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JUNE 2, 2011 3:45PM


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If there were a way for another person to somehow tap into my inner sound track, I would be committed to the nearest psychiatric facility before sundown this evening. 

My mind is constantly blaring some form of music unless I am reading, talking or typing on this keyboard.  Has it always been like that?  I’m not sure, but lately I am cracking myself up when I catch myself humming and/or whistling silently to some of the most bizarre tunes imaginable.

This morning I staggered into the bathroom to get ready for the day.  As I swirled a neat strip of toothpaste on my brush, the noise broke through to my consciousness.  Here is what I was humming, with gusto:

Tantum ergo Sacramentum
Veneremur cernui:
Et antiquum documentum
Novo cedat ritui:
Praestet fides supplementum
           Sensuum defectui.          

My Catholic readers, fallen or otherwise, will recognize these lyrics and chime right in just as soon as the church organist slams fingers onto the keyboard, producing a thunderous introductory chord.  For many of you the sound will trigger an immediate memory of the cloying incense used in the rituals marking transubstantiation, the conversion of what appears to be plain bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.  Why on earth would I be humming this solemn hymn while I stare into the mirror at a sleepy-eyed woman who, at the moment, is foaming at the mouth?

Yesterday I was walking Coqui the Spoiled Dog and her friend Romeo.  It was 95º on a day when the normal high in Atlanta is allegedly 84º.  All three of us were panting like porn stars and anxious to get the deed done.  When one of the four-legged ones stopped to inspect a fire hydrant, I tuned into the MP3 player in my head.  Frosty the Snowman was thumpety, thump, thumping through my pathetic brain.  Look at Frosty go!

I spend a major portion of my time with only Coqui as company, so unless I turn on something electronic in the house, I am surrounded by silence.  Since I find silence too deafening in large doses, I guess my subconscious does what it can to fill the void.

Whatever the reason, my lips have taken on a semi-permanent pucker from what can only be described as a facial tick that accompanies the sound of whistling that occurs only in my head.  I look like I am sucking on a soda straw or worse, taking a toke on a joint.  When someone I know suddenly drives by and waves, I am always wondering if they got a look at that mouth of mine.

Come to think of it, a lot of myTunes come from the liturgical charts rather than any top 40.  Another one that pops up often is this:

Bring flowers of the fairest, 
Bring flowers of the rarest, 
From garden and woodland 
And hillside and vale; 
Our full hearts are swelling, 
Our Glad voices telling 
The praise of the loveliest 
Rose of the vale.

 This one refers to the Virgin Mary, whose statue was crowned every May with a circlet of fresh flowers.  Down the center church aisle, little girls in snow white dresses slowly preceded the eighth grade girl deemed the holiest in the school and named the May Crowning Queen.  Needless to say, I never had the honor.

In fact, heathen that I am, I haven’t been near a church of any denomination since 2006, and that was only because my grandmother’s celestial sendoff was held in our hometown Catholic church.  Either my daily incantations of Latin hymns and other church-related songs are signs of Somebody trying to get my attention OR the part of my brain that remembers details from grade school is having a second childhood.  And here’s the worst part.  I remember these things word…for…word! 


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I, too, am afflicted with music playing constantly in my head. Sometimes I really wish I could get it to stop!

And yeah, Christmas songs in July, Catholic hymns while showering, it never makes any sense.

The crowning of the Virgin Mary. Whoa, does that bring back some memories. Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! I can smell the incense and the flowers...
This really resonates with me, I was chanting, in my head, a Japanese Buddhist prayer the other day and the next day I was chanting, "Love don't come easy, its a game of give and take, you can't hurry love" over and over and over. Thanks for this post
rated with love
There is always something going on in my head. Music clips are the worst and then you try and remember them later and no friggin dice.
rated with hugs
Oh, "The Rose of the Vale" is particularly lovely. I'm not a church girl either, but I love a good hymn. When I was in Air Force basic training I got out of the worst part of the week (Sunday GI party which consisted of cleaning stairwells with toothbrushes and other such nonsense) by singing with the choir at several church services. Though I never actually lied, I had every denomination on base assuming I was a faithful member.
This was a really cool insight into your everyday life - I loved it! I would never have guessed those would be the songs you were humming. Then again, I wouldn't have guessed you were a hummer at all for some reason - though you do have an amazing voice!
Thank you so much for this and the Latin. As I read I was back to my misspent youth, St. Rose Lima church...I can smell the incense. A grand post to the power of music, memory and youth.
We have no control over it, those tunes that haunt us, come unbidden. I often wonder if they are like dreams, if they MEAN SOMETHING...of if they are merely melodies and beats, with the words meaning nothing.
Of course you remember them -- drilled into your head with a melody and rhythm ... Every time I say my grandson's name, Noah, I start singing Dona Nobis Pacem -- and I'm not Catholic -- the tunes in our head get tripped on by the strangest thing -- Keep whistling....panting like porn stars, what a great line..
You remember the lyrics to the Latin hymns? I am so impressed! And isn't it interesting that we born and raised Catholic girls know how a porn queen pants?
Here's confession that will probly get me committed some day - if mental institutions start taking in new patients, that is. I discovered this years ago while driving with the windows down. I often find the tunes of I've Been Workin' on the Railroad and Battle Hymn of the Republic looping in my head when my mind is idle (alas, more often than not). This day, while driving, I actually heard one of the tunes. Scared the bejeebies out of me. I finally figured out my mind was selecting the notes of the tune out of the spectrum of white noise from the tires on the pavement and the wind passing over my car. I switched to the other tune, and lo and behold, the same thing happened. It takes a little concentration to get it started, but once it kicks in, I'm off to the races. Strange but true...no NO...get those nets away from me...I. Am. NOT. NUUUUUUTS!!!!!
Glory, Glory on the Rail Road
Glory, Glory on the Rail Road

never mind
Jeanette: I definitely wish I could stop it. It feels ridiculous! LOL

Poetess: please don't teach me that Japanese Buddhist prayer. I just know it will drive me over the edge.

Linda: Sometimes I would give anything to shut my mind off for a few minutes.

Babe: That voice of yours has really served you well, girl. :D

Alysa: Give me time. I'll burst all your impressions of me. lol The worst part is I used to absolutely hate it when my mother would hum. Hated it.

Scylla: The incense used to make me nauseated. There goes Lezlie, running outside to puke! :D

Bellwether: I know, I wonder the same things. The human brain is unbelievably complex.

Husband: I have no idea how I know that! (blush) :D

Chrissie: Ummmmm.....see answer above. tee hee

Matt: LMAO!!!!! You are the best, Chicken Maaaan.
Okay, I'll admit it. I have this affliction too. But for the life of me I can't remember the Latin. I love to sing The Pointer Sisters in the car.
WTF is I'm running Chicken Maan's two songs together to make things confusing - the Battle Hymn of the Republic (Glory Glory Hallilujah) and I've Been Working On The Railroad.

By the way, these are called Earworms.
I'm impressed with the Latin after all these years.
I will second that! We non Catholic choir nerds had to sing every latin song ever written without having a clue!
This afternoon, I was singing the theme song from Mr. Ed. In Latin.
My dad was a whistler. He whistled while he worked, walked, drove, etc., etc.,. I think I'm the only one of the kids to inherit this. Although not as bad as my dad, I wear headphones while I write so I won't bother Terri with the noise!
Uh hawss iz uh hawss, uv cawss, uv cawxx,
But hoo evah herd uv uh tawking hawss
Unless, uv causs, that tawking hawss
Iz d' faymuss Mistuh Ed

It ain't Latin
Kosh: LOL! It ain't English, eitha. Whatever you're smoking, you need to share, buddy. :D
If I'm tired enough I sound kind of like that. I grew up around NY (outside the City by a little)