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JULY 15, 2011 1:34AM

Feet and toes, hot or not? (with photos)

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More odd thoughts from the bubble girl today. It's not that I don't hear about things, it's just that while I'm staring in fascination at a beetle on it's back, other things blow right through my head.


I started thinking about toes, feet and fetishes. I have no interest in feet or toes, except mine of course. Mainly because I’m able to flip people off well with either foot, a feat I perfected in my teens after learning to pick up everything I threw down.


I’m curious about things I don’t know anything about, especially about people. For example I’m from the Bay Area, if you’re gay, or a dress funky, I don’t find it fascinating because both are normal there. If you’re from Pago Pago or some weird religious sect, I need to know more. 


Last week I posted a picture of my oddly long (and dexterous) toes with many other pictures, many of trees. The trees got 4 comments, the single toes/painting photo got 5 comments! Oh! Who knew toes were interesting? And one person said they had a foot fetish! Oh!


Aside from my eldest who took me to urgent care once and remarked "Your toes are even more freakish in an x-ray!" no one has ever expressed any interest in my toes, or any other toes that I know of. Are men stealing lascivious glances at our toes while we gals innocently swing our legs? You know what? I don’t know anything about it and I got curious. I still have 1 of my 9 lives left so off to the internet...


I figured it was a visual interest so I went to flickr.com to find out if there were toe pictures. Oh boy - oh joy! Talk about toe and foot pictures, there were categories and subcategories and formal groups complete with discussion. No I did not, you're on your own there.

Under Foot Fetish a few you'll find are:

Beautiful Feet

Devastatingly hot feet, toes (and legs) hm… legs are an afterthought?

Suggestive Feet

Sexy Feet and shoes


womens sexy feet

My Wife's Feet

Adore your wife's feet

BEAUTIFUL FEMALE FEET (we love and need)

God I love womens feet!

As you can see, they aren't picky about punctuation or capitalization so you can let loose and enjoy feet, toes (and legs).


I can’t tell you what the difference was, as the same feet were in multiple categories. I can’t even tell you what makes a foot hot or sexy. I tried a lot of different search terms and I didn’t find any mens feet when I searched men’s toes or men’s foot fetish. Just more women's feet. I guess women don't get warm and sparkly over men's feet. I found one picture and they were very hairy with a nice sparkle coat french manicure: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11503800@N03/1140836458/ Sorry, all they gave was the link. There's a lesson, never go to sleep with your wife pissed, she'll paint your nails and hide all the polish remover. (Don't ask how I know this.) Explain that to your buddies.


I can tell you there were some fun comments. There’s a lot of trying to inspire jealousy like “don’t you wish you could suck my girlfriends pretty pink toes?” That leads me to believe there are people out there thinking “ohhhhh, I wish I could suck those pretty pink toes!” Polish color seems important but I could be wrong.


I'll warn you if you can’t tell what’s going on in the little thumbnail when the woman has her knees pulled up, don’t click on it unless you really want to know. Also, don’t search just the word fetish. Okay? You live and learn. A lot. (oops, we just lost a few of the guys...)


So are toes and feet hot? And what exactly makes them hot? Some feet had a title/request and comments or just comments. Some inspired nothing. So can anyone tell me what's hot and why?


they look so tasty love the second one from the big toe

spring 2011 088


long toenails. lovely     the nail is suspiciously yellowed, is that okay?

long toenails


these are so fucking hot. wow.  why, because one is escaping or the nude polish?

wedgee (8)


 PRETTY ASS TOES & very suckable



Please leave comment on her pretty blue toes: che belli complimenti

whew! she's wearing jeans, there's enough action with the toes getting busy

Blue Toes & Jeans_4077


Anyone like to kiss and lick and suck these pretty toes? ohhhhhh i would love to do it right now.  All ya gotta do is ask and someone answers!

Dashboard Toes_9184


Bonjour, je suis l'administrateur du groupe Sexy toe rings, et nous aimerions beaucoup que vous ajoutiez ceci à notre groupe !

Here’s one where they’re inviting the toes (with toe rings) to be in a group, the invitation is very elegant in French.




do you like my toenails black and blue?   1. looks so tasty.... truly sexy.... 2. beautiful... 3. Yes We Do & W0W!! i'm shrinkng shrnking f0r pretty feet 4. Yes indeed I do! Awesome viewing angle! 5. Licking each toe in happiness!!!!!

5 comments! Why exactly did so many love these toes more than thousands of others?

black and blue


No comments but these feet were invited to be in three different groups!

Wifey's feet 1



I got this message a few times, I did not click yes. I was doing this out of curiosity but there’s only so much I want to know...

This group falls outside your current SafeSearch filter.
You can click through to see it if you want.


I thought the whole thing over and I guess this is normal for a lot of people. As far I'm concerned this looks pretty low maintenance as far as fetishes go. If someone needs to suck my toes I'm okay with it. I don't have to get involved this is a no effort fetish, right on baby, right on!  I could be reading a book, channel surfing, catalog shopping, chatting on the phone with a friend, having a bowl of ice cream, or even blogging on OS.


So, are feet and toes hot or not? Does polish color matter? Shape? Stockings? Do any of these feet or toes do it for anyone here? I thought it was all tits and ass. I wonder what else I missed while I was watching bugs crawl?


*click on any picture to go to flickr.com and see the comments for yourself. 

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Basically, the answer is, if there's an item or such, there's a person(s) out there who gets off on said item or such. I'm a leg cat myself, have been since I was a kitten(I blame Sears/JcPenny Catalogs!! What? :D) but yes, if you hang out long enough online, you'll discover that there's the Toe Lovers(there's magazines dedicated to them along with legs, shoulders, and even balloons and sex dolls!! EEK!! Cigarette smoking and whipped cream are two as well!!)

And Lovers is used loosely, they are fanatics about it, they will attack groups dedicated to fingers DEMANDING people show their toes in more of the pictures.

Long answer, to a lot of people, toes are SEXY --- covered, nude, whatever.

Also, a lot of people like to **Censor** balloons!!! :D

Yes, toes and feet can be hot, but only as part of the whole of a hottie. Let me explain. I don't have a special love for feet other than my own, but a fine pedicure, attractive feet, and a stylish shoe adds to the appeal of a beautiful woman. My mother, who died way to young at 44, always had her feet groomed to perfection. I didn't see her often, so when she was around, I noticed every detail. Now I too take special care of my feet. The last pic with the woodgrain platform is very sexy!
Tink, Guess what? There's a site called femalehandfetish.com! Did you know some people have a thing for women with big hands?

And Tink!!! Look: Balloon Fetish Tube - balloon fetish videos inflatable toys ... Balloon fetish tube videos and inflatable toys girls playing with balloons humping, squezzing, riding and popping b2p movies
balloontube.net - Cached

AND Fetishclips is the largest library of balloon fetish video clips found on the net. Search for thousands of looner adult sex movies to please every balloon pop lover! balloonfetish.fetishclips.com/frontpage.php - Cached (They're called looners!)

OMG!!! There's a fetish for everything! How did I not know this? Wait, how did you know this Tink?

babe, that shoe is sooo hot, the guy had the best shoes in his pictures. I'm with you on foot care. Have you tried Pretty Feet lotion? Much easier than a file or pumice, you just rub all the dead skin and calluses away.
To really find out about Tink's special fetishes you need to visit "Tink's Thornbushes & Miss Page 31.cum". Naughty Tinky. Well, actually kinda cute, y'know?

I wonder what it feels like to have someone suck your toes? Better be careful what you hope for as it might happen. Yikes. Great great toe photos. I am so envious of people who can wear heels. They dont work with me. sigh. But I like to look. Is that bad?
you oughta be on our national wmn's soccer squad w these feet! r.
Toes and feet do nothing for me. Both my wife and my girlfriend get all stoooopid about how much care/artistry they devote to their feet as if I should appreciate the effort (and/or get really turned-on).

Um, nope.

[R] for discussion topic
I could really care less about a woman's foot unless it's large and hairy. I am too lazy to do it, but isn't there any men's foot fetish people out there. I have beautiful feet, and will photo and sell photo to the highest bidder. (will Photoshop the big ugly callus on left heel off, if asked)
I used to sell well wron shoes on ebay for high prizes..
Doris you have some hundred dollar feet there..
I wanted to see a picture of your foot flipping us off.
I perused each toe shot and I am not aroused. I did however admire the escaping toe, and wished it well. On OS this week, some have posted shots of thier feet. Foot fetishism is in the air.
It is not okay that the corpselike toes are suspiciosly yellow. Not at all.
I have feet like Fred Flinstone and would not be invited into any toe groups. I toehrally enjoyed this toeriffic post.
One of the more disturbing things about the internet is the revelation of the extent of fetishes. Diving suits and plushies are of enduring strangeness to me (at least toes look human...)
You are trying to capitalize on my foot fetish and it is working!
I recall hearing or reading once or twice that toe fetishists are called "toe queens." My imagination jams up at the thought.
I am already on record about this whole thing as of last October 31, Bleue. I was sure that you had commented on that one, but I looked back and found that you had not.


In any event I can only contribute two pieces of information here that go beyond what I said in that piece. First, those yellowed toes. That is a dead giveaway that the woman is a heavy smoker and often holds her cigarette with her toes.

Second, you say this:

“I could be reading a book, channel surfing, catalog shopping, chatting on the phone with a friend, having a bowl of ice cream, or even blogging on OS.”

Do not be so sure about that, partner. Do not be so sure of that at all. Those activities would be the furthest things from your mind.

And yes, I admit here before God and everybody that I was one of those who commented on your toes in that previous blog entry.
That is not to say that I did not enjoy your piece here. I did. Very much. It was grand entertainment this morning. Made me want to turn beetles over on their backs for you to stare at so that I could read more like this.
sky, Tink knows a lot of oddball stuff and I find that suspicious. Now I'm wondering how you know so much about Tink...

zanelle, oh! I hadn't wondered about that? It sounds kind of creepy like your feet will be covered in drool. Any shoe that gets me over 5'7" is a great shoe!

Jon, me run around after a ball pointlessly? Hilarious thought!

Joisey, all my husbands had no toe interest. I figure why stop at the ankle, the foot needs care too.

scanner, did you click the link to see the male toes? I was not aroused by them though they were lovely. Good luck with your foot photos.

Linda, which ones are best? How can we tell?

Miguela, I should take a photo after all the work I put into learning a rare skill! Maybe I'll wind up on a late night talk show.
fernsy, after a while all the toes looked the same except those long yellowed ones. Cute purple fishnets though, those I liked.

Myriad, yeah when I searched "fetish" a huge variety of photos came up, I can't sort through that volume. The plushies I don't get. Was it your Congressman that sent text photos of himself in a tiger costume last year? How does dressing like a stuffed animal arouse someone? I suppose it's safer than trying to have sex with a real tiger. Enduring strangeness to me too.

Jack, which are hot? Why were the blue and black ones so great they got all those comments? Was it toe shape, nail shape or color? I need input!

Matt, Oh! Oh! (silently giggling)

Brassawe, Nothing wrong with it, just can't figure out which toes are hot, I guess it's a matter of taste. You kind of killed my joy at discovering I can indulge in multiple pleasures at once. It would be dreadful to fling ice cream all over the place and accidently ordering a electric grill.

I want to know if the beetle can't right himself then how the hell did he get on his back in the first place? No one has ever explained this to me. Eventually I feel so bad watching their legs flail around as they do bug-donuts I flip them over.

Off to read your post.
Man, my feet pale in comparison to those.

I dated a guy with a foot fetish for a bit, which is when I adopted my screen name. I never did quite get it, and he turned out to be ....odd. But I still love my little feet. :)
I've not come in contact with a man who possesses a foot fetish...at least intimately. I had no idea people were so enraptured with them - shows my innocence, I suppose. (at least I'm still intimate in some regard.) I used to spend two hours painting designs on my toenails - I should've gone into business.
sweetfeet, hmm... I'm going to ask my all my girlfriends about this. We don't talk about physical intimacy but now I'm curious. I have long bony feet so I don't really like them but like a good goblet, I don't tip over easy when I add alcohol so things even out.

Razzle Dazzle, it turns out this is huge! I can't imagine what it feels like, maybe it's good but what if you really liked it and broke up with a guy and couldn't find another with a foot fetish? That would be a drag. I'd really like to see photos of your toe art.
I like the stuff between the toes. SNIFF.
My oh my the things that come outta your corner Blue darlin'...
I got feet with toes attached. I can pick up a coin with my toes.
I also go barefoot every chance I get. My soles are now thick and I love going barefoot as often as possible.
I hate shoes. I don't do polish on any part of me. If au naturel ain't good enough that is tough titty. Or something. I do wash them everyday.
I can't believe I typed all that.....
There is no doubt, beautiful feet are, well, sexy. I am partial to shades of red toe nails. Ankles and legs are important, yet solid gams--for those who know what that means--are crucial. Cool post, Doris. R
littlewillie! I'm not going to google any more fetishes but thank you for sharing.

Mission, if you step into my head bring a notepad and file folders, lotta random stuff up there. I bet there's a fetish for feet au naturel but I'm on to other things...

Thoth, red is a classic shade for toes. I'm sure this site is full of men who love a shapely pair of gams. Come to think of it, I've met more than my share of neck lovers.

I worked for a car dealer that used to say "there's an ass for every seat." My old R.E. Broker used to say "there's a pig for every pen." That settles it, if there can be leg men, neck men, chest men and other body parts, then foot and toe men are not unusual. I'll leave the "looners" to another blogger and plushies have already been done.
Those pump shoes must sure hurt calves. Moo, and you may have Charlie Horse heehaws at nighttime? You would be fun to work on a farm with?
Make toe moisturizers. Use white,pink, and Yarrow Flowers as a herb. Dry Yarrow.
It's a culinary herb.
It's a pink-me-ups.
Sip as a calm tea.
Soak toe in herb.
Sip Lemon Balm.
Flavor cool drinks.
on and on. Keeper.
email to all farmers.
Art, those pumps are dangerous but they'd be easy to rinse off on the farm! The flat ones are much better for summer feet but I always wore boots on the farm. I miss living on the farm, it made me happy and I slept well after working hard. I miss my chickens the most.

I eat bananas so I don't get cramps in my legs when I sleep. I have pink and white yarrow and lemon balm but don't know how to use them as herbs. The yarrow is taking over all my flower beds like crazy. I love tea and I'd love a healthy moisturizer. I'll look them up and see what else I can use them for, thank you for thinking of me and the tips.
"Wait, how did you know this Tink?"

Many years of cruising the Web/Internet!! ~:D You can find ANYTHING online!! EEK!! ~:D
I'm laughing thinking about how there are no sites devoted to men's toes! Is that because there are fewer women with fetishes of any kind? Or because men's toes are just ugly? As to your original question -- in my mind toes are cute, not sexy. I keep mine painted in the spring and summer, and I love the OPI polishes; my current favorite colors are "My Chihuahua Bites" (a coral red/orange) and "LaPaz-atively Hot" (hot pink with some purple undertones). Green or yellow colors kind of weird me out. They remind me of that disgusting foot fungus commercial with the "Digger" cartoon character. That commercial makes me lose my appetite.
Oh my
I have heard of this
but sucking toes
not my cup of hot mango tea
Whipped cream - yes
I have bunions
but great toes
I had a pedicurist
tell me my nail shapes were
but those bunions
can they look past the bunions
and just suck the nail shapes
excellent post
and photos
rated with love
on’t you wish you could suck my girlfriends pretty pink toes?” Really got me but I love this foot and want to tickle these feet with a feather. Nice post..
Tink, I bet you found a lot of stuff I never thought of.

Bell, I'm with you on the spring and summer toenails but if it was important I'd polish them year round. Tee hee. The more I think about it the less it seems like a fetish. There are a lot of body parts people focus on that aren't called fetish. There are two men here that have expressed an interest and one woman who had a beau that liked them.

Poetess, maybe whipped cream covering the imperfections is the answer.

Algis, there were quite a few where the men were showing off the tasty toes of the lover. Perhaps this could be a side business for you, photographing beautiful artwork on toes!
it all goes back to childhood, i am sure..
enough said about fetishes. they are odd and rather creepy to me.
regarding women's parts, i enjoy looking at their hands
and yes, their feet, for the delicacy and smallishness
and elegance of them. but that is as far as it goes!
it all goes back to childhood, i am sure..
enough said about fetishes. they are odd and rather creepy to me.
regarding women's parts, i enjoy looking at their hands
and yes, their feet, for the delicacy and smallishness
and elegance of them. but that is as far as it goes!
Crazy! LOL.

Gave me some cute polish ideas though. Rated!
Absolutely hilarious at least to me in my current mood. I could not however actually look at the feet you so carefully posted because of my fear of becoming one of em, a foot fetish. Have enough on my plate, L'Heure as you know, to open up to this in its entirety. To wit: After I see a film take Mimento sp? I have alzhemiers or if someone is in a wheel chair for a long movie I can't quite walk or think I can't. So being so contagious limits me.

Heure do you call yourself "bubble girl"? If so that is one huge coincidence because lately a great friend and I--each living far from the other but basically hermits these last two weeks, he calls me that and he beomes bubble boy. Weird hmm? Wow you seem so happy lately, funny too. R
James, funny, I don't recall any boys having fascination with feet as much as getting the girls to lift their dresses. That was in the days when girls didn't wear pants. Tee hee hee...

angel, there were some fabu paint jobs on there. Good thing toenail polish doesn't chip easily.

Wendy, I giggled the whole time. Who knew? Yes, I live in my own little bubble and stumble in and out of things. I only watch the news, I rarely know what the fads are. The bubble is nice isn't it?
If anyone goes near my toes I will laugh so hard. I am wondering if that would ruin their toe fetish?