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OCTOBER 2, 2010 12:05PM

Sometimes It's Best to Give It a Rest...

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I just want to let you all know that I am becoming mentally unhinged in a world that makes no sense and is insane. Why?

Today is a beautiful fall New England day and I am going into that day! Air, breath, even if the going is just to do stuff around my broke down farm. I have been working at real estate for over a year and not made a dime. When I say working that means long hours, my time, money, gas and all entailed to sell real estate. I finally have two contracts and am praying that both these houses close so  that over a year's worth of work earns more than nothing.

I know I am not alone. I would have been better off laid off from a payroll job and collecting unemployment. How sad is that? Especially since I have been there and laid off too and I know that is no place anyone wants to be either. My heart goes out to those who are there and trying to find employment.

I have been working as a slave for over a year and some of my masters, the would be buyers and sellers have been abusive to their slaves. I don't enjoy having other people's frustrations taken out on me. Life can be very difficult and challenging and in these economic times, we should be supporting each other morally and cheering each other in every attempt to get up and stay up.

I have witnessed and wasted time in "much ado about nothing" in transactions and interactions personally and professionally. I have no time, energy or money to waste. I am going into total "take me or leave me" mode and if neccessary take my leave.

We all have limitless directions to choose from and a vast number of people to choose to interact with and how we act and conduct ourselves is totally up to the individual. I can't control you and you can't control me. Frankly, I have enough trouble controlling myself and that is enough of a full time job. Why would I want to take on anyone else?

In my old age, I have learned that sometimes, letting go of the tug-of-war rope and walking away is the best way to go. Sometimes, I need to even give me a rest. So few things really matter in the larger scheme of life, sometimes it's best to give it a rest, go outside and look up at the limitless blue sky...


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I second the arrrrrrrrrghhhhh!! And see the RUN OUTSIDE AND PLAY IN THE STREET.....Stupid life!! ~kicks it, hisses~

:D Life gotta get better right?
ha ha, Tink, yeah I'll run out in the street and get run over by a logging truck...I'm hoping life gets better for you and me both real soon!
i hear you.

deep breath. it will all be okay. promise.
i even came back to rate.
Sage advice well written.
find a leaf pile and jump in!
It's interesting how these markets have changed the attitude of the buyer, the seller of whatever product is there. If you don't take care of the customer, you are out, but if customers fail to support a business, it is also out. The worst people right now are those that are waving their wallets saying "I still have a little money to spend, you need to beg for it". Ugh.
Keep the faith. It must be so beautiful up there now. ~r
hard times hangin' round too many people's doors these days
Good to see you Mary, I always hope you are doing well, sorry life has been so damn tough. Let's hope it's cyclic and this will turn around.
Hang in and drop in when you can...
Good for you.

It's friggin' beautiful today in the northeast corridor, isn't it?

Time to go outside!

I detect man issues here amongst the struggles Mary.

That is absolutely awful though, working a year without a sale. You know but I'll say anyway... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! We are all screwed in so many ways. Hang in there sweetie.
Much love from KansOZ
Hey all - what a beautiful day touched by your kindness! Thank you for remembering me wise wschanz, my tinky tink, artistic foolish monkey, Scylla of the iron faith, my faithful Brian, right on Oryoki!, Joan of Strength, Roy of rich life, Rita of unique perspectives, CrazeCzar and fellow crazy northeasterner, Trig who should be detecting NO man (like I need more problems -ha,ha - love back from Pine Tree Land) and Jane who obviously gazes at the limitless blue sky too. Love and thank you to you all for the boost and cheers!
Wise words you write. It is beautiful here too today. Let's enjoy the things that really matter. Fingers crossed on those contracts.
With all the houses being repossessed and the value down, people think they can make you jump through hoops and get it for nothing. I don't know how you do it.
Once again, I want to thank everyone for all the cheers! and reading my lament. Another beautiful day in New England and I am showing lake homes from Oxford to Windham and from Thompson Lake to Little Sebago (the lake of my heart where I spent summers with my grandmom) keep your fingers crossed. Second time out with these folks and hoping they will buy a lake home. We shall see but I am going to enjoy this beautiful fall day in the Sebago Lakes Region and I hope you enjoy your day with much love!
My fingers are crossed for you and morning prayers say that after all your hard work and devotion, may this be the first of a number of returns. You're in y thoughts, Mary, enjoy the beautiful day and come back - with good news. ~R
Sounds like you do need to get away. Life can be so tough, but there are those blue sky moments, too.
For the last few months I have come back occasionally as a reader. I finally got around to your post, and I'm glad. Yes, we definitely need a break sometimes, and I hope yours has been refreshing. If you feel like it, I would be interested in an update. I hope the houses closed (we sold ours in June and were lucky enough to have it go quickly - our agent was great).

Oh, I should add that today was a gorgeous day to be out with our grandson.