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APRIL 10, 2012 9:42PM

Two Visions of the Near Future

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Two Visions of the Near Future

by Ariel Ky April 11, 2012

The villagers of Jeju Island just off the coast of South Korea in the East China Sea have been fighting construction of a military base on their island. Among the many tales of resistance in the world today, it is perhaps the most tragic, even though seemingly few people know about it. Nevertheless, it holds the key to our collective future.

The Harmonious Path to Peace and Prosperity in 2012

The GangJeong villagers receive sufficient international support to stop construction of the naval base. Netizens in China, learning of their resistance and concerned for their own safety in the future, pressure the government to intervene. China is in negotiations with the U.S. and several other countries over an incident in the South China Sea which occurs during war games in April that the U.S. is conducting with the Philippines and Vietnam. The situation is tense. China makes it clear that it is prepared to go to war with the U.S. Among other more immediate issues, Chinese diplomats demand the stoppage of construction of the naval base on Jeju Island.

Countries all over the world are choosing up sides if China and the U.S. go to war. Nobody is quite sure who will win or what their situation will be. Although most countries think that the U.S. will win in a direct confrontation with China, a great many of them don't want the U.S. to win this war. China starts looking stronger and stronger as more than 160 countries align with it. The U.S. is looking increasingly isolated, its alliances unlikely to hold firm as hammered out with puppet governments that lack the will of the people to support them.

All over the world people are in an uproar, facing a world war that could destroy most of them with the use of nuclear weapons. Everyone is angry with the United States, as its obvious that it has provoked China. Watching its support rapidly erode, and responding to the gathering insurrection breaking out within its own borders, the U.S. decides to back down and make a concession that will appease the maelstorm of criticism in global society unleashed by its aggression. The U.S. asks S. Korea to stop construction of the military base on Jeju Island, and it does. Jeju Island is declared an island of peace for eternity, and a highly consequential peace conference is hosted by ASEAN at the end of the summer of 2012 on Jeju Island, resulting in a great many new friendships and trade pacts between Asian countries that eventually lead to a balance of power between the East and West that stabilizes the world. Money is committed by several nations to build a secretariat on Jeju Island comparable to the United Nations in New York, which will promote world peace and the interests of the Asian continent (including Europe, India, Russia and island nations in the Pacific.)

In December of 2012, Jeju Islanders celebrate by holding the biggest open party the world has ever seen to celebrate the winter solstice and the end of the times of continual warfare in the world, inviting people from all over the world to brave the winter cold and join with them in song and dance and feasting. Many people come and everyone has a great time, making new friends among the South Koreans and people from other countries who attend. Traders go home with many new international agreements, as deals are made all over the place.

The Jeju Islanders are honored as heroes in their long struggle. They are plied with gifts and flowers, each one is interviewed many times over by the press from a world eager to hear their individual stories. The South Korean government pays the villagers reparations and issues a formal apology. Several programs are televised, giving the true story of the events in the past century that have occurred on Jeju Island. Airlines compete with each other to award the villagers a peace award pass that gives them free passage on their airline for their lifetime. Several major universities from around the world decide to cooperate in building a peace campus for international studies on Jeju Island. Facilities are constructed to support holding major international art, music, performance and language camps and festivals on Jeju Island and people continue to throng to the island in sacred pilgrimage to enjoy the bounties of nature they find there.

Pieces of the rocks that were blasted before construction on Jeju Island was halted are given to the children of the world as a reminder of what their lives might have become if the base had been constructed. Even today, every child in S. Korea has a piece of Jeju Island.

The Military Path to World Destruction in 2012

The Jeju villagers fail to stop construction of the military base on Jeju Island. Mass arrests, torture and detention deter them. A genocide occurs again as the Korean government executes the people in the village. China decides that it won't risk intervening, as it considers itself too weak to risk a war with the U.S. over the issue. Construction of the military base moves forward with great rapidity once the local people have been eradicated. By the end of the summer of 2012, twenty U.S. Aegis warships have been sent to harbor at Jeju Island. It also becomes the base of operations for a number of submarines.

U.S. space command decides to conquer all of Asia, and the attack on China begins in October 2012. Millions of people die in nuclear attacks. Radioactivity already spreading from Fukushima, continues to be carried by rains and wind so that everyone and everything is contaminated all over the world. People start to die. The U.S. wins the war, but life on earth largely ends as people, animals, trees, fish, flowers, all die terrible painful deaths, some quickly, some slowly. And the planet becomes a charnel house. Some people manage to survive who sequestered themselves in underground bases. But they are no longer free to walk the earth, as there is nothing green left growing, and the sky is always black, and the smell of death is overpowering. It's no longer safe to breathe the air. There are no sunrises and no sunsets. Nobody can see the stars anymore.

Which future do you want? Which future do you support?

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