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cindy Prochnow
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March 17
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APRIL 8, 2011 1:37PM

Child on the beach..a true memory

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ocean girl 

By myself, driven to play

By sparkling beach near ocean spray.

 The lure of that water, blue and wide

Fully aware of the pull of tide.

Hottness of beach and water, crispen cold

Rushes the senses with full degree of bold.

I dive in this wave twice my height

If I hit it wrong, I'll  have to fight.

Sure enough, ocean's hand held me down.

There tumbling and twisting, I was bound,

Not knowing up...only seafoam mist at me does  stare,

Tasting salt water... breath to take only if I dare.

Ocean has no pity, as my body it slams  facedown

On the beach, gasping salt-air somehow I found.

Water spit-up shown

I lay, so very small.

A wisp of a child, alone.

Face in sand, the beach left wet.

Mind's eye relives that feeling yet.

That wave tumbling and turning me, as it went,

From ocean's floor,

From where it was sent.



Computer image and poem by cindy Prochnow April 8, 2011


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This takes me so far back. I was raised around Carolina Beach and learned to ride the waves to shore as a little ole' thing. Sometimes, it seems you're never going to get some air. Great Poem~
scanner..remember how many times we were SURE that we were going to drown? There were so many, I couldn't count them. We had inner tubes, but usually I was getting slammed on the beach. lol. I remember once being one big scrape mark, head to toe..haha!
I never lived on the ocean but last week went to Ocean Beach and realized in fell swoop they could take me away. A great of mine is water.
Rated with hugs
Wow, Cindy--a powerful memory so well expressd.
"Mind's eye relives that memory yet."

And the fear must be as powerful as when the child experienced it. I understand that kind of helplessness. Evocative words, Cindy.

Water is my life..haha..I just started swimming a the YMCA too, I really I took a dare when I was 19 to swim across the Mississippi, the area tween Mpls and St Paul, where the famous Showboat harbors. I didn't realiz the current would take me twice the distance, as I fought with all my might for my life. Gosh I was DUMB> ha! brushes with death wonder I am a woman of faith!! lol
FunsunA..I remember thinking, " So this is how it is to die!" lol. I probably was not supposed to be out there by myself, I was always a bit of a daredevil. :)
You captured this experience perfectly. It happened to me once and I had sand up my nose for a week. I was sure I would not live to tell the tale.
rated with love
Rp..As a little kid I was always looking to be stimulated, and being fascinated with all that was around me, I took my curiosity and spirit of adventure a bit far. TX for being here.
I've never been comfortable in the water. This is the very thing I fear happening. Visceral and frightening. Written with a realism that I should think can come only from the experience.
Matt..there is no more helpless feeling than near drowning.