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JULY 20, 2009 5:31PM

Forget Vegas. I Had a Nice Weekend Too! (UPDATE)

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So where are the many reports on the Las Vegas long weekend? The fun  started five days ago. There was no live-blogging. There are few details so far. We are waiting.

Spotted and Buffy have written short reports. And now Cartouche has teased us with a preview, but where are the details? Where are the small secrets that can be spilled?  I suspect these OS LV revelers are hiding something!

No schadenfraude here. I'm not jealousing a bit. I mean, so far reading the teases of squeeeing...!!! and laughing and talking and flirting, and seeing photos of bright, funny, lovely Osers cavorting in various states of undress and comraderie makes my heart soar. And I've enjoyed the reports so far as much as if I were there myself.

OK, that's not true. Like thousands on this site, I'll presume, I would have loved to have braved the heat and joined the hawt and dirty dozen this past weekend. So I need to know more. And I admit  that I did think about going.

But then, I thought again. For starters, I needed a pedicure. (And there seemed to be lots of foot play and feet photos in the Las Vegas photos we did see.)






And I needed a waxing.





  hairy woman



And I could have made do, but I think I needed a new bathing suit.





  bathing suitpreviewAC18004


And the costs, well ...







But I had fun this weekend, too. At home. A staycation. I listened to music, and it may not have been the latest, but it's my music. The stuff I grew up with.







And I felt the rush of high-stakes  gambling, too.








And who needs Vegas  fine dining or endless buffets?  I eat and drink pretty well, if I do say so myself.






And I  spent the weekend at home with familiar faces, even if they're not as good-looking, smart and nice as OSers.





She's from New Jersey. She's scary.  And so are these two:






I even spent some time again Tivoing Joan and her dear friend and un-husband ...




Joan and Dick13910


Dick? Dick? 

I'll think of his last name. Has to do with the military. Sounds like "smarmy."

Yes,  these above folks were only on TV,  and yes, meeting people was the point of the OS reunion, so it was much, much better than my weekend. Never mind, I guess. Right now I'll just await some more first-hand reports from Vegas and book a waxing for the next reunion.

But hey there lucky reunion-goers, we are waiting! No more teases!







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If the participants won't write faster, I'll just have to encourage them with this.
Yeah, where are the participants? I want all the gossip! But your blog is the best! The waxing photo had me. Rated
oh, i love you, lea. i can't tell you how much. i'm really pissed at how few have reported in. it just sucks. spotted mind did some and so did buffy but the rest are just asshats in my humble opinion. i love your photo essay. extremely entertaining. especially the one depicting your slight problem with hirsutism. is that a word? and, of course, the wonders of TV.

i've been jealousing like crazy. not only was i too fat to go -- will post photos tonight of my current Fatitude -- but i have no money and i have this tiny problem with Leaving the House. so this post made me very very happy. the least they could do is report in, imho. anyway, love lvoe love and gratitude for you but not for them, she says bitterly, because the AC unit hasn't arrived yet.
Oh, the perfect weekend. I imagine you couldn't afford the trip becasue they charged you triple rates for the waxing, but there are always priorities.

Funny stuff Lea
Lea - it looks like that saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" works even for our friends & fellow bloggers on OS. - damn those slogans!

I did enjoy your pictorial of your weekend. I may have a few nightmares after seeing the pre-waxing & Ann Coulter, but with Universal Health Care on the way (maybe before we hear about OS Vegas) I will survive.

- rated for your creative humor
I've only seen Buffy and Spotted's posts and they were obviously not telling the whole story.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Vow of silence, maybe.
Those are some scary pics you got there. Well, except for our dear Joan.
Yikes! The unwaxed bikini shot made me want to curl into a fetal position, then I scrolled down to O'Reilly and Coulter standing next to each other and realized what Ugly really looked like. No fair Lea!
There has been precious little information from the "crew" and it might be because they lost their shirts, literally and figuratively --- or they are hospitalized with heat exhaustion (it was 112).

I'd love to rent a big house or a couple of houses in a nice area and do a four or five day "retreat" full of great food and wine, fun activities and some writing stuff. Somewhere in a nice climate (no triple digit temps), the ocean, and well, that's more my cup of tea. October is a nice time of year, no kids/families, weather is usually pretty damn good (as long as it's not in tornado country) and often rates for properties like this are not too crazy.

And Lea, this post was, in it's way, a masterpiece. I'll not soon forget that hirsute candidate for a nair bath! That was a scary photo, surely that woman (?) is in need of agent orange! The rest of the pictures were great too, and I confess to quaffing 2 buck chuck too (desperate times require desperate wines), we all have to do our part in this economy!

That Jersey "woman" is one scary bitch. If I came out of the ladies and found her in the corridor blocking my way I think I'd become incontinent. She scares me.

Now, where are the rest of the posts about Vegas?
Loved this!

Chillout missy. There was WAY too much fun, not enough sleep and absolutely NO time at all to spend playing around on OS. My report will be coming within the next 48 hours. I have to cool off first. Things got VERY hot.....
Ohh, there's one. I smoked out Cartouche. Good to know she's coherent and that we can look forward to a long report when she "cools off."
You've got such a wonderful devilish streak.
The snippets are not enough. rAted for the two buck chuck. Dick Army needs to be discharged.
This was fun.

But we're still waiting...
Funny, funny, funny.
Bravo, Lea! One of the cagey culprets is my own offspring and I haven't a clue as yet, either. We probably should allow 24-48 hours for minimal recouperation, I suppose. This was too, too hysterical. You had way more fun than I did, trust me on that... ;0)
Somehow...and this is just a hunch...but I *think* I would much prefer to have met the OSers in Vegas than the folks in your post, who I am sure are lovely in their own way, of course. I'd be happy to add them to my Christmas card list.
How did you not go???

You were the missing piece - the catalyst for all the fun!
The linchpin for debauchery - the kind you have to say four rosaries for.

How did you not go?
I suspect drug induced naked debauchery went on since Lonnie likes to run around naked so much. Someone, please, come clean. "What happens in Vegas" is only a slogan! :-)
Too funny. You've got a flair for this photo essay format.
I see that you are with me fellow OSers who didn't go. Are we going to settle for teases and day-at-a-time, drawn out reports? Sure the participants are "tired." But we need to know. (And Duane, I didn't go for one of the reasons mentioned in this post, and it doesn't have to do with hair.)
You said it sister!!!
Lea!!! You freaked me out with this one. The image of the she beast was just too much for me. I've learned to keep all beverages away from the computer and I think that rule just saved the day. Hilarious!
I doubt if there were any she-beasts in all of LV.Was that a Romanian "Borat" wax?
ha! I saw hairy beasts this weekend, too - the Harry Potter movie as well as some unshaven guys (I live with one). And we went to a BBQ party where it was about 104 degrees. That was close to Vegas, I'll bet.
Forget Vegas. I want to play Bingo!
How about a game of jacks, Steve? I was always good at jacks?
Nice laughs lea :-) I didn't realize you could write comedy too!
Yeah, "cools off."

:: snort::
"Cooling off" implies there was "heating up." And I don't think we're talking desert temperatures! We can't know all, but this is frustrating, for sure.
Hope the waxing has finished,
your music,Bingo,and eating,must have given your
Platinum Mastercard a blast.:)

You didn't go because you...

Oh, you should have said something. I do that on the side.
A man of many talents, indeed
hee hee I love you, Lea.
Oh my. The waxing photo made me a little sick, however, I love the word "staycation"!
M B, the "staycation" can also become a "moochcation," a term I coined and wrote about on Huffpo last year.
Lea! You’re such a kick! Too funny.
Lea, even when you stay home you do the most adventurous things. Next time, though, don't wait so long for that pedicure...
WHAT? You've seen the foot photos?
Well this was a good laugh but that waxing picture made me throw up a little in my mouth, and then laugh.
Yes! Caught another Vegas reveler! Spotted, thanks for your update, but why don't we have more?? Please tell your fellow bffs.
And yes, I noted the foot thing.
Lea, you could wear that bathing suit around me all the time. There's something about red stripes and lace that drive me wild.

BTW, are you related to Con Chapman?
Trudge, I'm flattered, but no relation. And thanks for liking my stripes!
Forgot to mention that I didn’t bring my camera to Las Vegas. So do I get pass? Without pix (and proof), I’m not sure any post of mine would be worth much. And believe me, if I let the others do the talking, there’ll be plenty of talking...
Lea, this has got to be one of the funniest travel posts on OS! Staycationing with Lea's obviously much more fun than going to - where was it, again? Flush 'em out, girl, before they cast the movie. I can visualise the neon lights now: " OS in LV - the Lost Weekend"...
That waxing photo may stick in my head all day.

I didn't even know about this gathering. I guess my "staycation" kept me out of the loop.

If I went, I'd definitely cause some trouble. Rebel, they call me. Rebel.
Glad to see you all, especially another LV celebrant, David D. I'm sure you have pix but don't want to share! And what would everyone be talking about, inquiring minds want to know ....
Ah, we could have hung out together then, Lea. I had to stay home too. I mean, when I went to open my wallet it actually cried.

But I too want to see more of the details. I mean, these people are WRITERS for cryin' out loud!!! Where's the WRITING????? Where are the PHOTOS?????
Yes Bill. Photos. Writing. Something!!
I wish Ablonde would stop telling us to fuck off just becuz we're not pushing her little pleasure button and that she would (please) cover herself up; and I wonder why Theodore would think stoop to calling us asshats just because we aren't posting to her specifications. I don't live vicariously through you, and recommend you get a life too. Mine is full, thanks so much; and reporting in to OS is not my first and only priority. I'm sure I'm not the only Vegas conventioneer who is feeling like too much has been made of this; and perhaps that is the case. So much publicity and so little actual hard news, but there are other things to do and I'm sure everyone will get to their rendition when they are able to. I'm still in Vegas myself...
Okaay, dynomyte. But there's been alot of teasing beforehand and lots of folks are honest here, which is part of what makes OS special, and they are really eager to hear about the fun, and . And some would have liked to have gone and feel sorry about the fact they couldn't. I understand both sides of it. All will pass.
Funny, funny post Lea. Lurve the pics. One of the main reasons there was no live blogging was because the hotel charged a hefty sum for wireless and most of us didn't want to pay it. That is pretty much it. Not terribly exciting, but it's the truth.

@dynomyte: Ablonde was kidding, I checked with her this morning.
I got back last night, slept for 12 hours, and now I'm at work. I'll post when the spirit moves me, but it probably won't be a Vegas version of Mondo Cane.
Mebbe I take things too literally sometimes, eh..? If we are anything here, we are our word(s), (or ought to be, because that's the tool we have to get our point across) and when I can't see you smiling conspiratorially and winking at me when I'm being called an unconscionable asshat, or being told quite emphatically to fuck off (why...? because people are impatient...?)

I'm surprised at myself for even following this. In a few moments I am leaving; going up to Hoover Dam with some of my meatspace friends. Today is my birthday and I think I'll smoke a cigar. What the hell. A nice Dominican. And I'll take some more pictures with my little $99 Sony Cybershot and see what I can preserve for later. I wish I'd taken some shots of the famous conventioneers, but there were enough pics taken of them. I won't have time to post for at least a week or so. Enjoy the day. ttyl
Happy Birthday, dynomyte! Enjoy the cigar... enjoy the day.
Thank you, Lea. I have, immensely. (smile)
Enjoyed the cigar AND the day, I presume!! All best.
Yes, thank you again Lea. The cigar was nothing more than a nice, tasty prop. Some friends took me up to Hoover dam (amazing) and Willow Beach ... Then they had cake waiting for me when we got back. I had wanted to spend my Bday with my daughter, but there's nothing like good friends...

I am back in Boulder now after a long drive yesterday, arriving late last night. Going up to Rocky Grass bluegrass fest, leaving early this afternoon so no time to post ... http://www.bluegrass.com/rockygrass/... and staying on here at least until MaryK's party.

cheers, love, b
Some of these pictures were hard to look at! But I loved the humor and fun in this post.
Funny, Lea. I went to Vegas. I just don't remember enough of it to post about it. :-)
dynomyte, I love bluegrass! And you should be having a great time with another group at Mary's. Lucky you.

mary, which photo was the hardest to take --hairy women or Ann Coulter? Have a great party. Wish I could come!

Lauren, thanks for coming by. I assume you will be at Mary's party too. I would love to meet you western folks some time soon!
i can't tell you how much. i'm really pissed at how few have reported in. it just sucks.
Chanelspotted mind did some and so did buffy but the rest are just asshats in my humble opinion. i love your photo essay.