If I want to get to heaven

I have to walk away from hell
JANUARY 21, 2012 10:33PM

A Simple Woman

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Softly she went from place to place,

person to person, faceless to face.

Moving her lips but no one hears,

while flitting through their might.  



Endless days bleed into nights, 

fast and slow or left and right.

She's only the one she was before,

who wandered through their time. 



Rules and judgment, pick and choose,

the brutal win, the gentle lose.

Sighs escape but they’re only breath,

she floated through their minds. 



"Life is cheap" she heard them say,

as long as others have to pay.

She ponders reasons given weight,

when wading through their whys. 



She wonders when the end will come,

do beginnings matter once you're done?

A simple woman came and went,

and drifted through their lives.  



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"Rules and judgment, pick and choose,

the brutal win, the gentle lose."

Wow. Loved all of it.

"Life is cheap" she heard them say,

as long as others have to pay."

Excellent! Perfect.
I wonder when the end will come too! I don't think the beginnings matter. It is all one big onion of layers. Great POEM straight from the heart as usual. Thank you.
Rules and judgment, pick and choose,
the brutal win, the gentle lose.

This was my favorite, right when I read it, it resonated with me.
fernsy, the world does seem like predators and prey. I think I will never understand it.

Larry, a simple name for a simple gal!

zanelle, I can never decide how much the beginning matters. Thank you, this poem refused to be ignored.

Sheila, I'm sorry Hull House didn't get chosen. Sigh, sorry for all our loss with it. When will we hear a different tune?
Fine insight encased in a cloud of poetry.

skypixie0, haha, yes insight! Do you remember the day I forgot my place, screamed and brandished my sword. I wasn't so soft and gentle listening to their judgments and reasons why. What a day that was.
Simple, powerful words and a subtle and elegant rhyme scheme.
"do beginnings matter once you're done?"

No it's the endings Doris.. and in the end we will have fine ones.
It is possible to feel the weight of silk in this poem.
Perhaps there was too much "softness." Sounds too familiar. And so bittersweet you say, "...do beginnings matter once you're done?" Wow, does that speak to me.
Sirenita, how is it you make a comment sound like graceful poetry? Thank you.

Linda, when you appear, the old McCartney song "The Lovely Linda" plays in my head. We had rough starts but no matter, we will have fine endings.

"La la la la la Lovely Linda, with the lovely flowers in her hair..."

mhold, poets say things so beautifully, thanks. Gliding through life is often heavy, isn't it?
your poems stab me in the heart...thank you.
Cathy, lets sigh together over softness becoming passé. I have more questions about life than when I was young, and less concerns about finding answers.

MichelleD, oh dear, hopefully with healing. Love and strength to you.
There is so much here, Loved it all.
Poignant, and descriptive of most of us that are too often ignored.
This poem is amazing in so many ways--technically. But the words. There are too many beautiful turns of phrase to isolate just one. I loved it.
normally rhyming poems leave me cold, but this really, really nice Bleue
I love the thoughts from this Blue.
This is wonderful, bar none.
I needed this today. TY!!
Excellent poem. She is crying right now but are they tears of joy or tears of sorrow?
"Do beginnings matter once you're done?" ...
Those who did not feel the drift most certainly will never realize how very much they're missing. R
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚for keeping it simply poetic.
Elegant Bleue, although, simple not a word I would use here. Very nice.
I like the mystery here.
Something very haunting here.
What if endings were only an idea we refused to believe?
scupper [S] always makes me smile.
Just half-grin. No yodel silly tunes.

I went way back and remembered:
Military drill-goons yell at troops.

Just insist - the goons speak softly.

Tell authoritarians to be less nasty.

Learn to sympathize and empathize.

Creeps who hate need to go gargle.

Haters who berate need `Lysol.

Gargle. Tell the truth. The end.

Rent DVD and gargle bell chime.

View DVD ` 'Tinker Bell'` asap.

If we view pigs ` yodel a`oinks.

We no need be any`Pollyannaish.

Flow with good/bad` and hiccup.
Meek ...
Be calm.
Powerful poetry full of mysterious meanings! Great job!
trilogy, a lifetime in a few words.

phillis, you nailed it.

Miguela, I know nothing of poetry and was afraid to try but many here encouraged me. In a strange way not telling the story is very freeing.

Tink, thank you.

Julie, what a lovely thing to say. Sometimes I love rhyming, I admit to still loving Dr. Seuss. :(

Mission, I thought of you when I published it, I knew you'd hear each line.

daisy jane, beginnings only matter because they lead you to the end. Once you're done it doesn't matter because you can't go back.
Patrick, often I wish I knew how to make the music in my head songs

Jack, though this one is painful, no tears. Just reflections on life and what it feels like to talk and have others listen, to have your feelings matter when they haven't before.

Michelle, you are very perceptive. Some will never notice anything that drifts into their life. They'll miss all but the jackhammers.

Algis, thank you.

Rita, I can't change the perceptions of others, many see only what is easiest to see. Thank you for a lovely compliment.
scupper, thank you.

Jeanette, nearly a decade ago an employment agency person told me I didn't have many "marketable skills," as if I didn't already know it, hahahaha! I no longer have much to offer that those in my personal life want or need. It's kind of funny, haunting words of pragmatism.

greenheron, wow! Great question! It's rare that someone gives me something new to think about. I'll consider a belief system I might be better off shattering. Thank you!

Art, you reminded me of boot camp in the Marines. What is human is purposely eliminated to make a "lean, mean, fighting machine." Sigh. Then I became a production and serving machine so others could have what they want and feel good.

What happens when the machine breaks and suddenly wants to feel good too? I can't figure out how to be a machine again.

I Love Life, thank you. I was hoping for the power of relief but now I don't like it at all.

I have a strong desire to delete this, erase, dispose of, escape from. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, screw hurting, I'm going to have a drink.
Sent you a pm. Check your spam.
[r] haunting. love the sounds and rhythm. libby
Something about this is just perfect!

phyllis, I read it and sighed, thank you.

libby, it came in my head like music, thank you.

Fusun, wow! Thanks, now that I sat with it, I feel good about it.
"do beginnings matter once you're done?"
I wonder. rated
Fay, thank you. Paterno died the next day and reading about him I wondered again. It's a competitive world and some must lose, no one ever said life was fair. It seems all that matters in the end is winning.
This pins down how I've felt for days...sort of rootless. Well put.
yowsy dowsy!

""Life is cheap" she heard them say,
as long as others have to pay."

that is a mighty truth, right there...

winning IS important, but the stuff people try to win
at ? not so much.......

the competition is between Light and Dark.
you always bolster the right side.
Maureen, it's strange isn't it? Often I've felt like those I'm interacting with don't know I'm flesh and blood with feelings.
I can't/won't buy into 'the gentle lose'....I firmly do not believe that.
Brutality is a loss, just by existing. We lose when we choose to let go of being gentle. Maybe that sounds naive, but experience taught me this.
I haven't ever gotten the feeling you're a simple woman, at all.
Intriguingly complex, even.

Not really one for poetry (I'm a Simple Man) but this was wonderful.
James, you have no idea how on the mark your comment was, the conversation that prompted that stanza made me want to scream and punch. They do not care about anyone else as long as THEY get THIER needs met! How many times will I have to hear darkness justified?

Just Thinking, the poem came out right after a very bad time that I wasn't supposed to talk about. There were specific events that mirrored other events from my past. Strangely, that pattern continues months later. You are not naive, everyone loses when the brutal are enjoying their brutality. Some do not want gentleness, we do not get to choose what others want. We can only choose to stay or go.

Perhaps it should be a woman with simple needs who finds it incredibly difficult to get them met. This is one of those posts I fight the urge to delete. I hate the hurt that prompted it.
Joisey, thank you very much. I struggle with poetry, often I want to say "just spit it out" and I have no idea what the author is trying to say. Math is much simpler, if only words were constant like numbers.

Kate, I'm glad you liked it, your comment was lovely. Thank you.