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JUNE 16, 2011 1:57PM

Moneyball Debut for My Son is Underway

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Only those who have started participating in Open Salon recently or who have been genuinely flounced  have escaped my probably excessive boasting about my son's role in a new movie based on the best-selling book MoneyballSteve seated no smile

Stephen Bishop -- the actor, not the aging musician -- plays major league baseball star David Justice in the film which opens in theaters on September 23, 2011. 

Here is the official Sneak Preview that aired on Entertainment Tonight Wedenesday, June 15, Hancockpremiere1   2011.  My son, Baby Dave, as he was called when he was in the minor leagues of the Atlanta Braves because of his strong resemblance to Justice, is first spied in this trailer standing at a soda machine.  We are beside ourselves with pride and excitement.

 At premiere of Hancock


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Congratulations Lezlie!!!! Wow what good looking kid you have. I can't wiat to see the movie.
Interesting that they're making a movie out of a non-fiction book--"Greek God of Walks"!

Congrats for your son--he does bear a resemblance to Justice.
He looks so much like you. I am just sending this to Steve.
You must be so proud
I bet he has to beat the girls off with a stick. Man, do I remember Moneyball. Changed the game. I hope this hits bigtime and he goes on to bigtime stardom!!
I just rated it again.. the site is so damn slow.
Congratulations to both of you ... and a writing credit by Aaron Sorkin, too. Looks great.
HOw exciting! I actually saw that piece on ET last night and did not make the connection. Hope it's a box office blaster!
HOw exciting! I actually saw that piece on ET last night and did not make the connection. Hope it's a box office blaster!
I never watch the Oscars. But I will next year, if you are in the audience.
He is hansomer in a more natural way than Justice. Good luck to him, he is gorgeous!
Oh, I can feel your pride, Mama! I'll see the movie just for your son.
Lordy, and I know YOU! Which entitles me to feel proud as punch, too. Congrats, Lady L, and to Baby Dave, whom I don't know but plan to watch on the big screen soon.
How amazing!!!! I can't wait to see the movie - trying to decide if it would be better to see it in original version, to hear your son's voice, or in French, to tell you how he "sounds" in another language.... Congratulations to him!!!
This looks like a great film, I hope it does well ! ...and congrats to your son, what an accomplishment for an actor, snagging a role in a major film ! -- I'm thrilled for you both -- and you haven't been bragging too much.... : )
Such a gorgeous son you have. I am so excited for him. And you!!!!
Congratulations Lezlie!
What a handsome dude, Lezlie, you are such a show off! Congrats and and all the best. R
1. Your son looks enough like David Justice that Halle Berry will steer clear of him.

2. A movie made out of a book that I actually read. What are the odds? (Plus I like anything that challenges the conventional wisdom.)

3. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. That will fill some seats.

4. A release right before the baseball playoffs. Good timing.
Oh, and if I ever meet him, I will introduce myself as "your mom's biggest fan."
Thanks to all of you for your nice comments.

@Leepin' Larry: It could happen! LOL

@Alysa: How about both? :D

@Cranky: I just love your comments! I hope you do get to meet him.
My goodness woman! That child of yours is so fine I'm feeling positively flushed right about now. I need one of those fans the ladies use in church. If he came from you he's probably pretty cool too. Nice work.
Well, hell. I don't understand how anyone could blame you for being so excited. I am excited right along with you.
@Babe: He is not only cool; he is also very smart. And just about the same age as you are. Too bad you're hitched already. :D

@Brassawe: How do you like his first name? :D
Awesome!!! Congratulations. You should be incredibly proud of him!!
Fantastic! The first blog I read of yours was about "the actor" and the Toyota! I always wondered who he was. What a huge break!! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations Lezlie. This is great. Good luck to your son and bask in your pride for him.
How fantastic! I'll make a point of seeing it and telling everyone I know!
It must be fun to birth such a gorgeous son. I will keep an eye out for this movie just for you and your son. This is great news . I'm very happy for you.