NOVEMBER 24, 2012 12:44AM

Ten Winter Haiku

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A.M. Country Walk

Cold, shadow-captured
dew, a crystalline carpet.
My feet cause soft crunch.


Natural Impact

His smile “spelled” me like
a still, clean winter forest.
I inhaled crisp hope.


Friends extend heart-hearths.
Their hot chocolate laughter
keeps frantic at bay.


Glass branches glisten.
Winter’s white velvet sleep. My
breath cuts circle ghosts.


Night sky sifts snow fine.
Grand, sly confection. Morning's
covered in frosting.


Rain Framed

Silver drops slap at –
slither – down panes. Sheltered, we’re
mindfully cozy.


Winter morn rush-hour.
I shelter at coffee bar
to cappuccino’s hiss.


Snowflake calm descends.
I embrace its soft beauty.
God-time opens me.


Wind sweeps fuzzy clouds.
We reduce chill backpacking --
trespass outbuilding.


As fretful clouds roam
branches claw solace from full,
inscrutable moon.

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Very good!

"Rated, with much pleasure"

Loved all of these! They perfectly capture the season ~R. :)
Excellent. Like a bit of chocolate on the tongue. Just enough.
These will make me think twice before cursing the chilled air when I go out today. Nicely done.
You do this well. Haiku is a form I cannot deal with. Most of my stuff is what might be called lowku.
These encapsulate the season - so much great imagery in so few words. Bravo, libby!
You have a poetic soul. Beautiful.
You have a poetic soul. Beautiful.
Libby, very soulfully etched. Honest sense of proportion. Love your delicate, yet sharp imagery. Thank you. R>>>>>>>>

beautiful poetry, sore subject anymore
snow that once filled me with brisk pleasure
now reminds me of shovelling out the car each morning
Still.. when the time comes
embrace it

I'd love to see you on OurSalon, not to abandon OS
but as my G Rated place to invite my church friends
take care
just reminded why there is an Oursalon- uncertain tech here- wish they would/could fix it
So beautiful. Makes me miss winter, just a little bit.
So beautiful. Makes me miss winter, just a little bit.
So beautiful. Makes me miss winter, just a little bit.
I love your multi-faceted portraits of winter. They're chilling and that's a compliment.