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Dem Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Landslide’ [16% NYers] ... Meh

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So last Tuesday a FEW of us (relatively speaking -- 24%) in NYC went to the polls to vote. (I went to vote for the Green candidates.)

It was an off-year election including for mayor and mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio of the Democratic Party with a 50 point lead was a sure thing.

He actually won by only 16% of the entire NY voting population according to Bill Van Auken in “The Democratic victory in New York and the crisis of liberalism”.

It was significant for some, particularly those in the media, that for the first time in 25 years a Democrat is in the mayor’s seat in New York City.


Republican Giuliani, former prosecutor, had held two terms. Billionaire Bloomberg who ruled for three terms (finagling that third term against the will and legal decision of the electorate) was a Republican then turned Independent.

Van Auken’s analysis of this election does not focus on the supposedly big win for Democrat de Blasio but on the small voter turnout as a reflection of the general disgust and hopelessness of citizens over the profound economic and social inequality in America.

Van Auken discloses that NYC has the largest concentration of billionaires on the planet, “while fully one-fifth of the population barely survives on $9,000 or less a year.”

Van Auken:

While many media pundits have attributed this mass boycott to pre-election polls predicting an overwhelming margin of victory for the Democratic candidate, there is something more fundamental at work.

Millions of working people in New York City, as throughout the US, are bitterly disillusioned with, if not actively hostile toward, both major political parties. This is the result in large measure of the experience of nearly five years of the Obama administration, which came into office with promises of “hope” and “change you can believe in.”

Instead, at home the administration executed the multi-trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street together with deepening unemployment and austerity for the working class. The jobless Obama “recovery” has delivered 93 percent of income growth to the top one percent, while the vast majority has suffered a continuing decline in living standards. Meanwhile, it has vastly escalated domestic and worldwide spying, while conducting criminal operations abroad from drone assassinations to wars of aggression in Libya and Syria.

Van Auken maintains that de Blasio strove to present himself as a champion of the average New Yorker by using a “tale of two cities” rhetoric. It nailed him the primary win. Then he covertly hastened to reassure New York's rich he was very much their candidate.

Van Auken writes:

De Blasio is a Democratic Party hack, a functionary in the Clinton administration who went on to manage the successful campaign of Hillary Clinton for the US Senate in New York and to seek several minor city offices as rungs in the ladder of his political career.

No sooner than he had won the Democratic primary in September, de Blasio executed a familiar pivot, pitching his candidacy now not to the working class and poor of New York, but to the financial predators of Wall Street. In the end he took in more than three times as much in campaign cash and enjoyed considerably more support from the big banks and finance houses than Lhota, a former investment banker who campaigned against de Blasio’s call for an insignificant rise in city taxes on New York’s richest. De Blasio hobnobbed with and got money from the executives of Goldman Sachs and the top hedge funds as well as others who deserve to be in prison for their actions that provoked the financial meltdown of 2008.

Within this socioeconomic milieu, there were calculations that putting a Democrat who postures as a populist into Gracie Mansion would have definite political uses, particularly under conditions in which the city is projecting a $2 billion budget deficit, even as it faces contract negotiations with unions representing some 300,000 municipal workers, most of whom have been without new agreements for more than four years. De Blasio, no doubt the thinking went, would be better positioned to pitch “equal sacrifice” than Lhota.

I’m thinking put a fork in de Blasio, he’s bought! Of course. He’s a Dem.

Once again, like Obama after Bush, a fed up populate is served up a Trojan Horse in the form of a populist-sounding and amiable Democrat.

Van Auken:

Everything here is designed to funnel discontent back into the safe channel of Democratic Party politics and head off a break with the capitalist two-party system by the working class.


These efforts are tailored at obscuring the essential reality of political life in the United State: that the domination of society and monopolization of wealth by a tiny oligarchy precludes any genuine democracy. The politics of the ruling establishment as a whole, including its so-called liberal representatives, are dedicated to defending the dominance of this social layer and suppressing any genuine opposition from below. The pseudo-left, with its continuous promotion of various forms of identity politics, is dedicated to obscuring the fundamental conflict between the working class and this ruling layer. Reflecting the social interests of a privileged layer of the middle class, it is determined to divert and quash this struggle.

De Blasio, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton ...


Put a fork in all of us of the 99%, we’re “done” -- or should I say, “undone”?


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Unfortunately the 99% have yet to find out just how well-done they are!

Libby ~ have any satirists called him "De Blasé" yet? If not, here's my comic entry...
The performers change, but not the dance. Sad. R
The guillotine, of course, was far too surgical. What is needed is a hamburger machine to grind the bastards into paste.
our fellow Americans have it should many or few....
If Di Blasio won with 73.3% and the turnout was 24% (as low as that? really?), then he won 17.6% of the voting population which is still quite low. To me the shocking figure if the dismal turnout. I've never fully understood this. Decisions that municipal governments make probably affect the days-to-day lives of its citizens more than those of any other level. Yet turnouts are seldom greater than 40% and less than a quarter is abysmal.

I must have gotten extra sensitized to voting apathy after working in countries where people were risking and sometimes losing their lives to get the right to vote.

As for Di Blasio, I guess I'll wait and see. Can't say I have lofty hopes.
And don't even get me started on him parading his "hasbian" wife out to get the LGBTQ vote...
The low turnout may simply reflect the fact that the election was a sure thing.
When only 16% of the eligible voters actually cast a ballot, we get the rulers we deserve... too bad they all read like something from the metric system in Greek. R&R ;-)
sky, thanks for your continuing support. it is bad enough watching the fascism saturating our governance thanks to our anti-representatives in Washington who serve the oligarchs and Israel instead of the citizenry, encouraging fraud like that found in Obamacare and the continuing economic policies protecting criminal corporatists but the willful continuing gullibility of Americans extending unconditional trust and respect to the likes of Obama and the non-stop betraying Dems, talking the talk but who can't walk the walk for a NY second, and who hide under the "lesser evil" bullshit cover-up is GOBSMACKING!

The corporate media 24/7 convinces Americans what the majority of us are supposedly thinking based on what the corporatists and their political shills WANT us all to think and not what reality is -- hypnotizing and disinforming people out of rational and critical and HUMANE thinking and feeling and analysis.

Both parties and the collective majority of citizens are willing to let the one percent of young Americans die or be maimed in institutionalized murderous fighting for imperialism profits and illegitimate power -- perpetrating terrorism and destruction on people and the planet again so that the rich get richer, hang who dies or suffers.

Our foreign allies whom we align with in the profiteering and violent wars are often the worst of the worst dictatorships or industrialized nations that are simultaneously turning to fascism and plutocracy and hegemony and screwing their own citizens in the middle and working and poor classes while willing to annihilate foreign fellow humans.

It is one thing for a government to screw its people. It's another thing to have bobbleheaded citizens defend those putting the knives in our backs, even while many are all too aware of the knives attempting to go in and going in our fronts by the other corporate money party -- Republican -- and willing to rally energy against them while cluelessly enabling and empowering the craven Dems and craven Obama.

Basic morality and decency one would hope at this point to have led people to recognize the Washington ethics free zone and be angry and willing to push back. Apparently and tragically or is the word more aptly pathetically not.

Our anti-reps especially Obama and the fake progressives are replacing democracy with pr for fascism and with institutionalized not so lesser evil

best, libby
designanator -- good one. Now we have to contend with a "lesser evil" Team Dem schmoozer to herd us New York City citizens in line and lie to us enough to discourage deserved dissent. To make us believe the Democratic Party will champion the needs of average New Yorkers. We're still in the same quicksand we were in before imho. Being told we are not is all the more insulting. best, libby
Gerald, perfectly put. Nice to see you! best, libby

Jan, great to see you. Ethics free America starring the faux-progressive Dem party!!!

Steel Breeze ... too bad we get to vote for corporate serving shills rather than real representatives. too bad too many of us aren't willing to demand REAL and SANE CHANGE outside these craven pimped out parties.

amy, the pr of identity politics the Dem Party is willing to exploit is disgusting. also, let's see how de Blasio really feels about stop and frisk now that he has won. let's see how much de Blasio cares about the struggles of desperate New Yorkers. now that the clinton clique has a grip via de Blasio on New York, lots of liberal-washed economic opportunism gonna happen the same way Bloomberg and Giuliani exploited their advantages.

Arthur, so do you think people stayed away out of enthusiasm? I know some feel "whew, a Dem is gonna win" not a rat bastard Republican. As I used to say, Republicans are rabid rat bastards so often, but that doesn't mean we should settle for rat bastard sell-out Dems. I think hope is important, but not blindly basing your hope on a smooth-talking Dem one more time who flexes for the people pre-primary and then after runs not walks to serve the overlords. Wow, sounds like Obama. Talk is cheap and the Dem party uses it and is not held accountable for its hanging on the coattails of the Republicans as they do their bad cop bit in enabling the one percent against the rest of us. MSNBC wants us to bobble our heads and eat shit and smile because the Dems are serving it. Serving "lesser shit"?

Abra, the "party line" of the Dem party is anti-citizen. De Blasio will deliver the talk the talk not walk the walk playbook I'm dreading.

jmac, thanks for commenting. No argument here. I contend when the people are getting screwed it is tragic they can't recognize both parties are screwing us and so very many others in this world. Faux-progressive is especially evil in my eyes. Dem party still using its history to con Americans that there is hope supporting it. Union leaders have betrayed rank and file by serving the betraying Dem party.

best, libby
Considering what I heard about what Bloomberg did to their schools among other things it is of course good to get that bum out but this isn't that much better as you implied.

Hopes don't look good for the Green Party or other grass roots candidates but they could be much better if people knew more about them although they would need to rely more on alternative media since the commercial media is rotten to the core.

They actually have some small local candidates across the country including mayor of Richmond California as well as New Paltz, NY, Marina City, Ca, Antelope, Or., and the Village of Greenwich, Wa..

If more people knew about this then they would be considered viable, which is why the commercial media hardly mentions them if they can avoid it.
Now that you got me thinking about it I found some elected progressives and Libertarians too. The Democrats, Republicans and mainstream media don't want us to pay attention to this so I'll have to do a blog on it when I have time just to piss them off.