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Ariel Ky
Oakland, California, U.S.
October 11
ESL Teacher
The English Center
I consider myself a generalist, a dreamer, a visionary, an idealist. I walk both worlds, the inner world of spirit and this outer world we all share in.


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DECEMBER 30, 2012 8:32AM

Spirit of 2013

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Although 2012 was a difficult and challenging year for many of us, it lived up to its promise of ushering in a paradigm shift, more so for some than others.  We saw mass demonstrations in cities across the world, as people took to the streets in large numbers over a spectrum of issues.  What is significant is that we did not enter an apocalyptic global war, and the chances of that still happening as we move into 2013 are just about negligible with the higher energies pouring in with the Winter Solstice.

What did happen this past year was a massive house-cleaning of old energy that got cleaned up, making way for new energy to come in of a higher vibration, which is connecting us more and more in our dreams and our waking state.  The veil is thinning, and some of us are remembering that we are unlimited beings, free to visit each other in our spirit bodies while sleeping, no matter the barriers of time and distance which have separated us in the past.

The most important aspect of the paradigm shift is the claiming of our collective power to determine our reality.  We are truly learning the power of the word and the energy of thought forms, of perceptions and attitudes, and the impact they have on our lives, far more than outdated systems that no longer serve us.  The unified energy field is no longer an academic concept, but an exciting reality, as more and more people start to explore its potential.

So 2013 is going to be one of the most exciting years ever, as people start coming together more and more to create new systems with vibrant, evolutionary and revolutionary concepts across the board in all fields:  in architecture as we build cities under the sea and play with forms and shapes to degrees that we haven't had the materials or processes to do before, in cyberspace as we discover more and more ways to collaborate with clouds, and in science, as collaborations across nations lead to more knowledge about what is possible, such as new breakthroughs  happening in China in digitalized and computerized energy systems that track the sun, allowing solar energy to cool and heat buildings in dazzlingly efficient new ways.  The flow of new ideas is beginning to well up like an artesian well that has been primed and pumped.

The sharing of cultures that is happening in the world through music, art, dance and all kinds of performances will burgeon in ways that bring creativity into our lives more fully, opening each one of us to more and more creative expression.  We are moving away from the mass manufacturing mode of the 20th century into a renaissance of the arts, a shared reality of appreciating diversity and expressing individuality that is far more interesting than conformity.  As we learn more from other cultures, the palettes we work with will double and triple in all of our endeavors.

2013 is only the beginning of the shift.  It will probably continue for the next 20-30 years before it truly supplants the systems of the past.  In 2013, the world will see the beginning of new developments in banking and finance that will ultimately bring about substantial opportunities for everyone on the planet.  We are going to see the beginning of a move away from scarcity and subsistence living towards adequate supply and even abundance for the majority of the billions of people on Earth.  

A great many people will be involved in engineering this shift, and major resources will be committed to navigating this transition, much like the Y2K dilemma was resolved through a massive flexing of corporate will to address the need to retool all the existing computer systems to move into the new century.  Teams of experts and temporary help were hired to work against the clock in the years prior to 2000 in order to keep everything running smoothly.  It worked then, and the same kind of dedicated approach will work again as we take hold of the reins of our lives in constructing the financial architecture of liberation and empowerment.

This paradigm shift will not see an end to corporations, but a redefinition of what a corporation is, and what it does, that will benefit most people instead of exploiting them and the resources of the earth.  There will be endings, though, such as an ending to the arms trade that has been fueling wars.  As more and more of the truth is revealed about the machinations of the powerful and wealthy, many individuals will be separated from their ill-gotten wealth, reparations will be made, and some of the worst injustices redressed.

A peculiar realignment of governments to people, of the wealthy to the oppressed, and of countries to each other will begin to happen in 2013, which will bring about many surprising and welcome developments.  Some of these changes will be sudden and dramatic, and others will be more subtle and almost unnoticeable, but in the end they will bring about significant changes which will contribute to improving people's lives considerably.

The growing collective consciousness is based on loving our home, loving the earth and cherishing her.  So there will be a great many actions to stop the worst environmental depradations, and greater appreciation of trees, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and all the life in our natural world.   Young people from many different countries will play an important role in shaping our future, far more so than at any time in the history of humanity.

Conflicts will not cease, no, as in any housecleaning, at times conflicts will appear worse than ever.  This is a result of paradigm clash, and we should not waste any time fretting about it, as it only reveals the vigor of the new paradigm as it meets resistance from the old ways of thinking.  What is fascinating about this time is the way people are articulating with great clarity the problems before us and what needs to be done to work through them.  How we respond to the truth as it is revealed will determine to a great extent how long it takes for the paradigm shift to transpire.

If 2013 promises nothing more, it is this clarity of vision that we are gaining.  We are bringing matters into focus that have been blurred, and light into dark recesses.  We are seeing panoramic views that have been previously restricted to more limited expanses.  And as the relatively new technology of digital cameras has begun to reveal interesting phenomena of light and movement beyond the range of what people have been able to see before, we are beginning to understand the reality of other dimensions.

Will the continued energetic turbulence of 2012 still plague us?  Unfortunately, I believe that it will.  We're not entirely out of the woods yet.  However, it's possible that we may have some idyllic spells in our individual lives that endure longer than anything we've known before.  The weaving together of disparate elements into beautiful patterns and shapes has accelerated, and we are beginning to see the results.

What will be entirely new in 2013, I believe, is the growing capacity for people to experience delight, joy, comfort and support.   Young people, especially, as more and more opportunities unfold for them to make a good living and express themselves, will find levels of happiness and contentment that will spread out to everyone.  After all, our perception of the nature of time is changing more than anything, as we discover the continuum of ages and stages of our lives no longer separate and divide us.

The most vibrant people, the most fully alive, give all of us templates to follow for what we can express and be.  As the growing light shimmers energetically off of them, everyone is catalyzed who interacts with them to opening up to new possibilities.  These people are mostly young adults, and they are precious beyond belief for all of humanity.

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hope so :) hugs t you Ariel