NOVEMBER 21, 2012 5:25AM

More New York City Shots

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AA_4_023 grand central










0008 nyc





0004 nyc 




AA_9609_F20 trees park-nice skinny trees silhouettes 




AA_9609_E16 statues nyc 




AA_7282_023 central park 




AA_9609_F19 statues 




a005_5 new york 




a008_8 nyc 




a0011_18 energy 




a0016_15a ny art 





a0009_20 energy 2 




AA_007845_005 nyc bridge






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These are wonderful! The lion's my fave ...

Some day, we should venture out together and shoot up the place! /R
Such an interesting city. I'm going to want some holiday shots too. You can't get much better than NYC at Christmas.
You have a way of putting a shine on that apple that is very interesting.

I see you got a shot of Uncle Static too. We always told him not to sit around so much or someone would make him into a statue.
nilesite, you always inspire me with your wonderful pix. sounds like a plan, my friend, shooting up our town! looking forward to it!

jlsathre, thanks for the incentive. even pre-T-day the serious decorations are being hoisted. I walk by the tree at Rock Center now in progress. I remember it was the Christmas season after 9/11/2001 that began to draw people -- me, at least -- out of the shock and horror, the haunting low-grade depression of that terrible event. As if the City finally had decided to flex its own shocked and paralyzed self to address the positive in life. That which renews, like the celebration of the holidays, the coming of a new year! With the shock of frankenstorm Sandy, which clearly has been minimized by the media still and those of us lucky enough to have escaped so many debilitating consequences, I am hoping the dazzling New York style festooning will offer hope and inspiration for the future once again. Thanks for commenting!

sky, you make me smile. thank you. some of these shots are not recent, but caught my fancy this round of sharing. I forget when those temp statues were in place but they were delightful to come upon.

best, libby