him Broc as well.
Laughing out loud. Reminds me of my daughter's own comments on inauguration day:

"Well, I guess we're done with stupid now, right?"

She never liked George. :-D

We may be done with President Stupid, but there seem to be plenty of stupids left in Congress!
If the Obamas knew of this, they'd probably name their new dog Broccoli. Somebody should tell them. Love this!
OK, I'm inspired. I'll post a Broc-Obama recipe next Tuesday.

Nice picture, great name.
oh this is so heartwarming and wonderful. i love your granddaughter. broccoli is a perfect name for our leader. the meds i take make me loathe veggies but i love broccoli in theory.

thank you for sharing this and lightening my day. love love love and rated.
This is so outstanding in its cuteness and truth!!
thank you Lea!
Before I even read your post I was thinking the same thing... you might prefer to eat that big old slice of cherry pie a la mode, but broccoli is better for you!

Great job, Sabrina!
after the broccoli comment did you tell her that her generation will be paying off our national debt. shouldn't a 4 year old be in bed by 9pm
Nice to see so many broccoli fans.

MJ, she was on vacation. Don't be so grumpy!
sorry. for some reason i was replaying the george carlin, "baby on board" routine in my head at the time. and yes i like broccoli. again, sorry.
Aw, that's ok. Anyone who likes George Carlin is ok by me!
Now President Broc Obama will start noticing that everytime he goes to a state dinner in a foreign land they will be serving broccoli. Sabrina might want to send this to the Prez and tip-him off.
Rated for Daliness.
Do you remember how George H.W. Bush banned broccoli from the White House menu? Now that he was President, he said that nobody could make him eat it anymore. (He preferred pork rinds, allegedly.)

It's good to know that the Bush era is finally over, and broccoli is back in the White House.
I was just about to comment on the fact that George H.W. bush hated broccoli, but Mitch beat me to it! Yet another indicator of your granddaughter's wisdom.
You've heard of the "Age of Aquarius"? I think we may be entering the "Age of Broccoli" (Obama).
Verbal! Brilliant!!!!
I ADORE this story :) I would rate it 100 times!!! Be sure to keep a book of all the wonderful things she says along the way ... It's so much fun looking back on all their precious, wonderful little quips!!!

hilarious! And I had the same thought as someone else - about Bush I banning broccoli from the White House saying he'd never liked it and was old enough he wouldn't eat any more of it. Those damn Bushes never knew what was good even if it was right on a plate in front of'em.

Me, I looooove broccoli. always have.
Since you mentioned it Ann, gotta tell you about another quip. I may have mentioned somewhere else on here.

Sabrina's a real NYC girl, and I have pointed on the globe where she was, in downtown Manhattan.

Then, when I was going to Antarctica I showed Sabrina where that continent was at the bottom of the globe. When I drew my finger down to the bottom of the globe, she said, "Oh grandma. You're going w-a-a-y downtown!"
Very cute -- I shared with friends. Thanks!
Especially love the hair! What a little genius. Adorable. (Didn't the first Bush say he hated broccoli? Yeah, it's good for you. Finish it or no dessert).
Thank you SOOO much Lea! I just love this post! I'm going to put it on my Facebook and other account because I know my friends will love it too.
Broccoli is very apropos. Most people dislike broccoli. As for me I love broccoli and now you have ruined it for me.
Broccoli and Obama also have this in common: Some people are so convinced at the outset that they HATE them, they won't even open their clenched-shut mouths long enough to try 'em. i love replica jewelryyour style.