JANUARY 14, 2013 9:01PM

Obama's Continuing 'Garden Path’ to Fascism

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I wonder if Obama’s face will be carved into Mount Rushmore. Has the universe seriously become that cruelly surreal and Orwellian?

I think so.

A few days ago when I saw Obama’s likeness photoshopped onto Mount Rushmore on Al Sharpton’s show it made bitter bile burn my throat and choke me.

I then managed to scream and announce to a brother and nephew that if or when Obama ended up memorialized in such a way that would be the day I moved to another country.

“Where will you move to?” my nephew asked.

I frowned. “Tough call.” Is there a place on earth safe from amoral America? Think about it.

Obama. The American Judas.

Obama on Rushmore. A U.S. president hell-bent on reversing the social benefits of Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

Obama hell-bent on “entitlement reform.”

Why do people still kid themselves about this goal? Think that he is on the defensive to protect these programs and us? Should I credit Obama with political genius for such slick and victorious mendacity or do I turn to and ponder the extraordinary obtuseness and levels of denial of citizens who actually identify themselves as "progressives"?

Obama hell-bent on imposing gratuitous and devastating austere living conditions on the majority of the American citizenry so to continue the obscene profiteering of the oligarchs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to be mercilessly slashed.

Meanwhile financial fraud continues full throttle, as well as U.S. illegitimate and avariciously-motivated violence in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, etc., costing billions and billions of dollars and millions of human lives.

As I write this a reporter on the NewsHour is mentioning the ever spiking number of military suicides. Think Obama gives a serious damn about them? I don’t.

It awes me that the pseudo-left believes Obama is doing his best for the majority of the American people in spite of those Republican obstructionist meanies and those ridiculous American citizens who would rather deprive fellow citizens of social advantages, which would include themselves, than recognize the economic gang raping of the vast majority of us citizens by the political and financial ruling class elite.

Obama and the Democratic party are representing the oligarchy every bit as much as the Republicans. They seem to prefer more of an economic “date rape” style positioning when molesting their victims. Just as craven and cruel.

Hearing Obama’s lame kabuki sound bites that he is defending the needs of struggling Americans financially is downright disgusting. “Grand bargain,” my ass.

Speaking of former presidents, Glen Ford in a recent article referred to Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder as giving “so many immunities from prosecution he looked like Abraham Lincoln on Emancipation Day.” Hah! Of course, the immunities of the Obama cabal are for financial fraud. Conflating Obama with Lincoln in any further way is just more denial and bullshit propaganda to keep the denying bubble people in their bubble comfort zone. For now.


Hollywood, with Spielberg’s and Bigelow’s movies for example, seems to be hell-bent on positively propagandizing the mendacious and destructive Obama administration. I suppose the Hollywood people are part of that fantastically rich elite and are doing their part as cronies. Shoring up the morally bankrupt Democratic (corporate) party in general and Obama in particular. Profits to be made from the neediness of the denying. The obviously questionable critical intelligentsia skip along behind them on the garden path. It is stunning.

I broke down and listened to Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show once in the last two weeks and was impressed she was talking about the amorality of Obama’s horrifying drone usage and assassination program. Maybe she was coming around? Then Rachel lost me by glibly FRAMING Obama’s stance of such executive criminality as “punch-a-hippie” moments.

Excuse me?????

Obama’s criminal defiance of constitutional and international law, the depth of his arrogant secrecy re “covert operations”, wreaking such horrifying damage around the world as well as to the lives of more and more political dissenters at home, is framed by amiable Rachel as “punching hippies”? So-called hippies are apparently the ONLY citizens of Americans troubled by full frontal fascism and dictatorship?

WTG, Rach! Amiable Obama gets to throw out due process, to decide who is to be “taken out” -- foreign or American -- unchallenged, to violate sovereign international boundaries with ambushing attacks on citizens, and only the admittedly marginalized real left are seriously to be frustrated? That is how you try to maintain your integrity as a journalist? I’m hearing talk streaming out of both sides of your mouth. I’m hearing minimization and/or normalization of what should be intolerable and inexcusable to EVERY citizen, including you!!!!

Enjoy the Inaugural parties, Rachel. You and the rest of MSNBC above all others truly deserve the goodies and treats for all you have done to snow your viewers into believing in Obama “lesser” (which it is so not) evilism. I hear there will be lobster at the big lunch. Kinda pricey considering the economic depression so many of us are in. But Lincoln was partial to it so how can “brand” Obama not have it served this year? The rest of us can eat the proverbial “cake”.

As far as the Academy Awards are concerned, such heralded propaganda movies for Obama rationalizing the use of torture, his “pragmatic” trashing of our constitutional rights and protections, etc., we “hippies” watched the Nobel Prize go to War-Criminal-in-Chief Obama as the bile rose in our throats. Why wouldn’t Academy Awards, etc., go to his stooges, as well?

Mt. Rushmore? I wouldn’t bet against it. But I guarantee there will be excessive vomiting.

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Damn, it's good to see you're still in top form, but both Obama and Reagan could go up on Rushmore and have plenty of amoral company.
Washington was a slave owner and an elitist prig. Jefferson was a spendthrift, liar and slave owner whose "property" was sold at auction to settle his debts after his death. Lincoln ran the Civil War by executive order and suspended habeus corpus. Teddy was a loony tune cartoon character who flouted international law at his whim, "Talk softly and carry a big stick."
But if you're still inclined to immigrate may I suggest New Zealand, so then I could come and visit. Love JMac
You'd get a great deal more attention from the sheeple if, at the end of every rant, you asked, "Do you want fries with that?"

Provided, of course, that you learn to speak sheeple....

Obama sitting in the front seat of the roller coaster, hands in the air! It is a free ride for him, but the rails he rides were forged with the blood of natives, slaves, and dreamers - of a better lot for humans. That big smile says it all - I GOT MINE, MOFOS! Oh, he talks as good a game as any man who has not been chained or beaten half to death - maybe the best. Hell, if he was all white they would be naming Airports after him already. Slap his happy face up there with the rest of them- let the crackers look at their boy! The one they made president.
i recommend new zealand.

lib, when you personalize politics, you hobble yourself. the vast majority of americans are political cattle. they are herded by the collective will of the elite: big money creating a magnetic force to suck out the remaining value of society, the political gangs act as the agents of that impersonal force. as gore vidal said, in america, "there two political parties, one right wing, one farther right wing." i prefer to think there is only one party, with factions squabbling for position and power.

that is precisely the end envisioned by hamilton and madison, when they designed the constitution. things are as they were meant to be, by the will of the elite of post-revolutionary america. think of them as america's girondins.

consequently, you either struggle for real democracy in america, or you tend your garden, or you waste your time saying bad men are bad men.
This may be an appropriate moment to make the observation that neither FDR nor LBJ grace Mount Rushmore.
It's ironic that when Bush tried to enact all these policies, he had all the progressives in the street baying for his blood. That's why the ruling elite was so shrewd to elect a black president. He could march us into the gas chambers, and there wouldn't be a whimper from his liberal supporters.
It occurs to me that Obama is given a pass by guilty white "liberals" primarily because he's black -- which, to me, is its own form of racism.

Those whites who truly aren't racist, who are color-blind, look at the president's policies and accomplishments (or lack thereof) -- and don't make race-based exemptions for poor performance.

Measured against what he himself has promised, Obama has been, and will continue to be, a failure.
P.S. And ironically, black Americans would be better off right now under a truly progressive white president than they are under Obama, that's for sure.
jmac, how great to see you around, my friend. I have been out west visiting family and upon nyc arrival I came down with cold/flu like so many others are suffering these days. Wrestling with it this week.

Am trying to work up a review of ZDT. I saw it and was horrified, besides thinking it is pretty lame writing in terms of plot structuring and character development. Bleccchhhh. But then there are the other propaganda issues rippling around dangerously -- what else is new? The intelligentsia supposedly celebrating it show how cronied up they are, too, to this ugly plastic administration. Bleccchhh again.

I'm not championing those on Rushmore. Since I have to endure America on Obama's craven watch that is where my focus is and I am confessing how vomit-inducing the idea of Obama being honored in such a way by such a mass number of dangerously enthralled American citizens is. And one more celebration of someone so damaging and soul-less, someone who has tossed out our basic bill of rights, someone who is a war criminal and an enabler of torture (Manning for one), and who is pimped by corporations. Who cherry-picks some identity politics efficiently as he perpetrates horrifying crimes covered up by other politician cronies and an amoral corporate media.

Happy new year! Take care. best, libby
sky, happy new year! Ostriches or sheep? Hard call. best, libby
snowden, thank you. an interesting metaphor -- that roller coaster. He got that ride by selling his soul. A lot of money and power and glory with it. I relate to your anger and disgust, my friend! I think a lot of my anger is against those Obama and his cabal have so colossally snookered. Of course, he is a pimp of the oligarchy as much as his party and the media. I just hate to see how incredibly bobble-headed so much of America is. Thinking Obama's winning the last election means American fascism is not ever-deepening. America puts its collective conscience farther back on the shelf. best, libby
al, you have brought this up before, my personalizing politics. I share the way I am and the way I feel and the way I think. Sorry it bothers you but I don't really fully get what you object to so much. Maybe our different temperaments are the reason.

I have the temperament of a feeler and an intuitive and that is where my writing comes from. I do the best I can with my own capacity.

Besides, evil is perpetrated by persons -- by people -- so why not talk in terms of participating personalities like American citizens and a person who is a president, etc. We each have in us the continuum of lower self to higher self. Obama may be a puppet but he is a powerful puppet in the matrix and his individual choices made him sign on board to perpetrate evil. He contracts to do evil as do so many who are unwilling to participate in the politics of courage as Jill Stein calls it.

Ever read Scott Peck's book, "People of the Lie"? Worth a read. Obama is orchestrating with his charisma and brand collective American sociopathy. As for those eagerly following him, Scott Peck says evil is "laziness to the nth degree". I see those unwilling to exercise conscience and empathy and unwilling to find real sources of truth and reality to be profoundly morally and intellectually lazy! And promoting evil as well. Like the Good Germans of WWII.

You know, al, so many of those who ensured Obama and the craven Dems stay in power and feel unthreatened just for simply NOT being Repubs or Bush, suffering NO leverage from their electorate, have rationalized and emotionalized Obama themselves. It is personal to them. They have projected trust onto him, helped by media hype always. They defend Obama in terms of projected emotional attributes they want him to have to make them feel safe. To cushion their denial. Their bubble existence!

I believe it is important saying bad men are bad men, bad women are bad women, in spite of the massive resistance of those enthralled by the brand. At least I am honoring my own soul and my own take of things. At least I am not enabling the lying with silence. I wonder how long I and others will have to say angry and truthful things in our society.

I heard Christiane Armanpour on an interview show say that her interview show is not run in the US. Hah! I suspect she may ask some hard questions with unsettling answers to the power matrix and the truth should not be exposed to the American viewer. Once again, I see the present administration using a seductive political "date rape" on its victims.

Thanks for commenting.

best, libby
UncleChr -- all the more reason he should not be put up there. I think FDR should have been. best, libby
Stuart, great to see you. happy new year.

I share your exasperation. Yes, it is surreal, the FLIP FLOPS of PSEUDO progressives. Cherry-picking whatever Obama decides to use as a present crumb to kabuki from. I particularly appreciate Black Agenda Report for calling out Obama's dangerousness as much as it does. To break up the cronyism based on race which is ferocious.

Obama-enthrallment is so intense, I can see moms getting thrown into torturous indefinite detentions, with their Obama-following adult children rationalizing, "They must have had it coming!"

Instead of breaking through the denial with the second election, Stuart, the denial seems all the thicker and impenetrable. They say psychopaths are so infrequently challenged because that their presumptions and lies are so massive it is hard to challenge them to find reality. It is too scary to see that dark a side of someone. Better to blame the messengers for messing with one's comfort zone.

best, libby
Robert, appreciate your take! I would never have believed it but now that it has come to pass it is truly awesome. How manipulative of the matrix (who used Oprah remember) to set us up. How pliable the citizenry is. Learned helplessness from the commercialization of America and the lack of a citizen identity within each of us. Shallow and cliche ridden thought processing, not deep critical thinking. Media and oligarchs and politicians and academia and military all in bed together, cronied up. The rest of us are at the mercy of ruling class sociopaths and narcissists. Damn them for dooming us!

best, libby