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March 07
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OCTOBER 16, 2010 2:52AM

The 30-Hour Marriage Fix

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I just came back from 30 hours alone with my husband.

Too short? Not long enough to rejuvenate a marriage? While I agree we'd like more time alone together, amazingly enought it did what we needed.

We drove out of Phoenix on Thursday morning. Blah. Yeah, yeah. We've been married nearly 18 years. We barely got the son off to his sleepover and the daughter off on her school trip, then ran, unable to believe we were free, to the car.

We packed like this: everything thrown in our joint suitcase and, optimistically, a couple sexy negligees and sexy shoes. You never know.

We drove up to Prescott, about an hour and a half north of Phoenix and a cute little Western town with antique shops and great restaurants. We weren't quite different yet. We ate sushi. We were strangely alone. Trying not to talk about the kids. We drove out into the woods, not really to stalk our daughter, since she was out there somewhere, but just because we'd never seen where this particular camp is.

Then we checked in the hotel. And we checked out the fireplace and the jetted oversized bathtub. Now we're talking.

There was dinner at some organic place with great food and live music. There was cool weather and stars in the sky. There was holding hands while walking down hilly streets. There was sleeping late with no one to get to school, no last minute negotiating with the alarm clock. There was  moseying through antique stores and a liesurely lunch.

And then there was our hell-for-leather drive back to town today, arriving just in time to get our daughter as she arrived back from her school trip. On the way back our son started texting me about various problems he was having. We become mom and dad again.

But our marriage? Rejuvenated. 

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