JUNE 15, 2012 3:46AM

5 Short Poems

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Light shines diamonds.
Water lathers to shore.
I rose, eager to explore.
Shorts and tee slide on.
A simple, languid time.
Vacation from my mind.
A symphony of satiation
for such happy hungers.
Delirious shadow visions soar
of past and future.
I, pink from yesterday’s swim,
feel my own easy grin
as a boat rocks me
from the lolling, lulling, lapping milk
of my Ocean Mother’s breast.
Oh joyous, blessed rest.


One day
a random psycho
let some blood-chilling expletives pour
onto my phone machine
to kill me within the next 24
I did not believe him.
But somehow my body did
and entered a tunnel of terror
24 hours long.
Ah, the strange sensibility of the body
for at the end of the day it unlocked
from fear
satisfied it was safe now
according to that pervert’s clock.


Face it …
for the forlorn.



My cat nestles on my chest,
tail curling cleverly,
fur tickling my chin.

She has missed me this week.
I have been busy,
running so very hard.

She rearranges herself.

I enjoy the purring
as the cat hairs
cling to my pen point.

I write on.



Fluorescent light
screams into the porcelain basin.
A riot of sensation.
A face,
ballooned by tears,
bent on release,
catches sight of
the reflected agony.
Something inside
decides to watch.
A fascination …

The vomited sobs
the self-appeal
is real;
and the mirrored twin
begins recovery.


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i love these...'specially: "tail curling cleverly..." nicely done.
Yes, "Quiet Night At Home" was also my favorite, although I loved them all.

I like the juxtaposition of the coziness of "Quiet Night at Home" with the bone rattling terror of the creepy phone call.
'Vacation from my mind'' ...so beautiful and accurately written Libby.. Rated.
Don't pick up the phone!!!Yikes. I love the last one. OOH Sanctum of the porcelain God, spooky. The first seems much like my Queer Creek Poem...has the same feeling. Good work here. :D
Mirrored twin ....they are always there...we cannot hide from the truth. Many sighs as I read your poetry. r for the real stuff.
Economy of language, painting vivid pictures with an explicit voice... that speaks more than words.
You do run the table with these, Libby. The idea of the "pervert's clock" is fascinating. And the body v. brain disconnect is so true.

I gather from the last of the four you are no narcissist. This agrees with my impression of you.
I'm usually not good at this kind of stuff but these are good especially, perhaps the first one. R
Your poems continue to delight, or startle me. ON VACATION made me want to feel that rest away from my thoughts again.

"Something inside
decides to watch.
A fascination …"

The last poem spoke of something I know, especially those three lines, it's a paradoxical road to recovery.
Wow! Crystal clear in every one of these...beautiful.
"Quiet Night At Home" - So soothing. Thank you. r
Thank you all. Most of my poetry gets buried in a drawer, unless with a rare wave of courage maybe once or twice a year I get really ambitious and submit a bunch earnestly to contests and periodicals. Once I sent out letters of my father's passing to his old army buddies from an address book. I knew many of his dear friends who bonded so tightly under fire had maybe passed on themselves. Sure enough, a lot of my letters came back return to sender. When I explained to my befriended mailman (my dad had been a mailman, too) why I was getting all these letters back, he shrugged and said, "Oh, I just assumed they were your poetry rejections!" Ouch. :-)

lorianne, I am so glad that little poem pleased. I wrote it of course with a precious cat on my chest, curling her clever tail of course!

Mark! thank you!!! again, that little so very simple poem...I am glad it resonated!

V. Corso -- I am eager to get to your present offerings! thanks for your validation once again! Yes, that creepy call sent me into a tailspin, much as I rationalized that it was some pervert calling randomly and had just gotten my name off the message on my machine. But my body did not want to listen!

Thanks, Chuck! nice to see ya!!

Olga, thank you! I don't often get to that vacation from my mind place, but when I do I enjoy getting to exhale and enjoy the sensations!!!

tg within, yes. listening to someone presumedly randomly inflict their irrational and murderous malice on one is a very uneasy trip to have to process. I must get over to enjoy your always fabulous offerings! thanks for visiting once again!!!

Ande, thanks for such a touching comment. Sighing is exactly what I was doing writing them! :-)

jmac, what a strong and generous evaluation! appreciated!!!

Matt, I am so glad you got what I was saying. It was a profound experience, seeing how divorced my head and my body were and how my rationalizations could not rein in the jitteriness factor. And then after the "24" hours, the body completely let it go. My "mind" self shaking her head at the transition. The body had to take its own (or the deadline from the pervert's) not so sweet time. Thanks re the narcissist comment. I don't know. I try to shut up a hounding ego as much as possible, but it can make me ridiculous sometimes, I have to admit without shamefully explaining. :-)

zachd -- thank you! I thank you for getting Jill Stein out there and I will join you shortly!!! thanks for your support once again!!!

"Bleue" -- thank you, like Mark and Zachd, for celebrating me on all my writing frontiers! Yes, we all need those gratifying vacations. We grew up with "gratification" getting short shrift in the priority department, I am afraid. That last poem, ... well, I spent a lot of time in bathroom crying jags. One of the few rooms in the house with an actual LOCK!

Sheila, what a delight to see you! Thank you!!!

hilarad, once again, it delights me you groove on that simple poem. a lesson for me not to reach for the 25 or 50 cent words and keep it simple and honest and humble!

best, libby