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JANUARY 12, 2012 8:21AM

Durch Mein Fenster

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Good Morning Deer.
The early morning fog  is lifting.        A view from the screened porch.
The fog is lifting
This little one never knew I was on the other side of the window.
deer up close
They are so pretty when they don't get into my garden.  View from the kitchen window.
deer at peach trees


A pretty good balancing act.

deer standing
Geese on the water.           A view from bedroom window.
geese on water
Looking west from the piazza on a Spring day.
from the piazza
Fall colors  and blue skies.      A view from den window.
fall colors
The ominous winter sky.      A view from the back forty.
a winter sky

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Lovely photographs! We have an abundance of deer in these parts as well. So much so that authorities are trying to figure out how to curb the population growth. We also see wild turkeys.
I am so jealous what a beautiful view!
Lots of pretty. Backyard pets are the best kind. I have a few dozen squirrels and a skunk. That winter tree is kind of scary!
I am coveting your views big time. You are so lucky to have dancing deer and graceful geese. Beautiful. ~r
BB. Thank you. Maybe they should pass out condoms at deer school.

LL.. Thank you for coming by LL.. We are all on the same ball of dirt.

Greenhorn. I have some pictures of blue herons too! Maybe on another post.
That fawn should be easy enuf to catch with a little lasso. Good eatin'. Tender.
Leapin, you're going to ruin your sardonic reputation with pics like this!
Bambi! The winter tree picture is very cool.
Joanie. Those three lessons at Arthur Murray really paid off.

CM ... Think of all the money I save on ammo.

Harry. I was thinking the same thing. Is it too late to delete this post?

MM.. Thank you and thanks for coming by.
Leepin' onto the front cover!
Larry, what a lovely view from that trailer of yours. I can hear the loon calling now.
No fences? Awesome. No people? Perfect.
Lovely pictures--a playground and palette outside your window.
At first I thought you got these from google images but now I think I had a glimpse of the real you. Wow. I want more.
lovely pics, larry. i like the first and last ones best. that might say something about either liking winter or things without the sharpest edges or interesting photography. or something else - what do i know? xo
Mr Thunder. Thanks for the kiss of death.

Linda. Thank you. Are you calling my girlfriend a loon?

Belinda. and clothing is optional!

jlsathre. thank you. you should see my swing set.
Doesn't look like any trailer park I've seen.. nice.
Wow! Where do you live, the White House. Larry for Prez' in 2012~~
Maybe Camp David, now that I look at them again.
Larry for Prez' 2012~~
Zanelle. Thank you for coming by and your nice comment.

FF. Thank you Candace. You know more than me ... or is it I?
Bamy. Most people don't read the tags.

Rita. Thank you. BTW, did you notice Kim's new attire?

Scanner. Camp Larry. Thanks for the endorsement but I don't have "presidential hair". I could never win.
Yea! Yahoo! For Leapin Larry. View Beauty
I tried to comment after Blue Stocking Babe
@ 8:38AM
@ 8:41AM
A` Open Salon Feed's Feed recorded it too.
I change my thought`bout what get deleted.
Kerrry go to ER to get needled. Butt sore.
He cries if he gets the nurse to shoot Butt.
Kerry shake if nurse yank pants. view Butt.
I did a chore and soaped down with goat.
It really is a West Virginian's goat milk.
She adds lavender to goat milk soap.
Nutrition nurse recommend no eat out.
Kindergarden landscaper ask kerry to:
Go wash butt.
Brain surgeon offer Kerry $3.00 bill.
He wants to be a EP front page`butt.
But, some EP's are good picks`but?
This comment may have been`nice.
Thanks for the dear deer, gold leaf,
and Canadian ducks on a pond`quack.
I hope none fall from tree? Break butt.
Hop in bed. Suck baby pacifier. Thumb.
This is a dumb thing to write. Heehaws.
Beautiful Views. Trees. Natural Beauty.
I had piazza last night with deer pepperoni.
Wow, Larry! I never pegged you for a country gentleman -- at least not THAT kind of country. When can we all come visit?

Art. Thank you Art. I am sorry that you had to go through all that just to leave a comment. I'm honored.
Ya reckon a nice Valentine's Day card to Kerry might smooth things out?

Margaret. Did you have coupons?
Lezlie. You all are welcome anytime. Who is "we"? Are you bringing Ted?
A piazza! I need to pay more attention. I could use a little piazza time myself.

Great photos, leaping one.
Hi Larry,

I liked these.
We have lots in common in terms of views. Stop in.
Brassawe. Thank you Brass. In the words of M.C. Hammer, you can never get enough "piazza time". Stay safe on your trip.
The deer are off the hook at your place! Have you considered putting out poison?
Just sighing over these. Thank you.
AKA. Thank you. Will do.

Nana. I put signs up. The deer pay no attention.

LB. I hope that is good sighing. You're welcome. Nice to see you and Nana back on OS.
You're so lucky and I'm so envious
You live in a gorgeous setting. The fall leaves pic and the winter tree pic together are very eloquent.
Larry ... ? Is that you ?

The first picture is like a Corot.
The last one ... how do you get your trees to grow sideways like that ?
Sarah. Thank you for coming by. I can assure you, there isn't a day that I am not appreciative of the view.

Laura. Thank you. I think you are the first person to use the word "eloquent" on any of my posts. (I think Harry was right)

KG. Like a Carot... I will take your word on that. Growing trees sideways? That's easy. Just plant 'em on the side slope of the holler and wait 60 years.
That's the life, my good friend; what's for dinner? Lovely pics. R
Makes me wish I lived in the country again.
So pretty. When I lived in Somers NY (Westchester County) I had views like yours, and deer coming round and it was so wonderful to watch. (Except for the deer ticks.) Life always has deer ticks.
Thoth. Thanks Thoth. Maybe some hot soup made with vegetables from the garden. The temperature has plummeted today.

RazDaz. Maybe someday you will move back.

Lea. Thank you for coming by. Yes, the deer ticks can be a nuisance. I make my own repellent .
Great job! My favorite photos are the one of the deer on its hind legs and the last one. Sprichts du Deutsch?
No coupons, but I had the doe and there was enough left over to tip the deerivery guy. He threw in some stale garlic bread after I fawned over his promptness.
Nice. I have less deer, but make up for it in plenty of other wild animals. I think living outside the city environs just makes like a better thing to breathe in and taste in the morning.

The coffee tastes better with scampering deer, squirrels, the occasional raccoon and the chirp of a plethora of birds.

DH. Janie, thank you for coming by. My pleasure. Have you officially changed your name?

Erica...Thank you. Nein. BTW. Are you named after Erica Kane?

Margaret. Shame on you with no coupons. I will mail you some. For a second, I thought you were going to break out in song from the Sound of Music.
(I think I am the only person in the Western Hemisphere that has never had food delivery.)

DunniteOwl. I agree with you completely. It is like having your own private zoo without the cages. Thanks for dropping by.
Nice shots.

Nice yard.

Lots of deer around here - I have a large area around the house fenced with 8-10 foot page-wire. (Actually, original intent was to keep fishers out, or at least discourage them, and cats in.)
Sheila. Thank you and thanks coming by.

Myriad. Thank you twice.. I had to look up Fishers. We don't have them down here. I guess they are in the weasel family.
Plus, you have the handsome squirrels up there.
not so handsome when they got no heads...
This is so deer and the lush colors. That last image is just haunting.
Myriad. I agree. No head is a bummer.

Algis. Thank you and thanks for coming by. The last picture was taken with my cell phone.
I guess the lack of light, produced a black and white photo. All I did was crop it to fit into the post.
Larry, ah so. No, I'm not named after Erica Kane, ha ha.
אין דיין גראָבע קישקע און אויס דיין מויל
Arthur Louis's comment, translated from yiddish to English:
"In your rectum and out your mouth"

Arthur, I don't know who you are...but your comment speaks volumes of what your are.
Well, if I need to explain myself, you have posted nasty comments on my own blog. So maybe you do know who I am.

But what bothers me most are your anti-Semitic posts and comments, which contaminate a fair portion of the OS site. I thought it might be appropriate to counterbalance your German title with a riposte in the language of the helpless people that the Germans nearly exterminated.

האָבן אַ פייַן טאָג
These are lovely, Larry. We used to live in Tiverton, RI years ago and were surrounded by deer. They were fearless and one day a buck came right up on our front deck! They are really such beautiful animals. Thanks for these views. r
Mein gott! Arthur Louis really is nutso. I thought he'd just been joking.
Hi, Kim,

Niemand braucht deine verdammte Kommentare
Mine, Arthur, or yours ?
Seriously, I'd re-assess the situation. This is a bucolic post about views from windows & you ... spew here ?
I really did think you were joking, but that was before. You played your hand, you lost, & with any luck no-one will read you again.
Thank you Mary Ann and thanks for coming by. I've been to Tiverton. (many years ago)
It is by the water if I remember correctly.
All I can think of to write is "But, dear...."
I can't get what Art wrote out of my head!
"...I do declare..."
Awww. I know I wouldn't think they were so cute if they were eating my greens -- but, outside that, they are adorable. We only get squirrels, squirrely possums and perhaps-rabid foxes in our neighborhood. The deer and wild turkeys are ten miles north, which seems so far away.

It's been a warm winter down here and the squirrels have exploded. They've ACTUALLY knocked on my front door for nuts. I've been guilty of putting stale pecans out for them. I hate to think what will happen if they ever get wind of the 10 lbs of pecans I have in my freezer, and the 2nd amendement.
Cool pictures, and no views of human neighbors. Nice.

Wanted to let you know I sent a PM, as my messages seem to end up in SPAM.
I'm glad I followed the breadcrumbs.

the last one is a pip.

whenever I go into the woods, I do that. look up.
and they look down. never fails.
I'm betting your yard is bigger than my yard. All I get are raccoons, maybe the odd possum. They're all odd, actually. I like your deer better.
Leepin,Good evening,Deer..What an excellent work you have here..So bad that Wikiρedia..not to have images of your town..But I saw yours and its beauty i had never seen..Since the movie "Stand by Me"-it was the first time that I saw deer and this was in the movies-its the second time in my life seeing deers..And it is here in your work..And I thank you for sharing such a beauty...and for your comment..Best regards..and wishes for a beautiful new month,Leepin.
Excellent pics, I particularly like the last one.