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MARCH 15, 2011 2:27AM

Catholic Vote Makes a Pro-Choice Video

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This is what I actually said, unedited:

You want to talk about morality? Look at what we represent right here. We represent caring about half of humanity!

We did in fact represent "abortion on demand and without apology" - it just makes more sense the way I actually said it.

Catholic Vote and Bill O'Reilly have put together and promoted what they hoped would come off as incredibly scary and damaging to the message we sent with nation-wide Walks for Choice in February (in case you didn't pick up on it, cue the horror movie music in the background and the carefully bleeped AND blacked-out portions of speeches).

On the contrary, though, other than a couple people who seemed caught unawares  when "Catholic Vote" (or whatever they introduced themselves as) shoved microphones in their faces, the video in its entirety portrays a powerful demonstration put together by people firm in their convictions that women have an inviolable right to control their own bodies. Yeah, we were angry and unrepentant (Raven!) - and that's a good thing! We have nothing to be ashamed of in supporting women's right to abortion and birth control; the stigma hanging over women is a big part of what needs to be fixed. So as my friend Emma Kaplan said, thanks, Catholic Vote, for making this pro-choice video!

I haven't located any other videos of the speak-out at the end or at different points during the day, but here's one that basically records what Catholic Vote edited. Caution: bleeping nonexistent.

While this event was NOT "the voice of Planned Parenthood" as Catholic Vote insinuates, I'll just take this opportunity again to send some more love to all the providers and future providers out there, who *risk their lives* (how much of an obscenity is that!?) to save women's lives and provide us with control of the most essential thing: our own bodies. Thank you.

And thanks to Jill McLaughlin, who also spoke (a bit of a lapsed Catholic herself who was not included in Catholic Vote's video) about our kind of morality which respects other human beings, including women AND people around the planet suffering at the hands of the US military. Speaking of which, protests against the years and years of war and occupation are happening this weekend. And you should be there.

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