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JANUARY 28, 2011 5:46PM

GA Mom Takes Teens Out of Class to Rob a Bank!

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I haven't often said this openly, but watching my local news just now has pushed me over the edge.  I think all parents should be certified by their state in order to legally have children. 

That's right.  People wanting to have children should be required to obtain a Certificate of Suitability by taking a specified course of study that prepares them to take on the responsibility for a new life.

Earlier today, a Lilburn, GA mother went to her son's high school and checked him out of class.  She also checked out two of his friends.  By what authority that could happen is still an unknown detail, but she did it. 

It happens.  Parents sometimes plan special events for special days in their students' lives that require them to get an early start.  A trip to the attractions down in Orlando, Florida, maybe.  A special trip to Savannah to visit the history museum for social studies project.


This woman picked up her baby and his buddies to take them to their local Wells Fargo Bank branch, and she wasn't planning to make a deposit.  On the contrary.

Tawander Simmons, 35, checked her son, 17-year-old Benny Brice, 18-year-old Glenn Broom and 17-year-old David Rollins out of Stephenson High School on Friday morning so that they could rob it.

Poorly disguised as a bearded, bespectacled male, Simmons allegedly usedBank robber a  handgun to rob the teller at the bank, while one of the teens waited in the getaway car and the other two served as lookouts.  An alert witness to the robbery followed the perpetrators of the heist in his car, and called in the tag number to police.  All four robbers were arrested.

I know I've gotten old and out of touch with popular culture, but isn't it still a mother's job to try to keep her kid OUT of the pokey? 

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If she had gotten shot by a guard in the process, oh well. But what if one of those boys had been shot? Could you imagine having to call the mothers of the other two with THAT news? This is one boneheaded stunt that cannot be blamed on the economy.
Stories like this just make feel old. ~r
why didn't they just do it AFTER school--maybe a test they wanted to get out of?
This brings a whole new meaning to the word "stupid." -R-
It is actually a very safe thing to do. Bank employees are instructed to just hand over the money and not make any movement until the robbers are out of the building. That is why there are so many of these robberies. Also, that is where the money is.
Maybe they'll plea bargain their way into jail on the buddy plan.
I guess Mother of the Year honors for her is out of the question now!
The courses can never be taught by mental health professionals, only grandparents and great grandparents..
I cannot believe this.. This makes me so upset.:(
Rated with hugs
How much $$$ did they get?

Wow! You're not out of touch. I think this is a new breed of person. You know, I absolutely agree about the certifcation to become a parent. However, the procedures around it would be a mess. Could you just imagine all these types of mothers having their babies illegally. They'd find a way to do it too.
I have the feeling children's services already knows this mom from previous phone calls.
Here's the VIDEO
I coulda guessed.
Yeah, that's even worse than the guy up here who hired two teenagers to shovel his driveway and paid them with liquor. *** shaking head ***
Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed. She is one of them. I feel bad for the kids. You know they'll probably end up being victimized by the criminal justice system.
I would never have been awarded a certificate of suitability.
I'm a hundred percent with you on that BSC - Breeding Suitability Certification proposal, Lezlie. What kind of an incredible, nonsense behavior is this?
Woo Hoo! Field trip!!
I just shook my head..*walks away muttering..*
I read about this, ain't that some shit. People are desperate and stupid. See ya L......o/e r{+++
Well, at least the family is doing something together. I mean, sure, it's illegal activity, but it beats thinking five minutes at the dinner table qualifies as family time.

Look, all I'm saying is that, right or wrong, these people were bonding. I think there's a lesson here.

Let's do more things together. As a family. It's about time.

(Brought to you by the Church of John Moses of Latterday Saints)
Are you sure this isn't part of the school's vocational training program? For example, kids at my local h.s. routinely leave school to hot wire parked cars and take them to chop shops; they are learning valuable skills that will prepare them for life once they graduate.
Not making any excuses but
The kids will end up in a nice federal pententary where they'll get three squares a day and full health care and even the option of completing college.

Just sayin.

In today's economy some regular people are doing what yesterday's 'vagrants' knew to do: get arrested so you could get off of or avoid the street.

I have no inkling of this family's situation and I'm not making excuses for this - there are better ways of handling challenging life circumstances - but simply offering a different perspective.
One of my children is adopted. Let me tell you, we got vetted. In addition to a whole lot of other stuff, social worker interviews both before and after the adoption. It always struck me that any fifteen-year-old could get knocked up and wouldn't get vetted at all. There's at least some sort of system in place; it's just not applied very widely.
Ahhhh teachin' the kiddies the family business.....

I've done volunteer work with prisoners and half-way houses. I challenge you to show me one prison that matches that description. Those kids will be somebody's "kid" (girlfriend) within minutes of being sentenced. They'll spend their time cleaning, cooking, sewing, and housekeeping for "their man"; that is, when they aren't getting their rectum stretched by his erect penis.

You live in some dream world that has nothing to do with reality.

Not when times are tough apparently, what makes people lose their grip? It's just hard times, and too many people have been experiencing them. Telling people to have faith in times when resources are few and expenses are plentiful is like telling someone whos starving to sit down and wait for a meal with full table, somethings got to give.
We're not old.... this woman has major issues.
This would be funny were it not so sick and indicative of the times we live in.
Stupid is the new plague. R Count me in on the quest for licensing parents. Some folks simply shouldn't breed.
I know this is wrong. I know this is unacceptable. At the same time, it's sort of cool. Okay, I'll shut up. Pretend I didn't say that last sentence....
Thanks for all the great comments. I figured there would be arguments on the other side of mine. I will confine my responses to those, since I am so tardy getting back to this thread.

Doug: I hope none of the rest of those reading your remark think you are being serious. There will be a lot of "bonding" going on in the slammer, too.

Margaret: Get your tongue out of your cheek, lady! :D

Untiger Mom: Maybe not, but maybe you were one of the many who succeeded at parenthood anyway.

MaddieP: I don't know what penal institutions you've been visiting. Come to Georgia, and I'll show why I would die, literally, before I allowed my child to enter one of them. "Three hots and a cot" are not even close to being worth what happens to children in those places.

MOMSACOMIC: I agree, something's got to give. I understand how an adult with children becomes desperate enough to beg, borrow and steal. That's not my point. What mother do you know who would take their child along on a bank robbery? Why involve the people you are assumedly trying to protect from harm?
We need a license to drive. A license to cut hair. A license to install landscape irrigation systems. Any complete fool, idiot, moron, or pervert can procreate. It goes against all of thoughts of personal freedom, but I'm with you Lezlie. Some people simply should not be allow to have children.
Oh, believe me, I've considered that there should be licensing for parenthood. But then what would we whine about?