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March 02
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FEBRUARY 25, 2009 12:42PM

Positive vs. Negative Energy

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Did you know that there is science that proves the power of positive thinking. Medical science has proven, for example, that men who had a more positive outlook in reference to possible heart disease had a three times lower incidence of death from heart disease and stroke than those with a negative outlook. Another study looked at the impact of optimism and its influence on survival rates of cancer and proved that those who were more optimistic had a better rate of survival. In business, optimism and positive thinking are defining characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Defining characteristics.

There are two camps of clients we are working with right now - all are worried about the economy and have challenges - but the first, is bogged down with negative energy, and the second is rallying with positive energy. I can tell you today that those with the positive energy will be far more likely to succeed and survive these tough times. Here is why. It is not some misplaced optimism or metaphysical result of the thinking. It is what is happening because of their optimism and this positive energy. How it focuses them on solutions, rather than problems. I see leaders rising who are exploring how to take advantage of this time to refocus, become more efficient, work harder at defining how they will compete differently than their competitors for customers. How they will take advantage of GREAT deals right now and so on. They believe, as I do, that this market will turn. The question is only when and how will we be positioned. Those who can create positive energy today will create momentum on which to build. This does not mean that it won’t be hard. We still have to deal with debt, declining sales and lots of bad news. But, there are ways to deal with the news. And there is opportunity to harness what is happening today and really make something good come from it.

So, as you consider your strategy - get ready to talk to your team - explore your next more - consider the science behind the power of positive thinking.

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