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Sharon Kay

Sharon Kay
Jacksonville, Florida,
June 03
Life has been a bit strange lately, both good and bad. I hope to come back to OS when I learn to write for myself and no one else. and on FaceBook or if you want to talk just message me and I'll give you my phone number or Skype name. I got nothing to hide!


JULY 7, 2010 8:37AM

Feel The Rhythm

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This morning for the, must be, hundredth time I watched "Strictly Ballroom". The scene where Fran's family teaches Scott the Paso Doble makes my heart beat faster and I'm not sure if it's the dance or the tight pants on those sexy men!

Last night and this morning I had started to feel a cloud passing over my head and I knew it so well, that sense of hopelessness for my situation and  that voice telling me what a fuck-up I am. Then as I sat having my breakfast "Love Is In The Air" played and Fran and her grandmother shared the wisdom, "A life lived in fear is a life half lived". The cloud lifted as I thought of my original screen name here on OS, lifehalflived.

Fear is a useful tool. It keeps us from doing many things which would hurt and leave scars for life but it should be just that, a tool, and not a taskmaster beating us over the head every time we try to dance our own steps.

So many fears cloud our minds and cause us to sit on the sidelines: lost loves and "will I ever love again", "where did our friendship go", "what will they think", "you're too old", "how will you survive". We see a tomorrow that is a blank page waiting to be filled with, with what? With more fear? Or a page filled to the edges with our own steps? That which is uniquely me, you, us?

Do you....

Feel the rhythm,

Hear the beat,

Of your own heart,

Of life without fear?



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If we could get rid of our fears, our anxieties would also exit. Wouldn't the quality of life improve? I can so relate to this, Sharon.
I hoped someone could relate. Thank you, Patricia. Just for today let's kick them out on their butts every time they show up and see how good it feel, want to?
I fight the negative tapes in my head also, they are liars. Thanks Sharon.
I've found age cures a lot of fear & anxiety. But of course, it's kinda late... too soon old, too late fearless...
Yes, they are, Rita, but they dress up so prettily as our friends just trying to help us see the "truth". Damn it!

Myrid, that's one of my fears: that I'll finally learn my lesson after it's too late. And so the circle goes unbroken, or not! I see a lot of fearlessness in you and admire it very much.
Fear is a four letter word that makes us use other four letter words to enhance it. It has to go. R-
Damn straight, Dave!
Heading to work. Hope you have fun today!!
You are soooo on it with this, Sharon. You simply rock.
Courage is not the most important virtue, but it's certainly in the top five. Thanks, Sharon.