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DECEMBER 6, 2011 12:11PM

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

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Jorelys Rivera ajc
Jorelys Rivera, age 7
photo from 11Alive, Atlanta
Her mommy had to work the night shift at the Canton, Georgia chicken processing plant.  It’s the only work available for the young mother of three. A teenage family friend was the babysitter who watched little Jorelys and her two younger siblings.  On Friday afternoon, around 5 p.m., the teen watched Jorelys leave the River Ridge apartment complex playground to return to their apartment to get a soft drink.  She never returned. 

Jorelys’ mom, Joselin, hadn’t seen her since Thursday.  By the time she returned home from work Friday morning, Jorelys had left for school. After school, Joselin was sleeping while the children played outside.

A huge search ensued.  For reasons not immediately revealed, the police quickly began treating the case as an abduction.   And Joselin’s two younger children were removed from her custody by authorities who cited her for negligence in supervision.

All weekend, searchers went door to door in the huge apartment complex searching and questioning residents.  Every registered sex offender in the area was questioned.  Police searched the complex grounds and the trash dumpsters outside the buildings in the complex. Nothing turned up. 

On Monday, December 5, someone discovered the trash compactor on the grounds had not been searched.  Why?  It was an oversight, they said.  Apartment residents interviewed on the news said they had put trash in the machine several times during the weekend and hadn’t noticed anything unusual.

There she was.  The little angel, as described by her mother, appeared to have been severely stabbed, beaten, raped and murdered and thrown into the compactor.  Perhaps the killer expected her lifeless body to be compacted with the trash.

Look at that child’s face in the picture.  Imagine how that smile must have changed when she realized her abductor meant to harm her.  She was naïve, even for seven, her mother says, but eventually she had to have become terrified.  How much did she feel?  Did he knock her unconscious before he violated her innocence?  Or was he more interested in her suffering? 

Or was it even a he?  Has the world become so alien that we now must consider that a woman could commit such a heinous act of violence?

This writer is haunted by this child’s fate.  That she is dead before she even had a chance to live is a travesty.  But the images that cross my mind as I contemplate the hours that followed her snatching are nauseating. 


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You aren't the only one who now feels nauseated and numb.
The story put a pall on my day. Poor little girl. I hope she fainted beforehand.
Appalling. So devastating. I pray for her.
Ah, friend, this is just too sad. Yet you tell her story w a remarkable balance betw fact and feeling. r.
Does there seem to be more violence toward young children than ever of late? Or are we just hearing about them all due to 27/7 media?

From the land of Caylee, we send sympathy.
This is crushing, Lezlie. Devastating.
Poor little thing. I feel so sorry for her family too.
We have to contemplate this tragedy and figure out how to make the cruelty stop. It just seems to get worse.
What an adorable child. Why do some humans become so sick and insane? Terrible mysteries that never get any answers. Keep us posted for any "closure," Meaning: If her murderer is found and convicted etc.
A mother forced to take the best job available to her, which isn't enough to compensate for adequate child care in order to work said job. A mother who misses out on swathes of her children's youth just because their schedules don't match up. but that's her sacrifice because she's just doing the best she can with what life has handed her. That's not negligence. She has essentially been reprimanded for being the sad case that shines a light on the system that does not care for society's most vulnerable members.
She (and we) exist in the same world as the fiends ready to destroy what life she has been able to build thus far. But no, there are not alot of them. Generally crimes against children AND adults have gone down drastically in recent years (cited much at freerangekids.com). And it is the 24/7 media that enjoys keeping these tragedies formost on our mind while they peddle smartphone tacking devices for our children...But on the local level, and perhaps within the neighborhoods of this mother and many other mothers who couldn't afford a smartphone to enable the tracking devices anyway, the fiend only has to wait for opportunity.
just sayin' something is seriously wrong here.
I watched this news this morning stunned by the very thought of this darling girl, used so cruelly. I know that neighborhood, I have a friend who moved to that area with her small children, beautiful dark-haired children like this young girl...
We also are reeling over a very hideous and gruesome murder here in our town over Thanksgiving -- it is so much worse when the victim is a child, or even a young man the exact age as one of my own sons, who smiled as he bagged my groceries, as happened here...
My heart goes out to these families, senselessly affected forever by insanity's ruinous wake.
I just don't know what to say. Everything I think of seems too trite or too cynical.
It seems to be getting more prevalent. She looks like an Angel!
Hope this doesn't come off as too cruel, but sometimes I wonder if in such cases, death and Heaven aren't preferable to a long life spent reliving the horror, the self-doubt, anger and all too often repeating the perversion, such as is the case when children are violated and fall victim to monsters like Jerry Sandusky. I am now obligated to add the perfunctory "alleged" monster.
Sickening is all I can say.
I read this story yesterday and was sickened. What kind of monster perpetrates such an act of evil and pain upon an innocent child? Poor little girl.
Oh, another angel. This breaks my heart. It breaks my heart. Why? R
this is so tragic on so many levels. People may be quick to judge the mother for negligence, but I think back to how exhausting it was to raise just two kids (and I didn't work the night shift and had a husband who came home.) This little angel looks like so many little girls I know.
I don't know what to say either other than I was here and you did a compelling job telling this terrible terrible story.
Stories like these seem all too common, yet we never grow numb to it. May her killer be quickly caught and prosecuted.
We are one of the few species that kill our young and the moment we stop being sickened by this is the moment we lose our humanity.
This is just awful. I hope they catch the bastard..
Makes me sick..
This leaves me with a knot in my throat, and beyond sick to my stomach. How horrible sickening and sad.
:( Sick sad world!!

That pictures stabs me through the heart. oh. oh. There really aren't any words for a loss like that. I know there are many parents struggling with work and child care and no safety net for any of them, and while this kind of crime is (thankfully) rare, so many are falling slowly through the cracks.
So awful. Nothing to say.
I can't understand how someone can see a child's face and not smile, not want to smile at the beauty apparent. That is why I still believe some people deserve exactly what they do to a child to have happen to them, if proven guilty. But then again, no one said the heart makes sense.
What everyone else has already said here.
It's horrifying. That beautiful face. It's four-thirty here, and still as a stone, and I'm sitting here sickened, ashamed for mankind, for the evil in some minds. It's hard to digest.
It's too much.
R with thanks.