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OCTOBER 11, 2010 10:03PM

Why did we bomb the Moon?

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The moon has been on my mind since last October when Nasa bombed it. 10-09-09 What madness possessed them? What madmen do this to the moon? What are they bombing?


I have complained about it in posts before, I remember the fury I felt when it happened. I felt wounded and knocked off course, it has taken me a long time to right myself. We did more than violate world laws governing space, we violated the Heavens. It is our moon, set in the sky to reflect the light back at night. It pulls on our tides, it must touch our earth’s very core.


I went looking for notes today frrm old gifts received. Things that I’ve touched, seen and written notes about. Nasa is supposedly looking for water when they bombed the moon. We have put men on the moon. What are they doing up there? What are we up to? What have those astronauts seen? I needed to see what was written, it is very little indeed.


From Clark C. McClelland, Former ScO Ground Test Astronaut a piece of 24 karat gold mylar from the Apollo 15 landing on the moon 08-07-71 given to him by Astronaut James Irwin. The photo of James Irwin on the moon in front of Apollo 15, there were some type of crosses or grid markers on the photo. I don’t know what they mean. The Certificate of Authenticity signed by Clark McClelland was dated 07-04-2000. With a note adding it was a gift because he was a fan of Tutankhamen.


I’m reviewing the notes, remembering touching precious things. Mylar that went to the moon. Apollo (God of the Sun, God of Light) was sent to the Moon.


Scientists are being duped, used by madmen and now they have bombed the moon we put our Flag on. Are we going to do it again?


I don’t know anything about lunar landings or what the little skinny cross like lines on the photo meant. Maybe they are map markers or grid lines, I don’t know if there is longitude/latitude on the moon too. We have done something we should not be doing, we have done something monstrous.


The numbers 08-07 in this image really strike me, they are important numbers in my own life. Also the 9 appears twice but I think it is the 8 & 7 I should be looking at in this image of the Moon, I could be wrong. I wish I understood geometry, or whatever it is that’s used to study angles. Something evil is being done, I can sense it.


Wanderings from my mind as I seek to understand these things. Today was very fast. I will have to sort this as I can.


Now I have to understand the Icon of St George slaying the dragon. More notes, more things to find. It is very strange, his breast plate had a cross exactly like the Knights Templar. He had St. Demetrius behind him on a white horse, in that association they were supposed to be the earthly manifestations of the Archangel Michael and Gabriel. It was painted in 1894. I have noted the writing but don’t know the language or languages.


I talked to my father to ask if he had a papyrus scroll of  “The Book of The Dead.” He gave it away, we do give things away a lot so that's where I get it from. There is a beautiful one in the Denver Art Museum, it was a gift from my Grandfather to the museum, they did not have the funds and he wanted them to have a beautiful one. There is always money to share things of knowledge and beauty with the world. My grandfather was known to do such things, he simply charged exorbitant prices to people who wouldn’t appreciate beauty but simply liked to show off important things. I think he didn’t like trophy hunters either, Yep, that’s where I get it from.




It is important when we see things that contain wisdom to make note of them. I have been very blessed to touch so many things and have the opportunity to keep notes. I don’t always understand why. Wisdom can be very costly to earn on your own. Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. I make notes about that too.


That reminds me, a fireman who managed to truly piss me off last Thanksgiving sent me an email 09-29, does anyone know anything about “Colt 45” guns? I also ran into another fireman I know this weekend, he is a good guy. Then there are fires creating scandals in the news. I’m just looking for your “gut” feelings, especially about Colt 45. Yes, 4+5=9, but I think either it's about that gun, or something I can't see yet. The whole firefighter thing was a series of three strange events in one day a few years ago, more notes to look at.


As always, I am happy to see any comments especially about anyone else’s feelings about bombing the moon. It wasn’t long after that we began to have huge earthquakes, tsunamis and whatever the hell that volcano was with the name I can’t pronounce blowing fire into the sky. I’m really not over us bombing planets, it really pisses me off.



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Idiots! Since day one when bombs were invented people have been looking for shit to blow up. We have absolutely no right messing around with the moon, from a moral perspective. Also, you might be onto something with your theory a possible connection with disturbances on earth. I'm right there with you on this one.
I actually enjoyed floating on the stream of your consciousness...I've wondered what a drawing might look like powered by the wind of one's thoughts alone...randomly musing. Thanks for this piece, Bleue...and yes...count me against bombing anything...aside from storage places that house bombs. xo r
Think what we'd do if we thought there was oil up there.
I'm against the bombing of anything so precious. We don't even understand all the moon can offer, and here we are ready to destroy its orbit-- even a little bit could cause havoc here on earth. Gad!
it feels all wrong to me as well. Why not put the same money used into finding ways to save earth and its waters?????

Up with a minor tummy ailment....
You see I am one of those Capricorn One people that do not believ we landed on the moon.
Had we really done it there would have been condos up there now..:)
'Rated with hugs
A couple of updates on the reality side... first, we didn't really bomb the moon. That was an unfortunate piece of journalistic hyperbole. What did happen was that a small scientific satellite was steered into crashing into the moon surface. It was hoped that the impact would throw up debris from under the surface that would establish whether or not there was water present. The experiment showed that water IS present. The impact of the satellite was a fraction of the total impact of meteorites on the moon in a single day. In other words, it was negligible, virtually undetectable only a few kilometers away.

The crosses on the moon photos are from the glass plate in the camera which the film pressed against so it would be extremely flat. It's called a Reseau plate, and the crosses allow extremely accurate correction for distortions in a film image. They are used a lot in scientific photography because they allow measurements to be made. No other meaning should be inferred.

"Colt 45" refers to Old West six-shooters, like you'd see in an old John Wayne movie.

Hugs, David
I well remember that. It was despicable. The moon is the Grandmother in my indigenous peoples.
Not humanity's best moment.
Nice thoughts and images.
Not literally bombed it...but I suppose rhetorically speaking?
We can't help it, l'Heure Bleue. It's genetic. We just like blowing things up. Especially men. We inherited the trait from our Father, God, who started it all with a Big Bang. But in our defense, we didn't really bomb the moon. We just rammed it, and we weren't the first to do that even. The Russians did it back in the the 60's. As to why we did it, they were looking for signs of water in the debris thrown up by the impact, which was supposed to throw up something like 200 tons of the stuff. The debris was then observed with various scientific equipment monitering it for any signs of water, probably using spectrographs and such.
bluestocking babe, good for you it is absolutely another moral issue. Something happened and I’m very worried about it. I felt the Haiti earthquake two months in advance, I just didn’t know where. You hear the same wisdom I do, thank you.

Persistent Muse, I have it in the blood too. It comes like this almost like hurricanes with information I have stored. I like the idea of bombing the bombs, can I choose the location? haha, thanks for the kiss and hug, being tired I need them.

Sheba, I hadn’t even thought of that. I wonder what minerals are up there? Whatever they are up to, it’s sure to be no good. hmmm…

The LCROSS booster hit the moon at 5,600 miles per hour! It made a 5 mile wide hole, after it happened they said it was kind of a dud, just spewing up rock and stuff. Yeah, right. And they didn’t give STD’s to Guatemalans. They aren’t going to waste money saving peons, we breed well in captivity. It was just a blurp in the news last year, just so they weren’t trying to “cover everything up.” Pass the popcorn, something interesting is on TV. You and I are of the same mind, human.

Linda, if they can make it habitable they will. I saw a red banner today saying “Mortage rates are at an all time low. We can help you!” The astronaut who gave the gift was a friend, they were there. I wonder who spreads the stories that it is a myth and why? hmm…

David, I’m not sure whether to be suspicious of you or worried about you. We used a 2 ton kinetic weapon, empty rocket or not, we blew a five mile wide hole into a 60 mile wide crater and sent in a pooper scooper to gather up stuff to look for water. I have been to the big city and I have seen the elephant. This wasn’t some random rock floating around. Are you working for someone new that you haven’t mentioned? Thank you for the info on the Reseau plate, I was fascinated, I need to get my hands on that photo again, I hate going to the bank!

o’stephanie, it was a crime against nature as all unnatural acts are. I love the moon, she tugs at our very oceans. Humanity certainly has a lot to be ashamed of lately. Hugs to you.

JD, thank you just seeing you is a bit of warmth. No, literally the rocket didn’t need to be armed. The people in charge are never to be trusted, this one is one I can’t seem to shake. There is something here we aren’t seeing. Rhetoric, there’s a word I will note. Thank you.

Henry, I’m not going to start blaming all men because of madmen. I’m only going to blame them all for the toilet seat and not wiping their danged feet! The Russians? Aha, and look at what Russia was like, now we are in bed with them and everyone else. All our leaders are nothing but a bunch of bed-hopping whores. I think Sheba may be onto something. They are digging a hole or looking for something. The Russians, the Icon is Russian I think, I can’t read what’s written on it. Now I have to see what a spectrograph is. Thank you.

No money to feed people or medicine for children and we are looking for water on the moon. Yeah and the army really spent $500 bucks for hammers. These people are up to no good and we know it. I married two cheaters, I can smell a lie when there’s a stink. My nose has been tingling again, something is up.
Does anyone know about this I found on Wikipedia:
Acoustic spectroscopy involves the frequency of sound.

A spectrogram is a a time-varying spectral representation[1] (forming an image) that shows how the spectral density of a signal varies with time. In the field of Time-Frequency Signal Processing, it is one of the most popular quadratic Time-Frequency Distribution that represents a signal in a joint time-frequency domain[2] and that has the property of being positive.

The most common format is a graph with two geometric dimensions: the horizontal axis represents time, the vertical axis is frequency

This is how they caused a shift in time I can't remember when that news came out. Damn it they are going to do what can't be undone. There were notes that this is used in seismology. Damn them to Hell. Once again, no one of us is as smart as all of us. Thanks for the input, perhaps someone will notice when we accidentally wipe out a major city with a backlash.

By the way, this was planned for a long time I think since the mid 90's, by the Dept of Defense, Of Course. We are going to accidentally annihilate ourselves with those dimwits doing the planning. The inmates are running the asylum and I think they're drunk.
If NASA say's they were looking for water then by all means they must have been looking for water.
"we blew a five mile wide hole into a 60 mile wide crater and sent in a pooper scooper to gather up stuff to look for water" - No, it was nothing like that. The impact crater was about 20 meters wide. Natural objects this size hit the moon about 3 times a month.

And the analysis of water being present was made from spectroscopic observation of the "ejecta," the plume of dust and vapor that was thrown upward by the crash.
Hey Dave maybe they were just trying to blow up that rock with the C on it
Whatever its poetic and mythic significance the Moon is a dead airless rock. I am much more upset over Hiroshima and Nagasaki where hundreds of thousands of innocent people were massacred for the ego of a vicious leader.
NASA has become yet another puppet. I still struggle with poetry but sound puts an imprint on the brain. I remembered the lines from this song just now, I think I have horses on the brain from Concealed Colt.
Riders on the storm
Into this house we’re born
Into this world we’re thrown

David, thank you for clarifying, I hear you perfectly.

Jack, I dunno, I think X marks the spot. Thank you.

Jan, I really do hear you on that. Ego is a dangerous thing, I battle my own every day. Ego and blindness are troublesome but combined with viciousness more than a few hundred thousand people could easily be massacred.

That dead rock is too close for comfort, I don’t know a lot about science but I do remember recent history. I dislike repeating horrific experiences. Wall Street’s little repeat escapades are enough to make me take notice. I have no idea why I was the only one who was prepared for this little recession. Perhaps because I don't trust the experts.
Well I don't like bombing anything, so I was less than pleased about this myself as well.

You said it, they were looking for water.

My guess (say "theory" since we are talking about space travel and the cosmos!) is that NASA was being really cheap and blasting dust up off the surface was just a cheaper option than landing a little robo thing to do the same task.

I don't think they ever formally admitted that was their reason for doing that, but that is what I think happened.

And then there is always this:

Progressive Liberal, you are cracking me up big time, I think my brain is still jarred from whatever that sound was. I was worried about NASA working on the devious little weapons the DoD is always busy making and now I'm terrified they may be aiming that at us. Just listening makes me feel like I need medication.

That is far worse than the Extra Low Frequencies and even Ultra Low Frequencies that are proven to cause depression, schizophrenia, vertigo and nausea. Yegads, they could be shooting that noise at us as we speak. Our suicide rate will be higher than Medford in the 70's! I must comply immediately... they were looking for water... they were looking for water... they were looking for water... they were looking for water... rockets are our friends the government is here to help, rockets are our friends the government is here to help. Don't be afraid the recession is over, I saw it on the TV, everything is perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect...

Dorothy WAKE UP! Oh auntie Em, I was having a bad dream and they were playing a strange song, I'm so glad I'm back safe in Kansas again.
Progressive, I am an idiot. I enjoyed the comment and you playing along and totally missed the name of the video. I was enraged over reading a post by someone named Ezili Danto about the charitable funds still not being released to Haiti and I totally missed it. Voodoo Glow Skulls playing "Shoot The Moon", thank you. Once again arrogance combined with stupidity is deadly.

I wonder what other stupid things they are busy trying out up there. I suppose we'll just have to wait 50 years for someone to make a nice formal apology. I hope they don't get the people from BP or Toyota to do it. I don't like the way those guys say they're sorry they are stupid.
So glad that you posted on this.
Leaving footprints and landing modules is a far cry from crashing into the surface intentionally.
I agree with HenryR that we (read men) like setting off explosions.
The moon has significant spiritual significance so intentions count. Every morning, I pray to Tsagaglalal (she who watches) that men will realize that women need to chiefs once again.
o'stephanie I am so freaked out, I am trying to understand what I see and the new symbols appearing. I was in the library and in error picked up a book called "The Oracle" by William Broad, chapter 5 is titled "X Marks the Spot." Crap! It's something about fault lines and ethylene gases leaking at Delphi. I don't want to read this stuff, I wish I could wave my hand over it and understand.

You are right, the men need to get out of the way. They are not always very bright as they walk around with their eyes squinched shut.

Scientists cannot tell the truth or they be blackballed and will never get another job. Maybe worse. The astronauts have no idea what those gadgets all do. Something fishy is going on if our government leaders are involved. They would eat their own children.