SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 11:16AM

Them Terrorist-fightin' Truckers

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Signs such at this are becoming pretty common on the highways.


It’s getting so you can’t drive ten miles without seeing one of these on the back of a commercial truck.  Sometimes they have “My USA” above “Support Our Troops” or other slight wording changes. 

So what’s up with this?  Are al-Qaeda operatives stopping commercial truckers and asking them for aid and comfort?  Who, I say who, is giving aid or comfort to “the enemy”?  Who is “the enemy”?    And what, pray tell, does it mean to “Support Our Troops”?  And what’s up with “Wherever We Go”?  Well, “we” didn’t go anywhere.   That truck driver and I are still here.  Isn’t it nice to know that they’re really really sure about not providing aid or comfort to the enemy by adding that “No Way!” at the end?

Whenever I see these on the freeway now, I can just imagine a couple of terrorists driving along the same route….

“Hey, Akmed, we’ve been driving for a while.  Let’s get some ‘aid and comfort’.”

“Good idea, Muhammed.  There’s a truck up ahead, maybe he’ll help us.”

“We’re almost up to him now- what’s that thing on the back say?”

“Support Our Troops Wherever We Go…………. No Aid or Comfort To The Enemy….”

“Curse those clever Americans!   I was counting on some aid and comfort from that trucker!  Are you sure he won’t give us any?”

“’Fraid so, it says ‘No Way’.”

“Damn!  Our jihadist plan is ruined!  Ruined, I say!  We might as well report to our cell that our cause is doomed.  Let us leave the United States at once before we fall victim to their sinful ways!  Just knowing they have strong leaders like Michele Bachmann is going to make me give up terrorism and join a bowling league instead.”

“Right you are, Muhammed.  I wasn’t aware of how strong the American resolve is.  They’ve had to endure tax cuts and have even put magnetic ribbons on the backs of their cars proclaiming their support for their troops.  What chance have we against a people that would go that far?”

“None at all, Akmed.  By the way, what’s your bowling handicap?”


So there you have it.  American truckers, fighting terrorism, one Kia load at a time.

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The utility of such signs has always escaped me--but I guess Muhammed andAkmed just demonstrated how effective they can be.