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OCTOBER 9, 2011 1:42PM

Occupy Atlanta to John Lewis: Only on Our Terms

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Civil rights icon U.S. Representative John Lewis showed up to downtown Atlanta’s Woodruff Park to tell the protesters he stands with them.  If he expected to be given special treatment in deference to his immense status in this city, he wasn’t admitting it.


Congressman John Lewis came out to Occupy Atlanta on Friday, October 7th in Woodruff Park. He even commented on the Atlanta General Assembly's group consensus process saying "this is not something strange or out of the ordinary for me," and he was "not at all" disappointed he wasn't able to address the Assembly. Video Colby Blunt for Occupy Atlanta.

However Lewis felt about the incident, it speaks volumes about the mood of those of us who support the anti-greed, anti-corporation movement spreading like wildfire across America.  It says the 99% the movement claims to represent; i..e., those who are not among the wealthiest 1% of Americans, are not interested in the support of Washington’s elite, regardless of his or her position on the cause.

When Lewis joined the crowd about 45 minutes after the session began, an impromptu meeting of the protesters determined Mr. Lewis could speak, but not until the period in the program when anybody could speak.  I don’t know how others feel, but I kind of like this attitude.  Some DC functionaries might be better than others, but none of them have done enough to deserve deference from a fed up populace that is tired of hearing their platitudes.

Occupy Atlanta poster

 This poster was posted on July 25, 2011 on http://occupyatlanta.wpengine.com, indicating the rally on Friday night (Oct. 7) was far from impromptu.


Occupy Atlanta Faces of [ Joeff Davis of Creative Loafing]


 The Faces of   Occupy Atlanta



 Joeff Davis, Creative Loafing


Occupy Atlanta signs UPI Photo Erik S

Signs of the times




UPI/Erik S.Lesser




Occupy Atlanta at night from East Atlanta Patch Credit PÒÂéralte Paul



 We’ve been called worse.  Go, Occupy Atlanta!



East Atlanta Patch/  Péralte Paul

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He's worked hard. He has a big voice. He has a big vote. Let him speak but only if he brings others up to the podium and stands with them. We need all the media coverage and photo ops we can get.
This is how a MAN comports himself; watch, and learn.
Sally, I agree that John Lewis is one of the Good Guys, but I respect the notion that we don't want to align ourselves with any politician. Lewis' big voice and big vote haven't been enough to cause the change we need to date, so why should we allow him to "brand" the movement with his name? (P.S., it did hurt my heart to see him disrespected like that, though)
This is the new generation, and did we listen to our elders in our time, no matter how worthy? And I think he got it, and was still supportive.
Oahusurfer: Amen!

Ardee: And THAT's the truth. :D
I am so glad I lived to see this. I just hope it ends with the right results, if it has to end at all.
Scanner: Me, too! I was starting to think it would never happen.
The only thing that would entitle him to speak out of turn would be if he helped organize the event, regardless of who he is. That's not an insult. Treat the guy with courtesy, but I think they played it right.
I so admire this man. A great man indeed!
Kosh: I think so, too.

Dr. Freeborn: Yes, he is!
At one time he was my Rep. r.
John Lewis has done a tremendous amount of good, and I think he should have been allowed to speak. The past is relkevant to the present, and vice versa. he wopuld have given an important speech, I believe.
I'd love to live in an area that had enough of an energized populace to host an "Occupy" rally. Alas...

I agree with your opinion. In a protest to fight for egalitarian principles, it makes no sense to promote one voice over another. (If the movement gains more organization - and it needs to -- some form of hierarchy and the designation of spokespeople will need to happen.)
"Some DC functionaries might be better than others, but none of them have done enough to deserve deference from a fed up populace that is tired of hearing their platitudes."

Well done, L!

Lewis has earned our respect and should not be disrespected, but it is good that the truth is being told about the platitudes and the meaningless statements.

I would like to see more of Rep Lewis on MSNBC and Olbermann. It is time for him to speak up more.
Patrick: He would have been allowed to speak, but he didn't have time to wait for the specified time. I predict he will be INVITED to speak after the movement gets a little more organized.

Bellwether: See my comment to Patrick above.
The movement is catching fire. Burn, baby, burn!
Zuma: I really wish it hadn't been him who had to be used as the teaching point, but it had to be done before all of the pols started trying to attach themselves to the momentum.
Matt: Brings back memories, huh?
John Lewis is a class act all the way. I think he'll be invited to speak in the future also. But I'm glad he's supportive of the movement, and didn't make the whole thing "About me." He understands there is more at stake. And understands that America has arrived at another point where it's necessary to stand up for ourselves.

I'm so glad to see people standing up and saying "enough, we're not going to buy the lie anymore."

I went to SF's last week and took a lot of pics of the people.. I just get worried they are going to ignore everyone like they usually do..:(
Its a travesty.
Sounds like fun pitching a tent in the heart of the city. I’ll bring the smores and tell ghost stories. How do I sign up for this movement?
I'm 45 and this is the first protest I wish I had attended. I'm from Marietta. The website posting on July 25 indicates PAC and SuperPAC funding- don't you think?

Clueless about the Congressman, but I'm glad he waited his turn, and how smart to wait to be asked to speak. I'd of love to hear his words.

Mango Sherbet: No, no. ATLGenAssembly is a Twitter account for people to get behavior guidelines for protests. It is sponsored by Occupy Atlanta. http://ga.occupyatlanta.org/
Go, Occupy Atlanta! Seeing John Lewis there, I'm wondering now, has anyone else from congress been to any of the Occupy protests?
Nana: Good question. I haven't heard of any, but I haven't been able to pay close attention.
Kate: We can feel your support all the way over here.
In the video I saw, Rep. Lewis was treated respectfully even as he was turned down. He, of course, reacted gracefully - who would expect anything else from him? I think it's entirely appropriate, though, that he or any other official not be given a spotlight. If it's going to be a movement or a force, in its infancy it needs its leaders to emerge organically.

He's the first politician I've seen or heard of at an occupation, not that I've watched all of them that closely, maybe someone in NY?
Here is one of my contributions to the movement.... so far. Pass it along.


Worth watching... subscribe if you like it.