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March 17
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APRIL 7, 2012 2:21PM

Easter Sunday..long, long, ago.

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  After returning from Africa, my Father was assigned to  three country churches in South Dakota. This is where I spent my teen and college years. This is a recollection of one of our yearly Easter Sunrise celebrations.





    Old-fashioned Easter Sunrise Breakfast in South Dakota..!960

My Father came flying down the parsonage stairs still tucking in his shirt, and mumbling something about getting over to the church to help the men set-up all the tables on the lawn, in the lot between the house and the church. It was actually still dark out. 

Mom had made sure Jim, my brother and I were “up and at ‘em”  like she used to like to say. Jim was already dressed and messing with his trombone mouth piece, and I was grabbing Easter napkins and paper cups,  getting ready to head over. It was Easter morning and we were preparing for our annual outdoor Easter sunrise breakfast.

Jim looked very collegiate at sixteen in his dress pants and sports coat. And Mom and I, well, even though I was thirteen going on fourteen she still loved the matching Mother and daughter dresses idea, and with the Mother and daughter banquet being our next church fuction, she decided to make us matching white brocade dresses.  And I knew Mom looked better in her dress as her short auburn hair glinted in the kitchen light, and those white pumps definitely made her look stately. Me, on the other hand, very much a red head with a boyish shape, I felt sort of over dressed and a bit clumsy. Mom said I looked great, as I knew she would.

We all headed across the darkened lot.  Dad was helping the farm men with all those long steel tables.  As we made our way down the back stairs of the church to the kitchen we could smell that great German coffee, (with egg shells in the grounds), and hear that bacon and kielbasa just sizzling up a storm. Those wonderful German farm ladies, in their floral pinafore aprons were busy as bees, setting out a variety of  just baked kucken,  ( peach, prune apple). Some were  mixing up pancake batter, and all of them had  smiles on their full, ruddy faces glowing with the pride of this preparation for yet another Easter sunrise breakfast.

Everyone started showing up.The small town church only held 6o people, top capacity, although twenty more could stand in the doorway and back of church. Some of the parishioners came in through the front of the church, Moms  were telling the little ones not to run, bounding in from a parking lot full of cars and trucks, a mixed array of  Chevys, Impalas and Studebakers. The men chatted farm talk with their tummies buldging a bit in their Sunday best vests, showing the well-fed rewards from this planting time, and caring wives. I noticed the men always had a mix of mud and manure on their boots, because hours before now they had to head to the barn to shovel manure and make sure the cows were milked. That was just a given.

The women in bright blue, yellow, pink and green gingham, dotted swiss and cotton , and the hats, oh my, shiny fruit, chiffon, lace and ribbons, of course, every color in the rainbow. The little kids were racing around so excited , and barely able to contain themselves thinking about all that Easter candy.

The tables outdoor were now covered in shiny white plastic with clips to hold, in case of a small morning breeze. And the older kids, in Sunday School had made little “He is Risen” crosses and were scotch taping them to the tables and placing small bowls of chocolate eggs around.The sun was just ready to come up, and the kitchen women came and we all sat down.

As the sun peeked out from behind a low cloud, my Father stood up smiling. He said a prayer thanking God for giving up his only Son to die and rise again for us. He thanked God for the lovely food we were about to eat that our ladies had made for us, and upon the “Amen”, the kitchen ladies left and came back with tray and trays of pancakes, bacon, kielbasa, kucken, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and that great German coffee. Everyone started eating.

I looked across the table at my brother Jim, we both looked at Mom, who was looking at Dad with admiration. The apple trees behind us glistened, as did the  dew covered grass around us.

This was Easter sunrise breakfast in preparation of our Easter service, an old-fashioned memory from long ago.


 McQuiston slides002 My Father 

McQuiston slides022 My Mother


McQuiston slides024  cindy and Jim


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Cindy,thank you for sharing your memories and the beautiful images and stories of your family..I am going to make a habbit for my family the "This was Easter sunrise breakfast .."...
"He thanked God for the lovely food we were about to eat that our ladies had made for us, and upon the “Amen”, the kitchen ladies left and came back with tray and trays of pancakes, bacon, kielbasa, kucken, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and that great German coffee. Everyone started eating."
What a beautiful living and memories you have Cindy...Rated and wishes for haρρy holidays.!!Best regards.
I so enjoyed this, Cindy. This is the most delightful Easter tale I've read in have such a good memory for detail, and your love for family and home just shines.
Why egg shells in coffee grounds?
I had to smile at the thought of mother/daughter matching dresses and you feeling awkward while your mother looked great : )
I feel a bit homesick now. My husband is a preacher's kid. Easter is just a little lonely without all the church hullaballoo, just our small hullaballoo without the parents around.
I am still wrapping my head around being the Elder now. : )
...and Happy Easter to you and yours!
One of the best meals I ever had in my life was an after church brunch buffet prepared by a bunch of blue-haired Southern Baptist ladies in Dallas... I was horribly hung over, but those heavenly hot biscuits and melting butter washed my sins away. Thanks for the memory.
What an endearing piece, Cindy. Happy Easter to you too! R
jmac, sounds like our meals. The people of this area were so unbelievably poor, but always willing to give you what they had. We were invited by folks we just met, having newly arrived in SD, to have Sunday dinner. They had a good size very worn, falling down barn, and a tiny house. The kitchen was were we ate, just off that was a living room and two curtained off areas. Those were the bedrooms. A pot bellied stove was in the middle of all this, doing a good job of heating. These were old German immigrants with one son, and just the sweetest people. She was an excellent cook, having even made bread!
JT..As I make my 14 lb turkey for just hubby and me, I feel what you are feeling. Our family is huge(hubby's side) so we just do huge Thanksgivings and all other holidays we are on our own. One son, Matt, wife Misti are in Washington with 5 of my grand kids, so only see them by Skype. The other sweet son Mark and his wife,Carina are at her family's very big Easter celebration.( Her folks are very sweet and have invited us, but I decline cause I really don't know anyone but them. Obviously I thank her profusely, but we like 'our' time together too. Many do not understand we like holidays alone, rather have the boys here, but when we can't we are totally fine with it. I hate that families have huge disputes over where the kids are gonna go, then the kids have to run all over, so we do it like this. Next weekend we will have a huge bbq for Mark and Carina, so that will be perfect.(His girls Ash,15 and Madi 13 live in Florida, having recently moved from New Orleans.)
LOL, yes I wish we had taken pictures of all the matching outfits we had. Would have been sooo funny!
I became Catholic many yrs ago, and we really don't go much, want to start up again cause I do get alot out of it, when I ignore the 'people' aspect of church, and really get into nurturing my sense of spiritualism, it works better for me. Know what I mean? cause even you saying 'homesick' and missing the 'hullaballoo' says to me there is a need not being met kinda, least that is how I feel. I am sooo not a joiner, but all humans need to build and improve on all aspects of who they are. I will let you know how that goes.
I like being the elder...but then again I am alot more ELDER than you!! lol
Thoth, I hope this story wasn't old to you. You left OS for awhile so I am not sure what stories of mine you have already seen. This was a good memory. MY parents were very, very strict with me, but very loving too. I didn't always understand that, but as you grow you understand so much more. I was a wild child for awhile, but most missionary children go through some sort of negative transition. I was one of the lucky ones. Glad you came and Happy Easter. I am already out of Easter candy and wish I would have bought more! lol.
Heartwarming post; thank you for sharing these memories and photographs with us
Happy Easter to you and your family
MCS..I was just about to go to read you today. And thanks. Happy Easter to you too.