OCTOBER 30, 2012 9:21PM

Stein's ‘Climate Change’ Reality & Responsibility Re Sandy

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Last night superstorm Sandy’s ferocious winds found Green Party presidential candidate Jill Steinat Boston City Hall plaza making remarks at a 350.org vigil during a campaign stop in her own state. How relevant was that! 350.org an organization dedicated to find global climate solutions. Today Dr. Stein is scheduled to go to Texas to support the Keystone XL pipeline Tars Sands Blockade. Another pro-environment activist movement.

It should make us more than uneasy, especially after the fresh and ferocious extreme weather hammering of “Sandy”, that climate change NEVER came up in the three corporate media “duopolistic” presidential debates. It was passionately addressed at the third party debate provided by alternate media that mainstream media and its corporate overlords kept away from the citizenry.

After all that ignoring of climate change, along comes SANDY!

I’m thinking the ever-worrisome specter of an OCTOBER SURPRISE for both Obama and Romney has turned out to be SUPERSTORM SANDY!

This is what Stein had to say about Sandy and the legacy party candidates’ stances on climate change last night:

"If President Obama's 'all of the above' energy policy is pursued, it's 'game over' for the climate, ... "Romney once was honest about climate, but now is parroting industry lines. Hurricane Sandy is not the first warning we’ve had; let’s not let there be another such warning before we act decisively to move to a new green economy."

From Stein’s website:

“For over a year, leading climate and environmental organizations have complained about the lack of attention paid to climate change by President Obama and Governor Romney.

“Over the past month, Americans were subjected to not one, or two, but three debates where Romney and Obama competed to see who could be more vigorous in pursuing oil drilling, hydrofracking of natural gas, and the use of coal. Obama even attacked Romney for calling for a coal plant to be shut down over health concerns.”


“Meanwhile, drought has blighted 60% of the corn crops in the U.S. and wildfires have turned thousands into refugees. The Arctic ice cap has lost 75% of its ice and dangerous methane gas is seeping out from melting subterranean deposits.

Green Party vice presidential candidate Cheri Honkala declares: "The President and his Republican challenger are so firmly in the service of the gas, oil, and coal industries that they want to accelerate our plunge down the path of destruction," ... "The only vote that will count for action on climate change in this election is a vote for the Green Party."

Again from Stein’s website:

“At last year’s climate conference in Durban, South Africa, the White House’s team worked to delay the effective date of any international climate treaty until 2020. This will mean eight more crucial years of inaction that scientist universally agree could prove deadly for the planet. In fact, the President is proposing to spend 32 times more on his latest Wall Street bailout initiative, known as Quantitative Easing III, than he is spending on renewable energy.”

JILL STEIN AND CHERI HONKALA are pushing for a 100% renewable carbon neutral economy with FULL employment! The Green New Deal is proposing to create 25 million jobs “in sustainable energy, agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing infrastructure, as well as in social services and public education.”

Stein declares: "When we show that we take the climate crisis seriously enough to vote for the Green option, the power of democracy will be unleashed, and our political system will finally respond to this growing threat."


Stein herself has noted that the Romney/Obama debates enabled by the Commission on Presidential Debates were the first set of presidential debates since 1984 in which global warming was not mentioned. Stein discloses that in response to such a deliberate anti-reality choice, over 2500 climate activists have signed a statement of support for Dr. Stein and criticizing the failures of the political establishment. You are welcome to add your signature at http://www.jillstein.org/climate.

Here is a profoundly relevant, thoughtful and planet-saving statement on Dr. Jill Stein’s pro-environment platform from her website. Stein talks reality. She talks science. STEIN DEMONSTRATES RESPONSIBILITY -- THAT IS, THE ABILITY TO RESPOND, unlike her corporate-serving legacy party presidential opponents!

Climate change is the gravest environmental, social and economic peril that humanity has ever faced. Across the planet, it is causing vanishing polar ice, melting glaciers, growing deserts, more violent storms, rising oceans, less biodiversity, deepening droughts, as well as more disease, hunger, strife and human misery.

Jill Stein of the Green Party is the only national presidential candidate who shows the commitment needed to address this urgent problem. She supports reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to below 350 ppm. We urge those who want action on climate change to vote for her on November 6.

Stein's Green New Deal, the cornerstone of her campaign, is a blueprint for action to stop climate change. The massive investment needed to transition to a carbon neutral economy by 2025 will provide the foundation for a revival of the American economy, putting tens of millions of Americans back to work while providing reliable, safe and affordable energy for our future.

Jill Stein supports an annual fund of several hundred billion dollars to invest in clean renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, tidal), public transportation and organic agriculture. It will be funded via taxes on the windfall profits of fossil fuel companies, major cuts in the military budget, a rising fee on carbon emissions, and an end to subsidies on fossil fuels and nuclear power plants.

Stein and the Green Party will shut all oil, coal and nuclear plants by 2025. Dr. Stein will ban mountaintop removal coal mining, the hydrofracking of natural gas and the development of the tar sands oil and Keystone XL. Jill Stein will stop oil drilling off shore, on public lands, under the Great Lakes and in the Arctic.

We have five times as much oil and coal and gas available as climate scientists say that the atmosphere can tolerate. So we must keep 80 percent of those reserves locked away safely underground to avoid a climate disaster. To ensure that this happens, America's energy plan should seek full democratic control over existing fossil fuel supplies and infrastructure.

So, we have a choice. Obama/Romney paths of minimization or denial of climate change or Dr. Stein’s responsible plans for facing a dooming environmental crisis well under way. Again: “Scientists tell us that we now have access to five times more fossil fuels than we can afford to burn without triggering catastrophic climate change.” We have two legacy party candidates who are willing to go for every drop of fossil fuel and hang humanity, hang the planet.

Trust and Vote for Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party. Not just for yourself. For the very survival of your planet!


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Both you and I have done what we could to awaken people to the tragedies to come with their misbehavior and they will not listen. I doubt the species has either the interest or the intellect to comprehend how furious the planet can become. Even if real efforts are started now it appears we will be too late. The avalanche of destruction and misery has just begun.
Libby, I am so glad that you are safe. The safety of our environment, can only be our own safety.
Be well!!
The basic problem with coal, gas, tar sands and nuclear power is that it makes a few billionaires even richer while it deprives the rest of us of basic necessities - including a health planet - we need just to survive. Great post. I'm glad to hear you made it through the hurricane all right.
Jan, thanks for comment. This is probably the most sobering topic to address re the legacy parties vs Jill Stein's platform. Whether Romney and Obama appreciate climate change and respect the science in their heart of hearts is cold comfort if they IGNORE THE REALITY.

Yes, the question is will they ignore it -- and there is no evidence they won't NOT ignore the global warming crisis -- because they are so busy trying to achieve shorter term goals such as upping the consumption of fossil fuels to keep people happy in the short run, and the status quo horrifying as it is with the ramped up militarization and leave that long term GLOBAL NATURAL disaster to the next guy or to no one -- fatalistically for their own political security and aggrandizement. Stoller accuses Obama of turning the US into a petro-state like the Arab ones with oligarchs running us.

Besides, if Obama and Romney ignore and postpone the issue of global warming, and it also may be to them NOT the most urgent presidential to do item since there are so many pressing things and the media is willing to ignore it as well as Israel that has so much influence on presidential politics, but it sure is to a sane person able to look beyond trees to the forest the most IMPORTANT item on that to do list. How many of us in our lives tend to the urgent and regret we ignored the important as times goes by. this is such a scenario on STEROIDS!

But Romney and Obama won't have to risk THEIR political careers trying to sell something vital but so scary to people who find it easier to deny something so ominous. And in America if you can get enough people to join you in your little bubble or big bubble of "truthiness" in the face of reality than everyone can dwell in the land of faux-truth -- surreal safety.

I mean it is like everyone clapping to save Tinkerbell in the old Disney Peter Pan was it? Everything will be hunky dory if you just wish it is so!

So a Green Party member emailed me that in Germany there is an article about leakage of a nuclear plant in NJ thanks to the hammering of superstorm Sandy. WTF? How does Germany know but if it is so not surprising since the so called more progressive one, Obama, refuses to take a lesson from the Fukushima disaster and after all, you can just begin to imagine the money for his campaign or both of their campaigns from the nuclear power plant lobby, and with Obama's lack of transparency, will we even be informed of crises such as problems with neighboring nuke plants???


October surprise, or Mother Nature's trick not treat. Can't help but say to others earnestly above, Stein is the only one taking on this global reality!!!! Heed her. We ain't got all that time, nor does the planet!

Jan, I respect all your efforts to set forth sanity and reality in all dimensions to try to combat the Great American ethical freakshow! In the case of climate change we both recognize the freakshow will impact the entire globe!

best, libby
stathi! so great to see you. thanks for your good wishes.

I was lucky and I was also stupid re Sandy. I minimized the impact. Just before it came I decided I had enough groceries to last mid-week when I did my usual shopping so unlike so many I didn't rush out to stock up. I mean this is NYC and there are a million retail stores all about.

So last night, post storm, I went out on the eerily empty NYC streets with the darkened starbucks and bodagas, etc., and upon discovering my usual grocery was closed walked to one of those reliable 24 hour drugstore places.

The drugstores now carry more and more grocery items, not as fresh and higher prices. So I get in there and there are rows and rows of empty shelves. Wow.

I did manage to get the catfood replenished which was my main goal to go out last night. I asked a kid who said he lived 10 minutes away from the store if thy would get more items in. Like eggs and milk. He shrugged and said, "if the trucks can't get through, we don't get stuff!" Okay.

Nevertheless, I have power. I understand so many in NYC will be without for 4 days to a week and those outside the city for much longer. The heartbreaking stories, mini-katrina stories, people on tv are calling them, I am hearing are so sobering!

Yes, we need to help our environment stay safe. This extreme weather should not be minimized!!! Contending with direct impact of extreme weather makes it all the more urgent and important!

best, libby
sky, once again, thanks! :-)

Stuart, thanks for your well wishes! When I read about how other countries in Europe are downsizing their nuclear energy plants and Obama is upping them it is surreal. It is so reckless and unnecessary. Calling coal clean doesn't make it so. Ignoring lessons of Fukushima is insane! And for the profiteering of oligarchs to jeopardize the planet! Dear God! Greed addiction and power addiction like all other addictions causes one to throw away the moral compass!! best, libby
Inverted! thanks! best, libby
Climate, schlimate!! We all know that this supposed global warming save the planet crap is part of the post colonial, socialist, Zionist, Islamo-fascist conspiracy and fraud that's foisted a Kenyan born Manchurian candidate into the presidency... Just clap-trap propaganda designed to scare tree-huggers!! Harrrummmphhh!
During the first campaign for Obama in 2008 he knew that he had to do what he could to support the environment so that is what he promised; now he seems to think he no longer has to do squat because he expects us to believe it is him or that other nut case.

If he's right and we trust our leaders they will take us over the cliff.
I agree with Jan. It's too late to save the planet. Damned shame, really.

Libby, at least you're giving it your best shot. I applaud you for that.