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SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 6:27PM

12 Random Things About Me

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12. I was once smacked in the head by Al Gore.  Really.  He was shaking hands at a campaign stop at my college, and he was on crutches.  As he reached to shake the hand of the guy behind me, his crutch slipped in the melted snow on the gym floor, and he cracked me in the forehead.  He was appropriately apologetic.

11.  My parents owned a diner when I was growing up.  This means that I am an experienced grill cook, waitress, and payroll manager.  You never know when those skills will come in handy.

10. I have never been in any state with a Pacific coastline, though I can claim that I have visited all the others at one point in time or another.

9. My first boyfriend was named Jamie.  We were in marching band together in high school, and he was a couple years younger than me.  I took him to my senior prom nonetheless, and he was resplendant in his white tux with a purple vest that matched my dress. I wonder whatever became of him.

8. I have a school girl celebrity crush on James Franco.

7. I spent a year as the lone girl living in a house of fraternity boys.  One of the best years of my life.  I loved being the "little sister", and those boys knew how to throw a party. I turned 21 in that house, and that is a birthday I will never forget.

6. My belief: when in doubt, go back to school.  You can never have too many degrees.

5. I have been the slayer of three deer in my life, two of them with cars.  One of the cars was slain, too.

4. When I was in 7th grade, the students in my class started a hate club aimed at me.  They had officers and everything.  That was a very long year.  By 8th grade, it was like it had never happened, and I was suddenly acceptable again.

3. I always thought I would have a daughter that I would name Katherine.  It's a good name to get you through an entire life.  She could be Katie when a girl, then Kate as an adult, and when she was a grand old dame, Katherine would suit her.

2. My husband is out of town this week, and I remember now how I don't like being in the house alone at night.  Can't wait to see you Friday, baby!

1. I am a nightmare haver.  I should write screenplays from the things my mind dreams up at night--they are always complete stories, with a lot of chasing and screaming and heart-thumping terror.  I would be rich, if not well-rested.

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I used to live in fear of running over deer when I lived in Central NY, but I must have been supercautious because even though families of them would come tripping out of the woods at night, I never hit one. But I only lived there 3 years as a driver. Seventh grade was a nightmare for me too. I was one of the corps in Holly Whore and the Whore Corps. My best friend was Holly. If you take melatonin, that can cause horrid nightmares. Thanks for the insight.
My goodness, this is an interesting list. #4 breaks my heart, but glad to know it evaporated by the next year. #3 sounds very very good.~r
Middle schoolers are just so mean, for some reason. I'm not exempt--I remember doing my share of crappy things to others. Such a status-conscious time of life!
I like the way you think - and I can relate to #5 and #1.
a fun and interesting read~r.
It's still habitual to scan for deer as I drive, Owl, even though I live in a place where that is much less of an issue. Not a lot of deer on S. Tryon St. here in Charlotte.
I spent part of freshman year as an assistant to the boys gymnastics team. I had fun showing off, being better than the boys on their apparatus.

Blahh! to 4. I HATED the social atmosphere at school. A friend called me one day after school to tell me I'd been complimented at lunch time as "even being nice to the retarded kids." That was a turning point conversation. Why would anyone consider not being nice to them??!

On 1, sadly, I often have insane nightmares. Ever since I started pushing past my comfort level to do more with my life.

I like your list!
Thanks, heidibeth! This was a fun open call.
marvelous list. I so get #2 and #1. For some ridiculous reason I watch scary movies on nights my husband is out of town and then have nightmares and end up staying up most the night watching more scary stuff.
4 is heartbreaking, especially now that I have middle school kids. And 10? That's just sad. Come out here to Oregon. You'd like it. Great list!
I love your list! You sound like good people. ;)
Great list - you touched on a little bit of everything from childhood politics to the Pacific Ocean!
I know, Froggy, I need to get over to that side of the country. I make it to the Atlantic several times a year, but then that's just a short drive from here.

Mimetalker, I have been trying to avoid scary movies this week for just that reason, and still...

Thanks so much for visiting, y'all!
I love this list! And #12 at the top starts it off perfectly.
Yeah, Al and me, we were close for a moment.
I can't believe I didn't see this post until tonight. Great List. I like 12 & 7. -R-