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APRIL 13, 2011 7:07PM

A Simple Meal

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After a long day slinging information and subverting corporate bureaucracy, I'm beat and hungry.  Mr. L has a rehearsal tonight, and as much as I might wish the dinner fairy was going to visit my house, I know the cooking is all on me.  Good and simple, here I come!

I start with a potato--a nice little Yukon Gold.  Actually I start with a pan, with olive oil in it, heating on the stove.  While it gets warmed up, I dice the potato into cubes.  I want them all to be around the same size, about an inch, but I am not killing myself to make it perfect.  Just eye it up and cut the dang potato.  I toss it in the warmed pan and shake it around to make sure there is oil between each potato piece and the steel skillet.  I have a grinder full of sea salt mixed with dried garlic, and I give 2 or 3 turns over my pan, and then do the same with the pepper mill.  While things get going in the pan, I go looking for the rest of my meal.  We have eggs from the farmer's market--the good ones with the golden-orange yolk, not the ones from the grocery store with the wan, lemon-yellow yolk.  I also spot a bag of English muffins in the bottom of the fridge, and pull those out.  I hunt for the spatula, and give the potatoes a turn.  They need a few minutes, so I let the dog out and go see where Mr. L left the remote for the TV.  Oh look, Paula Deen is baking up some type of cookie slathered with what looks like Nutella!

I go back to test the potatoes, and after a little pushing around in the pan, I decide they are ready.  I put them on the little white plate, cut an English muffin and pop it in the toaster, and run the pan under the faucet for a second to cool it down a bit.  I then cut a little butter, melt it up, and crack two of those gorgeous eggs in.  A pinch of salt--the pink Himalayan stuff this time-- and a twist of pepper, let them cook for a couple of minutes, then flip to firm up the other side.  I didn't break the yolk!  Success!  I slide the eggs on to the plate by the potatoes just as the toast jumps up.  I slather on some butter and place it accompanying the potatoes and eggs, pour a glass of V-8 and voila!  Dinner is served.

As it turns out, the first meal I ever learned to make is still my best.

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I ate every bite, and sopped up the yolk from my plate with the English muffin.
the simpler the better
the simpler the better
Yep. Simple is best!!!!
Yukon Gold is my favorite type of potatoes. This is certainly an easy, comfort food.