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Sharon Kay

Sharon Kay
Jacksonville, Florida,
June 03
Life has been a bit strange lately, both good and bad. I hope to come back to OS when I learn to write for myself and no one else. and on FaceBook or if you want to talk just message me and I'll give you my phone number or Skype name. I got nothing to hide!


MAY 6, 2010 7:28AM

One Soul For Sale - Cheap

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As I sat at the traffic light doing my facial exercises and looking in the mirror a thought flashed across my mind. Now, to be honest with you, I think it was that impish Life whispering in my ear but I don't want to accuse her unfairly and she has vehemently denied doing it, so...., we'll just say that I don't know where it came from. (Whatever! You know how she can be!)

Anyway, there it was,  "I'll swear, I'd sell my soul to the devil for a facelift."

I was rather stunned and sat there thinking and wondering where that came from and then I realized that, "Yes, yes I would!"

I looked around and there were no cars nearby. There was no smiling, handsome man in black walking toward me reaching into his inside pocket to pull out a contract. I shook off the thought and tried to concentrate on the traffic light which was still red. 

But the thought was still there and it wouldn't go away and I thought,

"Hummmm, I don't really believe in the Devil but what if I'm wrong...."

Peak into the rearview.

Glance to the right.

Steal a look to the left.

Nobody there.

The light was going to change and there I sat with my soul in my hands just waiting and I couldn't resist the temptation to do that thing that women do when they gently push back the skin just below their ears and under the chin tightens up and that little droop goes away and, suddenly like magic, we look ten years younger. It's just not fair and I sighed and laughed at myself and I turned to Life and she shrugs her shoulders in that shrug that means, "Yeah, girl, I feel your pain but what the hell are we supposed to do. We got no extra money and no rich uncle on death's door and if we did have a rich uncle on death's door we wouldn't be wishing for him to hurry up just so we could get a facelift. Would we?"

Now, if you listen to the preacher on Sunday or one of those women who walks around work saying "praise the Lord" everytime something doesn't go her way you'd think the Devil would be lurking on every corner just waiting to pounce but there I sat, ready, willing and able to gladly give over a perfectly good soul for a facelift and do you think there was a Devil in sight? Well, hell no! 

And Life, she was just sitting there laughing at me and how I never seem to be satisfied with my looks and I just wanted to give her a smack up side o' the head and say, "Ain't funny, Life!  Ain't nothin' funny about it at all!" But I can see her point and she's not so bad to have around and, actually, I'm kind of starting to like her.

Maybe I should put it on Craigslist!

 Have fun, ya'll! 



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I hate that, when you need a good Devil and they're nowhere to be found! Craigslist sounds like a great solution!
Ha! Clever story Sharon.
And if he would have taken you up on the offer....then what? Would life be perfect then? No quick fixes I'm afraid, but cute story.
We're our own worst enemies, aren't we? If I could do something drastic, I'd go back in time and start all over....undoing any mistakes I made....especially the ones with my children. After that, I might go for some botox!
I can only imagine what kind of replies you would get from that ad on CL!
Personally, I wouldn't mind a bit of "jiggly" on my chest, instead of on my ass.
I love that. Craigslist was the topper. You can find anything there.
Very clever! Look out, if the stories are to be believed he will ambush you by providing a golden opportunity to get money for a facelift if only you compromise a little bit of your morals here or there, or hurt someone - just a little...Let us know if he shows up!
don't know about your face, but your ankles are nice!
I like your face Sharon. Nice post though. We can dream huh? (didn't some young guy just insist you dance with him? hmmmm)
Great story Sharon, but unfortunately, happiness isn't going to come from a facelift. That would be too easy!
I like what Blue in TX said. He will sneak up on you in a weird way if you aren't careful. Let us know....
And I am sure you are too hard on yourself. Erma Bombeck used to say that women with facelifts looked surprised all the time. I have seen some women whose faces are so taut that they have these gashes across their cheeks. I already know that you have the gift of telling a good story. You probably have outer gifts, too, that you are overlooking.
Thank you so much to all of you for reading and being kind enough to comment since I haven't been around much lately and with my schedule it looks like I won't be for a while.

I hope you're all having fun and, if you're not, then stop what you're doing 'cause Life is just too damned short not to enjoy it!!

Men do that too, sometimes Sharon, in front of the mirror with our fingers under our ears making our smile go weird.
God, let's all just join hands and get over it !

ps you're beautiful
Don't let life trick you into "settling" for a face lift. Get it all! ;-)
Self acceptance can certainly be difficult - at least it is for me anyway.