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cindy Prochnow

cindy Prochnow
Minnesota, usa
March 17
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APRIL 13, 2012 11:26PM

Some drunk guy-- poem

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Once again climbing that broken stairway,

Missing the step with the spongy wood feel,

Gaze drops to broken colored glass below.

Balance gone, with spirits and fog on his mind.

Thought he was home, but far from right.

Down,  free-falling, for what seemed too long

Down to the damp, hot asphalt..alley smells

Near putrid dumpster, nightly someone's home

Staggering through worn, stained back-room door,

George Jones and smoke meet him as the barfly sways

Tired, weathered, broken she is.. as the shot glass

That lays,  in  two pieces, under that foot rail.

She dances to her own whiskey induced tune.


Wiping his brow, surprised by the blood there,

He mounts the cushioned stool..misses

Hits his chin, looking around to join the laugh.

Then, in the eyes of strangers, he searches

For that one, last, good buddy who really cares.



Poem by cindy Prochnow



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Can't say I've ever been that drunk... I always passed out before I got there... so glad those days are long since gone.
Wow, have I been there. Still have the scars on my chin
Liquor is an exceptionally picky mistress, she likes a few and hates most. R
Now that is drunk...
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
Jmac.. funny how what used to be fun, isn't anymore-although I have been known to have maybe 1 too many beers while gardening. :)
scanner, I remember when I first posted this and you were amazed at how much it sounded like your wilder years..haha!
Thoth, in college we seemed to drink alot,but it calms as we get older. I don't like being loud and obnoxious, it is against my nature, but a little silly is ok once in a while.
Hi Algis. I love those beautiful artistic designs you make. When I see them I am flabbergasted! Lovely.
It's somehow soothing, falling asleep to that whiskey induced tune. Unfortunately, those sweet Irish fiddles, by morning, always seem to turn in to the sound of the pounding of an Indian rain dance upon awakening.
Out on a true! What seems like a good idea turns into a bad choice. I think the trick is knowing your limit, mine is 2. I seriously get silly on that much, lord knows I am silly enough without it!:)