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Leeandra Nolting
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
July 08
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Proud native Hoosier who’s settled permanently in New Orleans. Teach English. Live in an old whorehouse with three very talkative and sexually-confused birds and one very talkative bird that isn’t sexually confused at all but just wants what s/he wants, which is pretty much everything and everybody. They appear quite frequently in my writing. Former bedpan wrangler, radio announcer, preschool teacher, and freshman comp. instructor. Once accidentally picked out A Clockwork Orange for a make-out movie. Have a very rational appreciation for the works of Flannery O’Connor and the television show The X-Files and an irrational fear of Meg Ryan. All my friends are drunks.

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AUGUST 13, 2010 4:54PM

Come visit New Orleans!

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That's my foot.  That's your typical NOLA cockroach.

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Texas cockroaches in New Orleans?
I should point out I wear a size 9 wide.
The other night I heard a creepy rustling noise, and I turned my head just in time to see one giant roach leg disappear underneath the closet door.

*shudder* know I know the route...
Was there last week and killed one about that big. It was crawling across the comforter on the bed in the luxury hotel where we spent one night to get away from staying with the family. (I will not name the hotel because we think the roach might have hitched a ride with us from the in-law's house where I have seen a few;-).

Had a nice dinner at Brigsten's, tho!
Lawless--I've had that experience. I was in the bathroom. I heard rustling, followed by Elvis SCREAMING. I came out. One of those bad boys was moseying around on my coffee table, not caring at all that I was there or that the light was on or that the bird was shrieking.

In Elvis' defense, sizewise that roach was to him like a German shepherd would be to me. I'd be yelling too.
I'm impressed. Always liked NOLA.
Everything in NOLA should be bigger than life.

(Love the tag.)
OMG, that is big, I thought Philly had some monster water bugs, I am supposed visit in October, will they still be there? I have been there before and never saw them.....
Sure that's not a headless crawfish?
(R)ated for keeping your eye on a politician!
Leeandra! How could a girl with such a delicate shoulder span and collar-bone and neat little head, wear a size 9 wide; and are those tan pants you are wearing or...? Never mind.

But, as EllenPage says, in the tv classroom, "In my day,we...just had mice that size...".
Chances are the overshadowing oil scum detriment will cause them to mutate to something more miniscule. Either that or something before caused their proportions to enlarge. Do they rattle around in the occasional palm tree or just infest court-yard restaurants? And,Ps. Thanks for telling me Fay that they migrated from Texas, in time for me to avoid a rash move (not as in Move; just a motion).
9 wide? Jeez... Indiana feet I guess! Love the sneakers. Hate the roach. Wow..
Y'all that are talking about my giant duck feet: it takes a better foundation for a cathedral than a shithouse.

As to the size of the bug, yes, it's real, this one was dead (it apparently drowned in the 3 days of rain we've been having), and they've been that big since at least 2003. They're the worst in the summer, and they're everywhere.

Some of them can fly.
I used to kill those suckers, as they came up out of the bathtub drain, by throwing my husband's cowboy boots at them. This was in San Antonio so, yeah, that looks like a Texas bug.

Best to kill 'em before they fly in your face, is my motto.
Bet you $5 I can tell you where you got your shoes.
Token: "You got your shoes ON YOUR FEET"...of course...I met that fella in NOLA too. Or is there more than one?
Recently the City Council agreed to license pedicabs in New Orleans. However, unlike many cities around the world, ours will be pulled by . . . . Kafka bugs!!!!!!
we have MASSIVE waterbug roach nasties in southern il/stl mo too.. shudders, after that one got in my sisters ear i go out of my way to stomp on them every chance i get, one of these days im gonna stomp on the wrong one and its gonna take off my pinky toe!
oh and every time I talk to osmeone from new orleans at work i think about how I wanna go there, find that lil art shop you work at and be like lee lee!!
Scary--I thought it was a crawdaddy.
Nice shoes and bug. Man, that thing is huge. Maybe you can enter this one into Awkward Family Photos:)