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Sharon Kay

Sharon Kay
Jacksonville, Florida,
June 03
Life has been a bit strange lately, both good and bad. I hope to come back to OS when I learn to write for myself and no one else. and on FaceBook or if you want to talk just message me and I'll give you my phone number or Skype name. I got nothing to hide!


JULY 1, 2010 9:47AM

Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" and I didn't cry. Yes!!

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I love Eric Clapton and his guitar. Now, you can say he's overrated if you want to and I'll respect your opinion but he just makes me feel good.


A couple of the bands that I go to see play "Wonderful Tonight" almost every time I see them. It's a great song to slow dance to and gives the guitarist a chance to show off a bit. (Huh, Robert and Jimi? You act shy but you're a couple of real performers and I adore ya.) Until this past weekend, every time they'd play this song and the dance floor would fill up with couples looking into each other's eyes or cuddling close I'd feel the need to go to the ladies' room or to the bar across the street or go outside for some fresh air or just anything to keep people from seeing me cry.  

The entire time I was married I wanted to hear this just once. He'd say things like, "That dress looks nice on you." or "You got a haircut. It looks nice." I wanted, no, I needed to hear him say, "You look wonderful!" I needed to hear him talk about ME, not my dress or my haircut. I needed to hear how much he loved ME. But it never came and I'd say to myself, "Sharon, the man cannot, will not, lie. You obviously do not look wonderful and he obviously doesn't love you that much. Just take what you get and count yourself lucky because you're no prize." And he never danced with me.... Don't worry this isn't going to be a "sad assed post". I promised, remember?

But last week out on the deck at New Orleans Cafe, Jimi Graves played "Wonderful Tonight" on his Fender and I was so caught up in his playing that I didn't walk away and I didn't cry. I enjoyed it immensely! Since then it seems that everywhere I go this song pops up. Robert did it Friday night and Gregg played it Saturday night and it was on the radio when I got in my car last evening and then again this morning. I didn't hurriedly and angrily and sadly reach to turn it off or change the station or pop in a CD.

No, I sat there and thought...

I think this means I'm feeling better about myself and starting to put the past where it belongs --- in the past!

But now, tell me, isn't that just a beautiful song and don't we all, women or men, long for and need to hear these words sometimes? No, hell no, not sometimes but often, very often. We need to be told just how very Wonderful and Beautiful (or Handsome) and Loved we are as much as we need food to eat or air to breathe. Sure, you already knew that but a little reminder now and then doesn't hurt, does it?

If you like Clapton as much as I, here's one of my favorites just because....



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Great advice. A small subtle difference in how we speak to each other can mean so much.
Oh hell yes!!! I like the direction your attitude is going, Miz Shaz!
You read wonderful today.
Shaz? hee hee

That song drives me crazy in a whole different way.

And WHO says Clapton is overrated? Those bastards!
aka, you are so right...

Owl, as we would say in the South, "Oh, heelll yeah!" xo

AHP, so did you, dear one.

Duane, don't you laugh at me. Kim used that once and I think it's fun. And I kicked the guy in the nuts who bad-mouthed Clapton so we're even!

Jimi Graves plays that Stratocaster like it was a beautiful woman. He'll probably be playing at the Nudie Blues concert next spring. I'll send y'all an invite.
With a first name like "Jimi," that guitarist at the New Orleans Cafe has a lot to live up to! Thank you for liking the slow songs too, it ain't how many notes you play, it's how well you play them.
"Live me" that's so true! A great post.
Anything with Clapton in the title will get me over here, Sharon. the past belongs right where it is - in the past. good for you.
Shaz I've never even seen you and I now how wonderful you are.

Thanks for the music tonight.

Some men - lots of us - just don't know what to say.
Thanks for laying it out the way you always do - it helps more than you know.
Paul, you are so right, man!

vonnia, I think maybe they're the same thing "living" and "loving".

trilogy, that old past keeps rearing it's ugly head and has to be beaten down and I'm not sure that it ever dies but I'm not giving up the fight!

Kim, it's not just men who don't always know what to say. I'd be interested to hear what men would like to hear, well, except for the obvious.....Ha!
You are so right about the dynamics. Glad to see you exploring and happy Sharon.