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Ariel Ky
Oceanside, California, U.S.
October 11
English Teacher
I consider myself a generalist, a dreamer, a visionary, an idealist. I walk both worlds, the inner world of spirit and this outer world we all share in. I have real power, the power of a strong connection to the earth and the power of truth and resilience. I am committed to being effective in bringing about the changes that must take place in the minds and hearts of people so that we can live in peace and harmony with each other and all life on this planet. I grew up in the fifties in Lansing, Michigan. My father was a bricklayer, my mother a teacher. I have a strong identification with the working class and ordinary people, and was always quick to defend the underdog and play the devil's advocate. My strengths are being able to see the big picture and getting to the heart of the matter. I consider that I am a fairly good writer, having worked at this craft my entire life, but I once had a professor who said my true genius was in speaking. Along with most of the people on this planet, I am seriously concerned with the present state of affairs and lack of balance in the U.S. military dominance. I am presently teaching English in China. My profession is an ESL teacher, which I have been doing off and on for over 20 years. I have a Master's degree in TESOL from Michigan State University, a Journalism degree from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Public Relations, and a Library Media Assistant AA degree from Pasadena City College. Research is my passion and main past time, even before the advent of the Internet. I worked in the library at Michigan State University before my son was born in 1986, where I pursued research topics that I was interested in. When I was in my early twenties, I worked on a book on women's health care as part of a book team at the Feminist Women's Health Center in Los Angeles, doing research at UCLA's medical library that led to a new view of a woman's clitoris. The book is still available in print, "A New View of a Woman's Body." I am working again with a team of writers on another book with the working title of "Opening Our Hearts and Sharing Our Dreams of What May Be" to share our visions and action plans for the young people coming of age (between the ages of 16-21) and support them in carrying out what needs to be done to manifest the world that they want to have for themselves.


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AUGUST 7, 2012 3:14PM

Jeju Video You Must See

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I'm clipping in a message that I just received from Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network.  I've been on a visa run to Hat Yai in Thailand and spent the past few days near the Taman Negara national park on the northwest coast of Malaysia where I built a tree altar on the beach for peace.
So I wasn't on the Internet for a few days and am playing catch-up.  I am excited by all the efforts people are engaged in to make peace work. 
Global Network
2:18 AM (52 minutes ago)
to GN
The Dignity of Creation
The Gangjeong village and their growing team of supporters just organized a peace walk around their entire island.  Almost 1,000 people walked in two groups going east and west.  They met in Jeju City on August 4 for a big rally and concert.
Sung-Hee Choi writes from Jeju Island:

A music video with collection of photos and videos by a grand march report team.  See here

Directed by the Sajahooo TV

March participants' flight to the Jeju Island and march experience for 5 nights 6 days recorded in the collection of photos and videos : 'Peace Is the Way.' 

The lyric of background song titled, "To the country of happiness," ... 'Open the curtain, open the window[..] Let's feel the breeze again. Please let me walk on the grass field. I want to laugh and cry. Please touch my heart[..] I will dance overcoming rain and thunder. I will go to the country of happiness.[...] The wilderness is vast. The sky is blue..Let's all go to the country of happiness...' 

'You, all the marchers are winners'

My Take:
These folks are for real and they are creating an unstoppable momentum that very well could shut down this Navy base construction/destruction project.  This love, spirit, and non-violent determination, in such an epic local struggle, is a true model for all the world to see and feel.  If we all just did a bit more to help, this fight could be won.  God knows our international peace movement could use a "win" for once.  The Jeju Navy base fight connects all the dots:
  • Obama's "pivot" of military and foreign policy into Asia-Pacific to "contain" China.
  • This strategy is hugely expensive and our rotting country can't afford it!
  • Jeju is a pristine environment jewel which makes it imperative that the enviro-community should be on-board this peace train.
  • Human rights violations and suppression of local democracy is a dramatic issue in this fight as Gangjeong villagers are subjected to daily outrages.
  • Just call it a local fight where the oligarchy is waging war on "the dignity of creation".  Not much more to be said after that..........
Please take a moment and watch this video.  You don't have to speak Korean to understand any of it. 
Thanks and best wishes,
Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
            (207) 443-9502  (blog)

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