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APRIL 12, 2012 2:37PM

Steps to the Met

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Street vendor wins exclusive right to sell hot dogs near the steps of the Metropolitan Museum by paying Parks Department annual $643,000 . –news item

From Park Slope to the Met Museum
The hot dog’s on a jag,
Advancing from a nickel treat
To masterpiece price tag.

The treat was invented by Charles Feltman,
An enterprising hand,
Who wed the sausage to the roll
At his Coney Island stand.

The frank went on to bring him wealth
And a mansion in the Slope
And now may do the very same
For a vendor full of hope.

He’s Pasang Sherpa, an immigrant
Who works two carts with sweat–
Yet who’ll be shocked when he becomes
A patron of the Met?

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Let's go see him, I could use a hot dog!