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JUNE 28, 2012 2:45PM

The Gay Agenda: Rainbow Foods

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Oreo “came out” this week in a very public way in support of gay rights. Of course, the company may have been supportive for years and just chose to keep it quiet. But when they posted the rainbow cookie, an uproar ensued.

Homophobes everywhere declared their disappointment with the company’s stance for equality. How dare they support those disgusting queers?! They promised to boycott Oreos and Nabisco. The hateful and ignorant comments I saw made me angry, sad, and a little sick. I’m amazed that a little rainbow, and what it has come to represent to many, can cause so many people to become hateful bigots. Have they even stopped to think about ALL the other rainbow products they have consumed in their lifetime?


Gay since 1982


Fruit Loops

Gay since 1963


Fruity Pebbles

Gay since 1971



Gay since 1959


Lucky Charms

Gay since 1964


Yes, homophobes of the world. All these companies have been supporting gay rights for as long as they’ve been around. Isn’t it evident by their products? They have secretly been working to turn everyone gay by making tasty, rainbow foods for decades. Does it all make sense now? Those homoerotic yearnings you’ve had at different times during your life? The rainbow foods at work. This is all just part of the gay agenda that so many of you talk about. Think about that the next time you bite into a PopTart that has rainbow sprinkles on it.

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just sayin....all that stuff is bad for you. but you are hot!
Hahahaha. I'm laughing at your tag! What a delightful take on this latest display of inequality from the Morons of America. I hear they have organized. :D

OMG, you cereal makes you gay? Good thing the Christian Right doesn't make any financial gain from growing the wheat, corn, milk or sugar that goes into making those flamelicious foods.

Okay, horrible joke now :)

Did you hear about the new cereal Queerios? You pour milk on them and they eat themselves.
Am I wrong for thinking "My god that looks like a damn good cookie?" before even considering the political or social implications? Then...after...I'm still just thinking...I want to eat that.
Oreo could make them all represent Viet Cong 'freedom' fighters and I'd still eat them.
Being upset about the 'gay agenda' is like worrying about the 'dog food conspiracy'

That leperchaun is definitly gay though.
Preach it girl...
rated with ♥
SOme biPeds will put just about anything in their mouths.
No spitting now................
Isn't it ironic- considering how fanatically anti gay South Carolina is- that there's the Rainbow Market Shopping Center there?
I wonder if they sell the evil gay snack foods like Skittles and Starburst?
And why has no one done something about this double dose of gay danger to the children... LOL
Oh dear, I've had a craving for Oreos for days and now my conscience is telling me I need to support Nabisco. Oreos make people smile, so do rainbows and people who support love.