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DECEMBER 21, 2011 6:50PM

Seven things I'm surprised I don't like - Beth's Open Call

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1. Brussels sprouts

brussels sprouts 

I am a vegetable fanatic. I love broccoli and cabbage, kohlrabi and asparagus, cauliflower and beets. But I do not like Brussels sprouts. I suppose I ate them canned as a child and haven't yet recovered, but I ate zucchini canned with tomatoes and made the transition to fresh without any problem at all. Perhaps I need to add them to the remaining list of food items I have rejected but need to try again now that I'm sort of grown up. I still have pears and French toast on that list as well. The pears I don't care for are the ones that are canned, and I haven't yet given fresh ones the old college try. I found a yummy-looking recipe for French toast but haven't prepared it yet. Soon.

 2. Rap music


I love music of all kinds. I listen to classical and jazz, rock and pop, rhythm & blues, blues, reggae and punk, and I've even made a foray into country music. But I find rap music to be utterly inaccessible. I do like and have listened to Eminem, but the genre has yet to carry me away as other genres do. I'll add here that disco music also leaves me cold. I like some depth and complexity to what I'm hearing.

3. Bill Maher

bill maher 

I'm a pretty liberal person. I'm registered with the Peace & Freedom party but have been a Democrat for the vast majority of my adult life. I like political comedy such as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart provide, but I do not like Bill Maher, and the primary reason is that he is so condescending and smarmy about his "rightness" that it really irks me.

4. Makeup


Makeup became important to me when I was twelve or so. My mother was one of the stricter ones around and did not let me wear it until high school. I won't tell you what lengths I went to in order to obtain it, but suffice it to say I believed makeup to be a critical component in my life, and to get it I crossed certain boundaries I'm embarrassed to admit.

When I was 25, I decided to stop wearing it because I decided women were plenty beautiful without it. It was hard to get accustomed to my face as it appears now, but I'm completely uncomfortable wearing any facial adornment at all. We wear colorful dirt on our faces to please people? Then I read an article about how makeup affects others' perceptions of women and their efficiency and effectiveness, so I bought some to wear at job interviews. What a clown! It's ridiculous.

5.  Hot weather


I was raised and still live in a city that measures temperature in the 100s for a quarter of the year. As a child I loved swimming and diving, and I often played tennis in the boiling heat. Now I can hardly tolerate a walk to the corner market when the mercury rises. Give me cold and wet over hot and humid any day. Even thick fog is preferable. I've never lived in a snowy region, so I don't know how I'd fare in that kind of climate.

6. Marijuana


Let me state right up front that I have smoked more than my share of the stuff, starting in junior high school and stretching right on through high school, and I think I enjoyed it then. I still love the look of plant, and I love the smell of it when others smoke it. I just don't like how I feel when I've used some. Of all the drugs on the planet I'd trust myself to use in moderation, I have to dislike this one. I still support legalization, even if it's not for me.

7. Guns


I cannot be trusted with one, and I have difficulty trusting others with one for the same reasons I don't trust myself: my emotions can be quick and hot, and I'm also terribly clumsy.

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I'm surprised that I'm liking rap since I became an angry old woman.
Love brussel sprouts. Probably wise not to like guns with your temper and clumsiness :)

Fun list.
Love your list, and I tend to agree minus the makeup! LOL!
Love your list, and I tend to agree minus the makeup! LOL!
Fernsy -
Who are your favorite rap artists? I'd love some recommendations.

Michelle -
Makeup use is an odd practice, like warpaint. What is the message people try to advance by its use?
That means more brussels sprouts and makeup for me! I have a theater background so makeup is more fun/transformative than oppressive, but I can see how it might be that for others. I'm with you on the rap, guns and hot weather.