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Obama Announces He’s King of the World!

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(588 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

So what does it matter that the Obama administration really doesn’t seem to clearly know who it has already committed $550 million to the first week in Libya, along with committing the lives of American troops and any civilians it will eagerly deny it has killed.

So what that even Ted Koppell on Meet the Press this past Sunday mentioned the question about friends of al Qaeda being mixed in with the rebels of Eastern Libya.

Picky picky picky.

The CIA has been stirring up discontent among the Mid East nations for so long now. Why shouldn’t we plunge into quagmire civil wars? After all, we planted the seeds for them. Clearly we have and are perfectly willing to provide all necessary weaponry. After all, if people kill off each other “over there,” how much easier to come in and take over and round up all the “spoils”.

The power players and their families don’t have to die in the game.

The UN. Now we have a UN-get-out-of-war-criminal-identity card? A blank check to assert for every sound bite that we are just a reluctant country that hates slaughter and led a protective defense in a COALITION but now we are bowing out. So not true. But the media will echo Obama’s lies.

Obama couldn’t watch slaughter happening? As if his administration has never been behind slaughters? As if we have not been witnessing slaughters, enabling slaughters, slaughtering ourselves (like ignoring the outrageous rapes in the Sudan or the Gazan War crimes, and as if our death squads or military are not slaughtering every day in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, etc.) for so long. If we are not directly involved we are providing massive weaponry, like the white phosphorous to burn to the bone the innocent citizens of Gaza.

Obama still knows that the majority of the country is anti-hippie peace lovers, still incredibly and apparently vengeful about the uppity righteous ones from the Viet Nam days. Jingoism is alive and well, as well as xenophobia. Obama is still triangulating the left so he can garner that supposed “center”, that still believes that the US has some honor when it comes to international militarism.

Still hoping liberal-hatred will work for him in 2012 I bet. He apparently has huge plans. He is just the hollow man to lie his way into invasions of more and more Middle Eastern and African countries. His race itself may come in handy to confuse and razzle dazzle, the way he used it domestically to pull out the rug from under the lower and working classes in America. To sabotage social programs while smiling and declaring he was doing all he could.

Obama always prettily thanks the armed services for their sacrifice with his most earnest actor voice and face. What more should we want? Okay, check. I gave lip service to American deaths. NEXT!!!!

The lust for control of oil, resources, power is in full gear and the vulture nations are circling, led by the lead vulture, the US.

Shock and awe. It never stops giving, does it, you black-hearted, mission creep, corporate pirate, patriarch creeps! Look at the mission creep in just one week!

So, Obama doesn’t have to consult with Congress apparently, such as that dismal and spineless entity is. Or seriously consult with the UN, since as Glenn Greenwald points out in his latest column, Obama is setting out American Exceptionalism as his way, his doctrine, apparently. If he decides US values and INTERESTS (there it is ... American INTERESTS) are involved he can do anything he wants. So sayeth Barack Obama. Caesar. Or maybe a well-heeled Caligula? Because, because, because ... well, HE declares it. During his lame speech Monday, the two things I heard with any animation from him were the words “interests” and “commerce.” This is one scary man. He wants to be a lawless gangsta, now internationally, and he wants to act it out as POTUS.

Hang international law. Hang the UN. Hang the Congress. Hang due process. Hang Bradley Manning. Hang justice and equality.


The US is a mess domestically, but who really cares on high? They are like addict parents lost to their own game. Morality is not on the table. Never was. Just something to be “used” to enter the global quagmires, the “humanitarian” hook. It is so disgustingly manipulative and dishonorable. The bait and switch to get the citizenry to raise their unhappy ostrich heads and nod in their Stockholm Syndrome stupor that the US right or wrong is always right. Right, Barack?

So many people in the Middle East want their “freedom.” Many incredibly, despite the horrors the US has perpetrated on them and their neighbors, think that we in the US are guaranteed these freedoms, which are now steadily being removed, and that the US deserves to be trusted. I suppose when you are desperate you trust blindly.

Soft fascism is hardening fast in America.

Obama. Would be nice if he cared for the welfare of Americans. He is lost to gamesmanship, the same way he was in the election. Now it is world hegemony.

Apparently, as was clear as I watched that bobble-headed panel on Meet the Press this Sunday doing the lamest commentary on Obama’s Libyan War, he is going to get away with it. There was David Gregory (useless), Bob Woodward (almost saying the right thing, but no cigar, Bob), that guy who wrote “Fiasco” about Bush's follies (who apparently has gone military “suck up”) and Ted Koppel (stressed but not firm). Dismayed by but spineless to Obama’s “We will help slaughter to end slaughter” mandate. Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

We sure haven’t learned as a country, have we? We are led by one more hollow man and we apparently, most of us citizens, deserve every cubic inch of his moral vacuum.

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