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NOVEMBER 17, 2011 12:22AM

Sandusky Sinks His Own Ship

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Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State dirtbag accused of sodomizing a ten-year-old boy in the locker room shower,  is one sick puppy.  And by sick I mean the lowest form of human detritus roaming the globe, a predator masquerading as a tender-hearted do-gooder.

Bob Costas reportedly learned of his bluebird interview with Sandusky just 15 minutes prior to airtime of the new NBC newsmagazine program "Rock Center" Monday night.  Costas was originally scheduled to interview Sandusky's lawyer, Joesph Amendola.

The first version I heard of how things went down Monday night said Sandusky himself had called in and volunteered to be interivewed.  I thought: Whoo Boy, I'll bet his lawyer is pissed at him!"  I mean, I'm no lawyer, but even I knew Sandusky was flirting with disaster.  

Now that I know it was Amendola who set it all up, all I can say is "bravo, Bob Costas,"  and" hasta la vista Sandusky."  Costas was golden in that interview, launching direct questions with no wiggle room, time after time after time.


On the outside chance that a viewer tuned in to that interview who had somehow managed to know nothing at all about the Penn State scandal, said viewer might have been convinced by Sandusky's denials of wrongdoing.  Maybe said viewer would find some unconscionable way to give Sandusky a pass for "horsing around" -- IN THE SHOWER, BUTT NAKED -- with a ten-year-old!  

So, just to make sure there were no suckers out there falling for Sandusky's pitiful I'm-a-good-guy act, my local TV station hired a voice analysis expert to take a listen to the taped interview. 


According to the results, Sandusky was lying his frequently-bare behind off. 

TV shrink Dr. Drew Pinsky has gone on record predicting that Sandusky is so trapped by his own words in the interview, he will attempt suicide.  Just the admission of "horsing around" in the shower with the boy is enough to convict him.  

The 23-page transcript from the Grand Jury investigation was reviewed by the Daily Beast on Tuesday against the assertions of innocence Sandusky made to Costas.  Eight pre-pubescent victims testified to everything from inappropriate touching to oral sex in that probe, and two adult eye-witnesses described seeing Sandusky perform oral sex on one and forcible anal intercourse on another.

 Sandusky's dissembling performance on the Costas interview was both fascinating and disturbing.  As I listened to his soft voice delivering lie after lie, it was easy to see how Sandusky slowly and deliberately persuaded his innocent victims to do his bidding.  And, of course, he sweetened the deal with gifts of computers, sports equipment, clothing and outings to football games.

Jerry Sandusky's admission to horsing around in the shower with a young boy can and most likely will be used against him in court.  Either  his lawyer is convinced the evidence against his client is overwhelming and he's trying to build an insanity case or he is the poorest excuse of a defense attorney to come down the pike.



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Clearly, the lawyer failed Defense 101. I saw the interview online this morning and it was ghastly. How do you hesitate when asked if you're sexually attracted to children?
I saw the interview. He was creepy as hell. I know you're innocent until proven guilty, but he sure didn't help matters. He may also have slipped up and admitted something inadvertently, though I'd have to go back and listen to the interview to figure out where it was.
This is far from over. But he is toast and it just shows how our minds can throw us under the bus at any moment if we are in too deep.
This whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach. When Bob Costas interviewed Sandusky and he told the details of what happened in the shower, I so wanted Costas to ask him why he remembered that occasion so clearly.
Cranky: You don't. An innocent person would start screaming "no" before the question is completely asked.

Kosh: The biggest problem will be to seat a jury in his trial. It will be next to impossible to find 12 people who haven't formed an opinion.

Z: I just hope he stays under the bus!

RW: I feel the same way.
Fay: Me, too. In fact, there is a long list of questions I wish he had been asked.
All I can imagine is that the atty wants to poison the regional jury pool so as to get the trial(s) moved to the Antarctic.

Jon: Even the polar bears have heard about this one!
I've heard that anything Sandusky said in that interview may be used in court against him. Didn't his lawyer read his own client the Miranda rights?
fingerlakeswanderer: Amendola is on the news this morning defending his decision. He says it was time we heard from Jerry. Seems idiotic to me.

jane: That's what I've always thought.
With intention I have listened to nothing about this latest piece of media poison, but have come to admire your level head and reason, so decided to read and listen to this post. It is a truly and profoundly horrible story, and now that you have informed me, I will follow it no more.

My comment I guess is that in the natural world, an individual with such a severely disabled mind would not exist for long. In a primate society, he would be destroyed by other monkeys or left to fend on his own and most certainly die. Our civilized practices allow us to live more comfortable lives. We've evolved beyond forcing fellows like this one off the edge of a cliff or onto the glacier ice alone, and perhaps we go against nature in not doing so.
greenheron: What a profoundly intelligent comment! When you think about it, mankind's "intelligence" has caused us to fight our nature-provided instincts on many levels; e.g., sexuality.

Thank you for your kind comments about me, too.
Sandusky's denials sounded like admissions to me. Somehow the pedophiles always seem to be of the opinion that there is nothing at all wrong with having sex with unwilling children. I wonder about the underlying reason for his attorney letting him go public and hang himself. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure he didn't get off scott free.
Delusional. Got away with it so long, aided & abetted by the people around him, that he had no clue as to how his answers sounded to 'normal' folk.
I heard the holes popping in the boat as he spoke. Who lets someone say things like that?

Horsing around my ass..
There will be much more before this decrepit saga is told in full.
In my strange case I talked constantly and after two years of talkng constantly and blogging etc they were not able to use one singkle word against me. So, if you are innocent, I believe, it's natural and fine to talk. But, if you're guilty shut the hell up.
Amazing how lawyers are capable of coming up with this horseshit I mean horseplay defense. Shameless.
True, even the polar bears got wind of this one, Lezlie.
I'm sure he'll use the insanity defense. He'll probably also claim his client won't receive an unbiased jury/trial. What his defense counsel fails to understand is that people hate pedophiles. Period.
bobbot: I would give anything to believe your theory about that lawyer’s motives is correct. It would be a first for me.

Myriad: I think a pedophile HAS to be delusional to live with him/herself.

Linda: We’re going to have to change the meaning of “horsing around.”

alsoknownas: There are more (former) children joining in today, according to the news report I heard this morning.

neilpaul: It is heartening to hear you, a defense attorney, say that. They can always plea bargain, I suppose, if the DA agrees with me that finding an impartial jury will be daunting.

fernsy: I love that you read all the comments. The “Horsing Around” defense is the worst I’ve heard since the Twinkie Defense for Dan White (who killed S.F. City Council Member Harvey Milk)

Belinda T.: If he’s not convicted and put away for life, someone will kill him.
NeilPaul: Just so he doesn't walk!
"If he’s not convicted and put away for life, someone will kill him."
If he's convicted, and put away for life, someone will kill him.
From afar, Lezlie, it looks like, and sounds like, this man is dead.
His voice is tired, resigned.
The voice of an innocent person, however sleep-deprived, would surely quiver with outrage, anger, bitterness, betrayal ?
I too like the heron's comment : it goes against natural selection to protect these elements of society ... at least in this regard he got the right attorney.
ps. I do worry about the whiz-bang voice-analysis program. I'd have more faith in 2 tin cans, myself.
I have no sympathy for Sandusky, but I have a deepseated feeling that he was likely the victim himself of childhood molestation or abuse. His voice was almost childlike, in his descriptions of the joy of children. I had the misfortune of having one of my first patients in med school be a man who I would 99% say was a pedophile (no proof), and his descriptions of wanting to have a sports and nature camp for kids, how pure and light and fun they were, how much he got from being around them (he was a school bus driver, I know, ugh). The patient was himself adamantly in denial of his own homosexuality, although being treated for STDs picked up from anonymous sex with men that he couldn't admit he was even seeking out. So, yes, Sandusky is a predator, but realistically is part of the prey/predator cycle of male childhood sexual abuse. Let's hope that all of his victims get help before they become predators themselves.
Kim: Agreed on all points. Although, I have seen other demonstrations of voice analysis, I haven't done the research to determine how reliable, convincing, accurate, etc. they might be. Instinctively, though, I believe there are uncontrollable effects on the voice when one is lying, similar to the physiological changes that are picked up in polygraphs.
Sandusky adopted five children too, one of whom is the son of someone I know, whose opinion I would trust completely: Bill Zwaan, Coach West Chester football team. If Sandusky had raised any doubts with him, he would say so. He has children and many of them, if none that are biological, as to a lot of assumptions people are leaping too.
OB: That's an interesting point. Your observations about Sandusky's voice remind me of the charges brought against the late Michael Jackson. He, too, spoke in a childlike voice (even when he was stoned on that audio tape played during the Conrad Murray trial) and displayed fey innocence about his love for children. I have never been totally convinced that he was innocent of pedophilia.
Hope his arrogance in thinking no one would catch on when he conducted his interview is enough to put him away.
Don: In any other case, I would probably agree with your desire to wait and see instead of leaping to conclusions. But Jerry Sandusky admitted on national TV to taking showers and "horsing around" in the locker room shower with a young boy. In what social circle is that acceptable behavior for a grown man with children of his own, adopted or otherwise?

It must be pretty distressing for anyone with any connections to Mr. Sandusky to be hearing all these things, but it is highly possible for the man to be guilty without many or most of the people around him knowing it.
The attorney has reportedly had his own adventures in pedophilia, his judgment may not be that much better than his client's.

nerd cred: Yup. All the skeletons are crashing out of the closet.
Besides being disgusted by the mere sound of his voice, and mortified that my daughter was in the room with me watching "Morning Joe" as they replayed the interview, I too found myself wondering what the hell his lawyer was thinking.
Well, some might argue that hiring a lawyer with his own underage sex scandal is not the best choice for a guy facing an underage sex scandal, because it might imply a certain lack of judgement.

I think that lack of judgement was on brilliant display during the Costas interview. Even if you granted it, once it goes off the rails, don't you just say "Jerry, shut up. Interview is over. Sorry Bob."

Costas was amazing. Staying cool & professional hearing what he was hearing - I don't know that I could have done so.
Hope they throw the book at this creep. And then have him end up in prison with a lot of scary new 'boyfriends' so he can experience something close to the humiliation he visited on those poor children personally. Sexually abusing children puts him beneath contempt.

If they DO move the trial to the Antarctic, I hope the penguins can his ass!

bluestocking babe: Hi, there! Sorry Sophia had to hear that, but then again, the more she knows about these things, the safer she’ll be.

keri h: Exactly! It was a stunning segment of TV history and Costas nailed it.

Shiral: OMG! What a sweet and gentle way of correcting my harebrained mistake. Of course it would be penguins on the jury. There ain’t no stinkin’ polar bears in Antartica! My face is red. LOL
Costas did an excellent job of remaing stoic. The lawyer and his client can clammer on all they want and each time either of them open their flaps I hear and see more than they're aware of.
Belinda: Loose lips sink ships. Yep.
Creeps are everywhere; in this case, the supporters of the creep--all of them, including students who support him--are very guilty. It is really embarrassing. R
Thoth: Students are kids, mostly. They reacted like kids. But to still be defending him in light of this interview is just ridiculous. To say something like "all I did was take showers with them" and expect to be forgiven is just insane.