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AUGUST 14, 2012 5:04PM

Hidey-ho and hip hooray, I am in this thang for pay.

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Attn: Faculty & Staff,

 We are now ready to begin Phase I of “Web -Time Entry” validation process. There are two sets of instructions attached to this email message . One set of instructions  is for salaried employees and the other is for hourly employees. Select the time-sheet validation instructions that pertain to you. If you have not received web-time training or need additional help since you’ve been trained, please contact your “Web-Time Entry Trainer” for assistance.  For all other issues you may be experiencing with Web-Time Entry, contact our “Web-Time Command Center”. Our Command Center hours are between 8:00a.m. -  5:00p.m.( Monday through Friday).

 Remember as of today, the ONLY action you need to take is to submit your timesheet.

 If you are experiencing any issues logging into BANNER, please contact the LOLA Support Help Desk at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX.

 You will be notified, when Phase II will begin.  During phase II, the Web-Time Entry time sheet Approvers will be documenting any changes that are needed.

 Thank You,

HR Department


It is now time to begin Phase II of the Banner web time entry validation process.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to validate the process for the employees who have not submitted their time sheets. If the college is going to utilize the web time entry process during the upcoming payroll process, we need to move forward with validating the information for those employees who have submitted their time sheets.     

Time Sheet Approvers Will Review Their Approval Queues and Request Corrections 

You are asked to participate in this second phase if you approve time sheets. During this phase you will review all of the time sheets that were routed to your approval queue.  We have provided an Excel spreadsheet for all time sheet approvers to use to document any time sheets that were incorrectly routed to their queues. They will also document any time sheets that are missing from their queues.

Approvers Will Return Time Sheets to the Employees (Please “Return Them for Correction”)  

We are asking the approvers to return the time sheets to the employees so that they will be able to accurately complete them and submit them for approval on Friday, August 17. The time sheets that they submit will be imported into the Banner payroll system. 

Caution: Please do not “Approve” the time sheets. The attached instructions will show you how to return them to the employee.   

Some Approvers May Not Be Able To “Approve or Acknowledge Time”

Time Sheet Approvers need special Banner security rights before the system will allow them to approve or acknowledge time sheets. Several approvers may encounter difficulties when they click on the button to “Approve or Acknowledge Time.”   We do not have access to view the Banner security so are not able to identify who will encounter this problem. If you were able to submit your time sheet but now are being denied access to approve time sheets, you will need to complete a Banner Access Request Form-HR.  It contains a checkbox for Self-Service Time Sheet Approver. Please complete and submit the access for to the HR Department. You may fax the form to XXX-XXX-XXXX or send them as an attachment to  Please submit the form promptly because the security clearance will need to be approved by LCTCS and it make take several days before you will be granted access.

Employees who will be serving as proxies for time sheet approvers will also need special Banner security access.  If they are unable to access banner to approve time sheets when they indicate they are serving as a proxy, they will need to complete and submit the Banner Access Request Form-HR.


Nine Month Faculty Members Have Time Sheets but Will Not Use Web Time Entry during Pay Period August 6 through August 19th

Nine month faculty members will use paper time sheets instead of web time entry to report their time during the week of August 13th through August 19th.  Special adjustments were made to the Banner system for 9 month faculty assignments during the week of August 13th through 19th.  Nine faculty will note that they have a position number with a suffix =1W. Approval queues have not been established for the positions for this one week period.  We ask the approvers not to report any problems with positions with the position suffix of 1W.   Throughout the remainder of the year, nine month faculty will be assigned to their regular primary position with a suffix = 20 or 26.   Approvers should not be alarmed if positions with suffixes 1W are routed to the wrong approver.  The HR staff is attempting to find a way to prevent time sheets for those positions from moving through the web time entry process.

Unable to Open Time Sheets or Time Sheet Unavailable

Several employees have informed us that they were unable to open their time sheets. We are working on those issues. If those issues are still unresolved when we proceed with time sheet approvals on August 17th, we will rely upon their paper time sheets to manually enter time. We remain hopeful that we will be able to rely upon the web time entry process for the majority of our employees.

Finally, we realize that our employees have been asked to perform extra work during this process. For many, the validation process has been simple. However, some employees have encountered issues that can be frustrating.  Our HR staff will continue to work with you until we resolve your issues. 

 If you have any questions, you may call our Command Center.


Faculty & Staff:

 On behalf of Xxxxx Xxxxx, Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs please adhere to the following.

 Attached you will find a LCTCS BANNER ACCESS REQUEST FORM – HR which must be completed by all approver’s and proxy’s to complete your access to Banner.  Please complete the form TODAY, and fax to XXX-XXX-XXXX or email to

 Your cooperation is appreciated.


Faculty & Staff:

Please be advised, you are only to complete the Banner Access Form - HR, if you approve time sheets and if you have assigned someone to be your proxy that person will also need to complete the form.  You are to complete the form even if you have filled out Banner Access forms previously, this is strictly for Banner HR purposes, you may have completed forms on the student side Banner, but not on the HR side of Banner.

 When completing the form all you need to fill in is the sections for "Requestor Information and Supervisor Information", will remain in the email spot.

 Should you have any questions, please do not respond to this email as it is not monitored, you must contact the HR department.

 Thank you for your cooperation.


On behalf of Xxxxxx Xxx, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs...

 To All Faculty:

 I know there has been some discussion and concern about the timing for faculty payment.  Please be informed that all 9 month faculty and all one entire academic year temporary full time faculty will receive a one- week paycheck on August 24th .  All other pay checks will be for 2 weeks on our bi-weekly schedule.   To make this work- FACULTY ONLY-  will need to sign paper time sheets for this week only and not also do web time entry.  Electronic web time entry and paper time sheets for faculty will be used starting the week of the 20th. 

You need to know that our Human Resources department worked diligently to make this happen.

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Love the tags. What the heck? Hope you actually get paid in real money and not cyber cheese.
LEEAN!! It's good to see you back. I hope this isn't a one-off.

This looks so familiar. I'm so glad I don't have to interact with a big bureaucracy on a daily basis any more.
LEEANDRA!! (brain moves ahead of fingers)
I think I need to send you a sand filled sock so you can persuade people to view things your way.
Teams of dilligent administrators need something to do....go easy on them.......
bbd always has good advice. ~r