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JANUARY 28, 2012 1:00AM

Eat Tacos?

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I need a little help from the late night thinkers on OS. I'm wondering if this Mayor has an answer no one else has thought of yet.
The first vid doesn't really explain what the problem was but it's worth watching to the end because the mayor explains his plan in depth.
The first minute of the second vid from CNN has a complete explanation including the arrest of the officers by the FBI.


What are your thoughts on eating meals, tacos, italian food, ethnic foods. Have we been on the wrong track as a country? Maybe we should all just go home and eat and that will make the world a more cohesive place.

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The more that guy talks the deeper doo doo in which he wades.
Sounds like he should have stayed in bed that day.
rated with love
What the ...??????

I think he'd better make his own tacos. Take-out may get 'blessed' in the kitchen.
Ethnic Smecknick.. we are all one in the same. Everyone one of us came from a taco, eggroll or shepherds pie. I get so darn sick of people talking like this. I hoped he choked on his taco.
It's amazing, the guy jabbered for 4 minutes and not once did his brain kick in. The FBI arrested 4 officers and he's going to help by eating tacos or... italian food. What happened to diversionary tactics like "we're investigating the matter."
Seems like he just doesn't have the brains for thinking anything near as intellectual as, "we're investigating the matter", Bleue! SHEESH! He's a Mayor???? Really???? Good Lord!!!!
Carne asada, it's the only answer.

Hiya beautiful!
Okay. so sitting here not knowing anything about this except what I could surmise from these two videos, I can surmise the mayor's police force got catch in the act of racial profiling Latinos. Nothing new with all the sweeps going on looking for illegal immigrants. And then the mayor has some explaining to do about getting catch and his response was...eat tacos...correct so far blue??
Bloody hell, that's a funny come back.
I don't even know how to come up with some good snark at this time of the night/early morning hour. But I sure and grinning from ear to ear as I sip my coffee..
Sounds like he really was afraid of some of the Taco Stands in his area. If he wasn't afraid before he should be now. Geez.
I watched this guy 3 times and am truly worried for us all. He's so stupid he didn't realize how offensive he sounded.

He did apologize the next day but he's still stupid. I feel very sorry for his administrative assistant, he or she has their hands very full.

How could someone so lacking in intellect be so arrogant?
I saw this yesterday, and could tell this guy was a bigot. His police force are targeting illegal aliens and it's against the law for him to do so. His smart ask comment just showed his ignorance!
If cops stop me in my Ford Ranger P.U. - I offer the FBi's nice Law and Order cops:
a kilo of kale
in the ICU
a breathing tube down his throat,
longing for a `Kool'
scanner request`
a IV with Kale pot tea .. .
pot tea is Kale tea
and hot water
ay, a cop informant
sips honeymoon mead,
mead is water and honey
Never misspell `Kale.
I LOVE KALE! no kill!
ask GOP to NO KILL!
I kinda feel bad for the guy. Have you ever had to explain that you're not something socially unacceptable? Especially when you're starting from a place where people think it's true? Listening to the second vid, though, he does miss the point. It's not whether HE can go wherever he wants. It's whether everyone else can, and they can't. The next election will speak volumes on that town.
He's kind of skinny for someone who goes out to dinner that much! Would he be paying for all those dinners with taxpayer money?
Wow. That's even worse than I thought. At least "going Gingrich" on the press didn't work for him.
Truth, stranger than fiction these days. I think I want fiction...but not the science fiction of what reality serves up right now. Aliens! PHONE HOME! (Time for the pick-up!) r
Any idiot can get elected. This guy is not only insensitive, he is deeply lame. LOL on Myriads Comment. Somone should pee in his taco/burrito/chimichanga/ avocodo taquito asap!
All I have to say is that he's got to be one of those Conservative Republicans on the far right....
It's only about 6:30 a.m. here and my thinker is not engaged, nor is the coffee ready. Saw this loon the other day though and couldn't take it twice anyway.
My wife cussed him when it was on TV, which was impressive in that she usually reserves that for Republican debates.
This is how someone like George W. Bush gets elected president. We're all idiots.

Horrifying. I would have said enchiladas.
I'd wager 1000 Pesos that he won't make it to Cinco de Mayo.
Sounds like the idiot should start eating brains for breakfast.
Sounds like a married guy trying to explain some minor transgression to his spouse and just digging the hole deeper and deeper and deeper. I stuck his foot in his mouth being flippant with his first statement and just kep augering it deeper and deeper.
The guy's trying to keep a lid on things such as accusations of people being stopped for "driving while brown" and just didn't know how or when to stop.
I actually feel kind of sorry for him--he's now obviously gargling with "Neosporin".
This is so unreal, I have lost my appetite for Tacos now.
It's worth mentioning that "taco" in the non-ethnic-food sense is slang for...

I'll shut up now before I have to do a Mayor Maturo imitation.
I really couldn't keep watching. I kept choking on tacos.

As someone from the East Coast originally, Long Island specifically, and later Connecticut, ethnic identity is a very big deal within communities and I can see why he thought this was an appropriate thing to say. We grow up relating to other people by eating their food- since we are not so likely to go to their churches, probably not learn their languages. What he is trying to do is celebrate pride in diversity by making it not racist, but he can't, because he isn't acknowledging the deep schism between saying "latino people are American" and "Americans love mexican food".

Of course, here in Arizona, we don't have Italians. (jk) .
Wrong answer! It's obvious that what he really meant to say was:
I'll pay my gardener more, I'll enforce a more reasoned approach to immigration laws, I'm going to propose making Cinco de Mayo a city Festival holiday, and while all that's going on, I would like to inform all of you that while we're still investigating the matter, I am going to insist on a full accounting of the situation so that it never happens again in my city.

Of course, the real question is: Is he having a soft flour tortilla taco or one of the crispy folded corn tortilla tacos? Those are the issues our latino citizens are really concerned with.

I'd say I don't understand how people like this can get elected to offices of such responsibility, but it becomes all too apparent when they can tacitly condone such behavior from their law enforcement officers by responding to the question of what he's going to do to help, "I'll go home and eat a taco."

Hopefully, up where he lives, they have a Crow taco, because I'm sure he's eating plenty of Crow now.

He's right, it's time to get serious and address these issues in a thoughtful, solution oriented, manner. In an effort to help the non-latino community around me I got a package of powdered sugar donettes and... AM EATING THEM RIGHT NOW!

ETHNIC FOOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If we don't all eat tacos, then the terrorists have won.
yeah, he is being thoroughly humiliated
here in my homestate, do not worry.
the local stations are pulling him
through the mud with expertise.

we all know now he gotta go.

as for tacos, i am not sure if there is a more perfect food.......
well , there is pizza........
Tacos!!!! I lubs them!! What?

Maybe if he invited members of other ethnic communities to come and eat Italian?
As a long-time San Antonian, I don't get the connection between tacos and politics. Doesn't everyone eat tacos? How does anyone live without them?