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Jane Brogan
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December 31
I am a wife, mother of 3, RN, and all for truth, not sound bites. I have Lupus, and several other autoimmune diseases and a stroke survivor. I am a very cheerful, optimistic and happy person, and always try to look for the best in the world! Also, I am an unapologetic liberal. Progressive ideas are what made this country and what continue to move it forward, without progress, we wither on the vine!


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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 11:06AM


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It is important to exercise your civic duty and vote tomorrow.  Please think long and hard about for whom you cast a ballot.  We have President Obama, who inherited an economy that most economists said would take 10 years to recover.  Obama also had to fight a group of lawmakers who colluded to not pass any of his legislation-even if they originally sponsored it.  Is Obama perfect?  No, we shouldn’t expect a perfect leader-just one who does his best for ALL of the country. 

Then we have Romney, a remarkably flexible man who has twisted himself into so many knots to fit a narrow-minded, reactionary, ill-informed group of followers and actually is in a close race.  Romney is a vulture capitalist-who benefits from the misery of many others.  He used his church to hide taxes through deductions, and he is the textbook definition of a sociopath. Smooth exterior, only HIS needs matter, and he really, really needs to be President.  His dark side is just below the surface when he doesn’t get his way-and he always gets his way, regardless who he hurts in the process.

Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, is a privileged person who has only worked for government his entire life-the same government he wants to dismantle. He wants no social safety net, no Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, welfare, no minimum wage, environmental protections, and no work place rules for worker safety and protections. Ryan does, however, want to micromanage lady parts.  No birth control, no abortions-even to save the life of a mother- will be allowed if the Fetal personhood bill he wrote is enacted.  He also has redefined rape.  Rape is rape, I thought.  I didn’t know it is only forcible rape if you fight back.  Never mind if you were slipped the date rape drug and got raped.  Guess what?  You didn’t fight back, so it wasn’t forcible rape. 

Since corporations are people(as all good capitalists believe) then I suggest that all mergers be regulated like they want to regulate human people’s sex lives-only male and female companies may merge.  Any corporation takeovers must be defined as hostile only if the company put up a good fight.  Have the clergy who supposedly control peoples’ souls and eternal salvation browbeat them into doing your bidding.  There is nothing like spiritual blackmail.  Scare your flock and tell them they must vote republican to save their eternal soul.  Employers are also telling their employees to vote for the republicans-or they will lose their jobs.  Then we have the whole voter suppression and shady undertakings by republican operatives.  Ballots being thrown out(Virginia),polling places with hours cut(Florida), even though people have to wait hours in line to vote, a hostile partisan Secretary of State(Ohio), who is throwing out provisional ballots without proper cause. 

To recap:

Obstruct the sitting President to ensure he loses a second term

Be a chameleon and become the candidate that whatever group you are talking to wants.

Pick a smarmy, egotistical frat boy who walks out on interviews if asked tough questions

Have a very vocal subgroup of knuckle dragging; misogynist men-and the insane women who agree with them-dismantle a woman’s humanity.  Reduce all women to uteri and how many babies are birthed, and threaten them that a wrong vote condemns them. 

Use emotional blackmail-perfected during the Inquisition.

By all means make voting extremely difficult for anyone who may vote democratic, and if that fails, then cheat.

I feel like we have lived this before, but I realized it is like a real life John Grisham thriller.  We have dark and shadowy behind the scene puppet masters(Koch Brothers), a compliant group of drones to carry out their evil mission(Republican governors, senators, congressmen), and a woefully ill-informed populace who had been deluded by talks of socialism, Muslims, gay people indoctrinating your children, and who believe the earth is only 9,000 years old.  I guess we cannot fight stupid, but stupid has morphed into bat-shit crazy! 

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Can I steal that last paragraph? Perfect. Says it all. Bat Shit Crazy. I still have hope. Right now today I do. We will see in four days what I think. It must be crazy to put your hope in one fellow but Obama has the grey hair to prove his dedication. No drama Obama but he gets things done. He loves the game and is playing to win. I'm just drifting.
Bat shit crazy indeed... right now Obama's looking good to win, so unless stupid gets contagious I'm thinking Romeny/Ryan are going to be looking for work on Wednesday morning.
Yes, crazy. As Zanelle says, bat shit crazy. The Ronald Reagan that these guys love would be too liberal for them today. Heck, Richard Nixon seems like a socialist. They sound like a political party that's time-traveled from another century.
Good Plea, Jane & on the money! R
Very excellent and concise analysis of the dirty Republican tactics against president Obama. Many of them call themselves patriots yet they obstruct programs designed to help the country. Senator Mitch McConnell said it best and honestly. He stated from the beginning that his number one goal was defeating the President in 2012. We must all get out and vote and stop these selfish anti-American party hacks. Otherwise the middle class will disappear.
Zanelle-Thanks for your great comments! I think we are all getting grey worrying about the elction and all of the misdeeds occuring to skew results!

jmac1949-we can only hope the game show host and the frat boy are not employed on Wednesday! Thanks for your comments!

Cranky Cuss-yes they would throw out Republicans from even 10 years ago-who I thought were fairly crazy, then! I like the caption of don't forget to turn your clock back 1 hour, but don't vote Republican or you will turn the clock back 50 years(more like 100). Thanks for your comments!

Marilyn-thanks so much for your kind comments!

Howard- you are so correct! It is a scary situation! Thanks for your comments!
i've been watching americans closely for about 60 years now, and see no significant differences. they started off branding and maiming would-be fugitive slaves, and driving civilized and acculturated native americans from their ancestral lands. did you know the cherokee had a higher literacy rate than their european neighbors?

things haven't gotten better since then, although the names of the victims change.
Al-thanks for your comments. I am sad that many are voting based on fear-fear of someone they think is not American as well as those of us scared to see facism's ugly head popping up in the right wing arguments.