FEBRUARY 10, 2013 2:12PM

Anti-U.S. Hegemony Haiku

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Unnecessary End

Sky falling down soon.
Avaricious idiots
ruin Earth and Man.

Soldiers’ Soon Enough Epiphany

Needing illusion,
they trust one cares there on high
brass totem. Dream on.


Under coffin's lid
lies still another stiff kid
lied to by country.

Peace, Hegemony-style

Redacting conscience,
vulture culture blasts lives gone. Raped
land left napalm calmed.

David Gregory's Faux Gauntlet

As war-sell generals
Sundays "Meet the Press", how many
minions meeting death?

A Soldier's Sky

As fretful clouds roam,
branches claw solace from full,
inscrutable moon.

Young Blood

Citizens ignore
war’s revolving door to horror
young soldiers must brave.

Defense Spending

Quagmires of blood, fed
troops by Congress-whores for goals
of Vampire Lobbies.

2012: D.C. and The Bull of Wrongs

What wise forefathers
once gave, Gucci-loafered faux
fathers take away.


Nice enough people,
enough nice people,
but it's not enough, people.




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