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‘War on Terror’ Fig Leaf Now Being Used to Destroy Africa

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Bill Van Auken of wsws writes:

The escalating war in Africa is neither about terror nor Al Qaeda. Time magazine succinctly outlined the real motives in Mali: “The dangers expand elsewhere, with huge oil reserves attracting Western companies to set up production across the vast Sahel. South of Algeria and Mali sits Niger, a dirt-poor desert country with the world’s fourth largest output of uranium, which supplies France’s crucial network of nuclear-power stations. East of Algeria is Libya, where a number of Western companies exploit some of Africa’s biggest oil reserves.”

This from Seamus Milne:

You'd think the war on terror had been a huge success, the way the western powers keep at it, Groundhog Day-style. In reality, it has been a disastrous failure, even in its own terms – which is why the Obama administration felt it had to change its name to "overseas contingency operations", until US defence secretary Leon Panetta revived the old title this week.

Instead of fighting terror, it has fuelled it everywhere it's been unleashed: from Afghanistan to Pakistan, from Iraq to Yemen, spreading it from Osama bin Laden's Afghan lairs eastwards to central Asia and westwards to North Africa – as US, British and other western forces have invaded, bombed, tortured and kidnapped their way across the Arab and Muslim world for over a decade.

So a violent jihadist movement that grew out of western intervention, occupation and support for dictatorship was countered with more of the same. And the law of unintended consequences has meanwhile been played out in spectacular fashion: from the original incubation of al-Qaida in the mujahideen war against the Soviet Union, to the spread of terror from western-occupied Afghanistan to Pakistan, to the strategic boost to Iran delivered by the US-British invasion of Iraq.

Once again there will be thousands and thousands of innocent human beings killed or their lives permanently shattered by the ruthless U.S. and its craven fellow bullying country cronies diabolically using the “War on Terror” as the “fig leaf” excuse to ramp up further violent corporate-driven profiteering imperialist invasions. Thousands and thousands of people in other countries will die along with our own betrayed troops being used as cannon fodder for corporate profits.

Life sure is cheap for our evil and vile matrix, the political military industrial medical security media complex.

Game continued on. The game of killing and robbing and regime changing for profit.

The lying “War on Terror”-exploiting/justifying countries, obscenely amoral, pretend humanitarian concern to protect foreign peoples from terrorists when, like in Syria, the United States is actually covertly enabling Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists to help with their regime-changing with no concern for massive civilian casualties. The reality of the levels of such inhumanity on the part of the US, NATO and other predatory countries is STAGGERING.

More US/NATO country violence to maintain order in Africa? Bullshit. Destabilization is the best friend of the US and NATO countries. Continuing on with the bogeyman AQ chase is just so convenient a cover for colonization, exploitation and political oppression of others.

Anyone with any working brain cells left from long-time exposure to the imperialists' ethical freakshows should know covert CIA efforts have since forever and continuing on promote civil strife to weaken regimes inconvenient and potentially profitable for the big US-NATO countries readying themselves for the ultimate big kill on their "country kill list." Look back at the string of country victims already that struggle with the horrors of our and NATO's intervening "help". As the ultimate take-over kills happen, the engineers and/or political puppets of such bloodbaths declare bullshit “humanitarian” motives and our compliant craven corporate media echoes the mendacity. As an unbelievable number of bobble-headed Americans invest blind trust in an administration pimped out to oligarchs expanding the carnage. Citizens so naive who believe the madness (MLK's word) is about our best interests and national security.

Colossal bullshit.

These colonizing war crime bloodbaths actually are jeopardizing our national security with the immediate and potential blowbacks. The costs of the war crimes are devastating our domestic economic welfare. The war crimes are also destroying the physical and psychological welfare of our troops.

How can we abide it?

These violent war crimes are explained by our mendacious leaders and the stenographic corporate craven media as necessary for “our” interests. Our interests? They say "our" interests but it is really the 1%’s interests. The financial/political criminal elite that is working with some of the most oppressive regimes of the world, like Saudi Arabia, to supposedly “protect democratic rights” of citizens and to faux-encourage the ripples of the Arab Spring when in reality they are joined in an effort not only to profiteer financially from struggling countries but to politically stomp out any possible civil energy inspired from the Arab Spring.

50 cents out of every American dollar it has been reported goes to support a military vilely out of control and the out-of-controllness exponentially expanding with every tragic, planet-razing, human-lives-destroying year.

Bloodbaths ‘R Us! We are the MONSTROUS AND MONSTROUSLY ARMED PROACTIVE TERRORISTS willfully and seemingly insanely inspiring mass numbers of smaller-fry reactionary terrorists allying against the imperialist nations (some who even were our operatives that we trained and armed before we betrayed them, along with more and more fresh ones whom we may temporarily recruit again -- the enemy of our enemy is our temporary friend until we demonize them once again) in the Middle East and now Africa.

Plunder and kill. Civilian casualties no biggie.

So, the NewsHour guests are talking about how the US and France are helping Mali tonight.


NewsHour guests are also talking about how women are being welcomed into combat equal to men. Jobs, jobs, jobs -- girls. Maybe death. Probably rape, from your fellow troops.

Your deranged, incompetently and amorally governed, anti-humanitarian country calls. If you don't take the bait, well, our government/military leaders, the REAL terrorists, still have their drones!

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No one in "The West" wants to hear about who the real terrorists are..... I think pretty much anyone with a working brain cell knows who it is. But they have no interest in doing anything about it unless they can be convinced that they, personally, will profit by doing so.

Everything, everything, everything in our "civilization" has been reduced to a matter of profit. The question most asked is not, "How can I make things better?" but, "What's in it for me?"

Enjoy the world you've created, 'Merika; you're going to be living in it for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, so are the rest of us.....;-(


The demonization of government per se was more or less initiated by Reagan and Mrs. Thatcher to permit the private business sector to free itself from the controls that made it from a useful element of society into an oppressive monster that is destroying all elements of basic decency in the name of gauging the general populace to enrich an elite class. The business of government is not business, it is people and the management of society to permit people to live decent productive and enjoyable lives. But those in power who seek only power to control for their own profit have been able to pervert government into an oppressive instrument for elite enrichment and their main tool is fear. They need a boogeyman to frighten the public into accepting oppression. In the early twentieth century it was communism and at the collapse of the USSR something else was needed so now it's terrorism. Government itself can be either good or bad but it's obvious some kind of government is a basic necessity. It is the loss of good government control that permits the unregulated gangsters of the financial sector to rape the economy, it permits an unregulated military to allocate funds vitally needed for health, education and basic care of the deprived to be used for attempts at world conquest which lead to total fiascoes such as Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan and the current adventures in Africa, the Pacific, and other insane adventures to fill the pockets of corporate interests by robbing third world nations of their resources and decent government.

Until the American people learn to understand how badly they are being scammed this will go on until nature revolts sufficiently to destroy the ecology so badly that the whole effort will collapse. The American populace seems beyond that comprehension so I have small expectations.
There you go, we just need the rest of the minerals; it is only business! R
Jan has it 99% bang on, dead right, perfectly correct, and on and on.

Only parts I've any doubts about are:...

""Government itself can be either good or bad but it's obvious some kind of government is a basic necessity"",


""The American populace seems beyond that comprehension.............""

I've noticed that every system of government always ends up being bad, no matter how it starts out. And, while I agree that we would likely be better off and more efficient when organized, I'm not certain that being organized necessarily means being governed.

I don't think that the population - not even the American one - is beyond that comprehension, at all. I think they're just ignoring it because they've been so thoroughly indoctrinated with the, "What's in it for me?" attitude that they just can't get excited about any change that doesn't fill their personal pockets.

That and people don't usually try to initiate change until someone tells them how to do that. Exactly how to do that.... none of this, "force the government to...(whatever)..." kind of blather that socialists the world over are always so partial to.
Van Auken is a socialist Sky. Libby while I find your posts mostly entertaining because of your lack of knowledge on most subjects, which is probably why you never write a post with an original thought or your own words, same theme every post. The world will never evolve into a Utopian society, money and power are the root of most of the problems we face today. The choice is do you want a world shared by all or a world dominated by one group. Maybe next post tell us in your words how you feel and why, add your thoughts on how you might fix them. Or get a new hobby.
Have a Better Sun Shiny Day............o/e
To the my hillbilly brethren with an Aston Martin, what exactly made you pull your head out of your ass this morning just long enough to come over here and shit all over someone else? There we go with the labeling. A socialist (marginalizing label) has nothing worth saying. Only free market capitalists have a lock on intelligence and wisdom. That is why capitalism is collapsing.

We are in the midst of a resource war in Africa. That is, the Europeans/Americans versus the Chinese. What Libby speaks is absolutely true. This is driven by capitalist predation and looting. Our military is being used to garner resources for our corporate masters.

If you have some other reasoned, intelligent remark to add to the dialog or to refute her analysis, why don't you say something worth listening to? Rather than coming over here and shitting all over someone you don't know and making no beneficial comment to the topic at hand. Just personal attacks about someone you have never met. Do you feel better about yourself now?

Ignorance and money make an unflattering combination. Might I suggest you sell your Aston Martin and invest the proceeds in knowledge and learning.
We didn't invent the Tuaregs either, as to Mali, and as to people who if interesting, can be difficult to get along with, even within, or rather especially within "Azawad."
@ older/exasperated:

You say "socialist" like it's a bad word? Do you prefer "good 'ol capitalism" like those fine caring souls the Koch brothers?
I'm not sure how well covered the US press covers it, but the US military is transporting French troops to Mali and well as providing them with "intelligence" (which means they already have either CIA or military intelligence on the ground in Mali).

US/NATO policy in Libya sure didn't wind us any friends in Libya. Over the last 12 hours, the governments of Britain, Germany and the Netherlands have advised all westerners to leave Libya for their own safety.

It's great new, though, that the UN has finally launched an investigation into the civilian deaths caused by drone strokes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.
sky, thanks for commenting. I have been reading about the bloodbath in Mali already and it is heartbreaking. Too bad humanitarian interventions aren't really humanitarian interventions. Civilians deaths merely incidental and the realpolitik is bottom line profit. Mali a gateway place to get to uranium, gold, oil, all Africa's treasures. best, libby
jan, so great to see you. happy new year.

The corporate person personality is sociopathic. Now that these legal persons are running/scamming humanity and the globe we are in such a spiritual dark age.

Big government is not the enemy. Bad government is.

Corporate pimps and their minion politicians.

I agree with this: "They need a boogeyman to frighten the public into accepting oppression. In the early twentieth century it was communism and at the collapse of the USSR something else was needed so now it's terrorism."

Watching what milne labels "Ground-hog Day-style" military and economic repetitive nightmares is heartbreaking.

Once again, Jan, I join you in pessimism for the formidable layers of denial of way too many of the American public. I am grateful there are brave souls participating in "die-ins" and rallying against the military viciousness and the economic rapes. But so few considering so many horrors. The matrix of Team Dem cronyism and craven MSNBC media contributes to their seduction. You write:

"Until the American people learn to understand how badly they are being scammed this will go on until nature revolts sufficiently to destroy the ecology so badly that the whole effort will collapse. The American populace seems beyond that comprehension so I have small expectations."

Take care of your precious self!

Best, libby
Thoth, since it is so obvious and so craven, why do so many simply look the other way and let the violent exploitation happen?

thanks for commenting. best, libby
sky, there have been times in America of hope and progress and change. Jefferson said the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. Our citizenry dropped the ball on vigilance. We just kept trusting as things started hardening and getting more and more corrupt.

We were -- and so many still are -- boiled frogs, still comfortable now in the scalding and dooming too hot water. The branches of government, the two party system, all corporate captured by the sociopathic corporate legal persons.

I do believe like the socialists and the green party the working class should rally and fight back -- internationally -- since that is how mafia tentacled the rat bastards are now. better than rolling over!!! Labor needs to get honest and its leadership needs to fight for us.

I saw a labor leader guy named Cohen on Moyers fighting for the talking filibuster and he gave me a stab of hope. They will vote on the measure in the Senate on Tuesday he said. He hoped the Dem senators did not betray us. We have the numbers if they honor the need of the people. With the new filibuster change obstructionists will have to show up for debates when they want to obstruct legislation.

best, libby
oe -- defecating malice!
TL -- thanks for the defense! appreciate.

Re the socialists, wsws is a great source of international information which does not cover up, disinform, blackout like the US mainstream media does.

You spell it out well, my friend! Using these horrifying invasions to counterpoint China and Russia economically is so wrong-headed and dooming and amoral. Obscene!

"We are in the midst of a resource war in Africa. That is, the Europeans/Americans versus the Chinese."

Obama's plan for economic rebuilding seems to be the path of a schoolyard bully, organizing a gang to terrorize and dominate the rest of the schoolyard. So dishonorable and violent. Instead of diplomacy lighting the path to growth, a win/win paradigm of humanism and mutual support he and his co-thug nations are choosing violence and intimidation and fraud and robbery while they cravenly LIE AND LIE AND LIE about their gangsterism. Makes a mockery of international law and organization.

They seem to be using the playbook for creating reactionary terrorists with all their terror.

The reports out of Mali are horrifying. The dogs of war have been let loose and are all the more ferocious and evil and not much lesser evil are in full swing. God save their victims in the cross-fire!!!! Ethnic cleansing seems a given now. As the sociopaths wait to collect more and more spoils. Profits uber alles.

best, libby
Don -- this is from Pepe Escobar:


"The uranium issue is intimately connected with successive Tuareg rebellions; one must remember that, for the Tuaregs, there are no borders in the Sahel. All recent Tuareg rebellions in Niger happened in uranium country - in Agadez province, near the Mali border. So, from the point of view of French interests, imagine the possibility of the Tuaregs gaining control of those uranium mines - and starting to do deals with... China. Beijing, after all, is already present in the region.

"All this crucial geostrategic power play - the "West" fighting China in Africa, with AFRICOM giving a hand to warlord Hollande while taking the Long War perspective - actually supersedes the blowback syndrome. It's unthinkable that British, French and American intelligence did not foresee the blowback ramifications from NATO's "humanitarian war" in Libya. NATO was intimately allied with Salafis and Salafi-jihadis - temporarily reconverted into "freedom fighters". They knew Mali - and the whole Sahel - would subsequently be awash in weapons.

"No, the expansion of GWOT to the Sahara/Sahel happened by design. GWOT is the gift that keeps on giving; what could possibly top a new war theatre to the French-Anglo-American industrial-military-security-contractor-media complex?"

best, libby
Amy, good point. socialism sure sounds good these days, even though it got so demonized so universal health care could get sunk by scared people who would have benefited from it by those who ran the corporate media of course. Geeeez. Corporatism and political corruption sure took care of that. best, libby
Thanks, Stuart! Things sure are going fast there, aren't they? It is so utterly heart-breaking. The horror just keeps on keeping on. Exponentially spreading, now to an entire new continent!

This from Van Auken:


"France has every reason to fear that its intervention in Mali, which has already seen the bombing of civilian populations and the torture and execution of civilians by the French-backed Malian army in predominantly Tuareg areas, could cause armed conflict to spill over the border into Niger.

"However, in addition to securing its profitable facilities from “terrorism” or popular revolt, France has other reasons to flex its military muscle in Niger. In an attempt to increase its share of the uranium profits, the Nigerien government has recently issued exploration permits to Chinese and Indian firms. By dispatching armed commandos, Paris is asserting its domination of the former colony as part of its African sphere of influence.

"As France stepped up its African intervention, Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton used testimony before a Senate committee Wednesday to affirm Washington’s determination to escalate its own intervention in the region."

end of quote.

Oy vey, Stuart!!!

I pray that the UN is serious and strong about the droning!

best, libby
I wasn't so much as defending you as doing a little terrorizing of my own. While tolerance has become the socially-acceptable thing to do, I enjoy being intolerant. Intolerant of ignorance and meanness rolled into a wonderful package that exudes so many redeeming qualities.