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Leeandra Nolting
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
July 08
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Proud native Hoosier who’s settled permanently in New Orleans. Teach English. Live in an old whorehouse with three very talkative and sexually-confused birds and one very talkative bird that isn’t sexually confused at all but just wants what s/he wants, which is pretty much everything and everybody. They appear quite frequently in my writing. Former bedpan wrangler, radio announcer, preschool teacher, and freshman comp. instructor. Once accidentally picked out A Clockwork Orange for a make-out movie. Have a very rational appreciation for the works of Flannery O’Connor and the television show The X-Files and an irrational fear of Meg Ryan. All my friends are drunks.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2009 9:49AM

The fog comes / on little cat feet /

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valentine's fog 1 

It sits looking
over harbor and city

valentine's fog 2 
on silent haunches

valentine's fog 3 
and then moves on.

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Hey! I miss my Pentax K-1000 too!

I love to be the first to comment to photos.
Beautiful. Makes me wanna go there!
Lovely and clear in a certain longing.....

very nice.... I bet it's warm too.

Gayle--I know. Mine's shutter thread snapped about a year and a half ago (of course, this happened in England, immmediately after I'd put the equivalent of $15 of batteries in it, and 2 shots into a 96-exposure roll). Saving up to go digital SLR, either Canon or Nikon. The K-1000 was a great camera, though.

Till then, I'm stuck shooting blind on my camera phone or my $50 4.2 megapixel Polaroid. Grrr.

The fog was rolling over the top of the levees like steam off a pot yesterday, but those pix didn't come out.

And it went from pouring down rain and about 60 degrees to bright sunny and about 75 in the space of half an hour yesterday, thus the fog effects over the river.
This is a gorgeous post. :)

I share your admiration of Flannery.