JANUARY 30, 2013 8:19PM

Posing Pets

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On my recent trip out west I got some fun shots of three of my family's pets.  Sorry for the darkish-ness of some of the pix, but I was avoiding that flash red-eye effect.  


 131 em maui in chair head turned


132 em maui in chair 


 109 em maui curled up


114 em maui and big fluffy tail


110-1 em stretched out maui  


141 em maui on couch 


122 em maui btwn chairs 


123 em quizzical maui 


111 em maui alert 


 030 em George relaxing on floor


021 em serious gracie in box 


015 em George with his pink bag


028 em George & Gracie


024-1 em george appreciates ceiling 


049 em George tries out box 


016 great closeup of george


035 em George's perch 

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Your pets are so adorable! I love their little noses.
I love the light and colors in these photos. You have a great eye!
Nice. They really like to pose for the camera. R
Nice. They really like to pose for the camera. R
Thanks, Tink!

Sky! :-) still working on the refinements! thanks for all your help!

Margaret, thanks for visit! They are cute, those little noses!! Those two little cat rascals are named "George & Gracie"!

zanelle, thanks for your generous validation. large credit though is to the camera. I have a wonderful new Canon camera with a super zoom that prolongs not having to use the flash and accounts for that interesting golden glow I'm thinking. when I was in Vegas I was able to take night shots of outside of casinos without the flash which was an exciting new freedom. Only trick is holding the camera very steady so the lights don't run on the screen since the aperture is so wide (aperture, right?). as I told sky, I still am learning how to refine the pix after.

Gerald, :-) I was armed with my new camera and the pets were the perfect subjects!!! The fact that I rarely used a flash with them helped me get close and click away over and over. Also, no red-eye.
Beautiful, serene critters. Those cats look so innocent. That half shaded face must get a lot of looks.
Thanks, Matt! :-) They were great fun! best, libby