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March 17
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JULY 3, 2011 5:21PM

Garden and a FYI about crows

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Bear in catnip..notice the slitted eyes!!



Radishes, never buy on sale seeds!



Larskspur from pretty!






Stargazers and white yarrow



Asparagus, 2yr old plant, only had 6 stalks. Next yr better crop.



Leaf lettuce, 1 mo. worth, everyday salad. Squash plant to the left.



Romaine, better than 1 months worth of daily salads.(Mix leafy with it.)Only 4 foot row of each.



View out my kitchen window

Tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, cukes,squash, pumpkin, brochili and beans are yet to come. Stawberries are here in an abundance, pictures not in computer yet. Blackberries are blossoming, soon some fruit. Brochili, I picked today also. Planted many sunflower, short and tall, for all my birdie friends. I did have a hose laying clear out to the back. No birds came today! They say birds see garden hoses as snakes!

FYI, just read they have done research on crows, that shows they do recognize specific humans; those who are mean to them and those who are kind. Not only do the recognize, they will communicate which you are, to the entire neighborhood! I talk to birds, so I think they like me.



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Somehow I would have guessed:) . Very nice, have lovely 4th Cindy.r
It's so nice and green where you live. My yard is brown. There is a mandatory restriction against watering and we have had not even an inch in almost two hundred days.
What a beautiful garden and view.
Lovely pictures Cindy and loved the kitty.
Rated with hugs
You must have seen the same documentary as I did on crows. The one where the guy wears a mask and the crows remember him. Your backyard is a dream. Im glad you enjoy it and thanks for sharing.
Here's another FYI about crows: If one is dead, hang it in a tree. The murder will gather, mourn their lost buddy, then never come back to the same tree again. So wonderful those birds.