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Jane Brogan
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December 31
I am a wife, mother of 3, RN, and all for truth, not sound bites. I have Lupus, and several other autoimmune diseases and a stroke survivor. I am a very cheerful, optimistic and happy person, and always try to look for the best in the world! Also, I am an unapologetic liberal. Progressive ideas are what made this country and what continue to move it forward, without progress, we wither on the vine!


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SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 11:50AM


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Well, most of you know some very private things about me, anyway, but here goes!

 I saw the Ramones in concert as a freshman in high school on a trip with the debate team to Great Adventure in New Jersey in 1979.  It was my first experience with punk rock-and I was hooked.  I was kind of scared by the way some of the punk rockers looked, but I loved the music. One of my favorite songs is "I Wanna Be Sedated".

I am very anti-drugs.  I grew up with the aftermath of addictions affecting my family.  That said, I think marijuana should be legalized! 

I met and spoke with Tug McGraw, legendary Phillies pitcher.  I was 11 years old.   I still have his autograph. 

I joke that my mom started and ended the baby boom.  My oldest brother was born in February, 1948.  I was born in 1964.

My mom lives one block away from the house she grew up in.  Her first house was across the street from her mom's home and her present home is on the same street, just down the block.

I have a clown phobia.  Maybe it was because a 'ScoobyDoo' episode had a demented clown on it and I watched it at age 5.  I think clowns are serial murderers in disguise.

When I finally completed my Bachelor's degree I had over 240 college credits-almost enough for another degree.

I was written into a chapter in a perinatology textbook because of my 3 episodes of pre-eclempsia while pregnant.

I spent a lot of time in gay bars as a young adult as one of my best friends is gay.  One of the bars in New Hope, PA was a Revolutionary War building.  It was creepy in the basement there and was supposedly haunted. I am pretty sure I saw the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier.  The bar has since burned down.

I took ballet and tap lessons from age 2 until age 14.  I was in several competitions, won a few, and also taught ballet and tap to toddlers.

 My Godmother and my namesake was the first woman Brigidier General in the US Army.  She was FDR's physical therapist and after retiring from the Army, taught at the University of Pennslyvania for many years. There is a national physical therapy award that bears her name.  She also wrote textbooks.   My father(her cousin) told me I was named after her because she was a very accomplished woman! 

My birthday is really December 31.



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I knew I was in good company. You and your famous genes.
It seems lots of people are afraid of clowns...I gotta look into that.
Thanks, Fay. I don't have too many phobias, but clowns creep me out! R
Kateasley, I was a semester away from graduating when I got pregnant with my first child. I couldn't afford to go back and finish. Then I went to nursing school at another college and then finished my Bachelor's at a 3rd college. 25 years it took! Thanks for your comments!
Lots of people have the clown phobia...I think it is because they are all really mean...and kids see the dissonance.
Finally! a real Capricorn ~ mine is really December 30
What is it about clowns ?
Snarky-I agree. I think it is the idea of hiding behind a mask that throws me off!

Gabby Abby-it took me a while to realize that the default birthday on OS was DEc31. So here I was niavely thinking I shared my birthday with so many OSers!

Rosycheeks-I think I was scared by clowns as a young child and it has stuck with me. Like I said, I think a serial murder lies behind the makeup!

Owl_Says_Who-thank you for checking this out!

Thanks to all for your comments!
Wow, I am running into a number of Ramones fans on this site. I'll soon be writing about a Ramones gig from 1980. And you saw the gig while travelling with the Debate Team! Love it!
VariousArtists-yes, it was really funny. Three of us snuck away from the main group to go to the concert. I was fascinated by the huge safety pin that was going through some guy's face, and from the crazy hair. Ironic, us nerds from the debate team seeing the Ramones! I am so glad I did, though! Thanks for your comments!